WWE NXT Review: Oba Femi Defends North American Title Against Brooks Jensen

Orlando, Florida at the WWE Performance Center

We saw a highlight package from NXT Roadblock show. 

LWO (Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro) def. OTM (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price) (w/Scrypts) in 10:40. Nima and Price attacked the LWO before the match began. Price launched Wilde with a release suplex for a near fall. Wilde responded catching Nima with a jaw breaker. Toro caught Nima with a springboard Hurricanrana. Toro and Wilde delivered stereo topes to Nima and Price on the floor. Price distracted the referee. Scrypts grabbed hold onto Wilde’s leg. Price took advantage planting Wilde with a delayed Superplex for two. They showed a clip of Scrypts planting Wilde with a Cartwheel Cutter on the floor during the break. Toro ran wild nailing Price with a springboard dropkick for two. Price responded running Toro into the corner. Nima caught Toro with a spinning slam coming off the ropes for two. Toro responded nailing Nima with a springboard leg lariat. There was a great spot as Wilde leaped off Nima as he got great height delivering a flying splash onto Price and Scrypts on the floor. Toro caught Nima with a with a springboard Hurricanrana. Wilde followed hitting a springboard 450 Splash for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a good action packed match. A good showing from Nima and Price as they continue to improve as a team. Toro and Wilde are such a fun team to watch as they looked great in the win. 

We saw Oba Femi arriving earlier in the day. Femi said he’s feeling overly confident hedging into his title machine. Brooks Jensen appeared showing Femi. NXT security pulled both Jensen and Femi. Josh Briggs appeared to calm Femi down. 

We saw highlights of Roxanne Perez turning heel attacking NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria last week at NXT Roadblock. We saw Roxanne Perez who was looking lovely walking backstage. 

Andre Chase was backstage with Thea Hail. Chase told Hail it’s been a while since they talked. Hail said it’s been weird since towelgate. Chase said he’s always here for Hail. Duke Hudson appeared asking Hail what’s she’s upset about. Hail showed a picture of Jacy Jayne and Jasmyn Nyx. Hail said Jayne and Nyx are too busy for her. They all spoke about influencers. Hail said she has other friends. Hail said she knows someone who has issues with Kiana James and Izzi Dame. Kelani Jordan appeared. Jordan said she’s been waiting to get her hands on Jordan and Dame. 

Roxanne Perez Promo 

Roxanne Perez was inside the ring. Roxanne said that’s what happens last week when you always play by the rules. She said sweet and innocent Roxanne who was happy to be here, is no longer here. Roxanne said this didn’t happen overnight. Roxanne said this has been boiling inside her for months. Roxanne said this has been a culmination of an entire year. Roxanne brought up how she collapsed inside the ring after beating Meiko Satomura last year at Roadblock. Roxanne said collapsed after carrying the entire NXT Women’s division on the back of her shoulders. Roxanne said she was rewarded by her title being taken from her. Roxanne spoke about busting her ass in Steel Cage Matches, Weapons Wild Matches, Devil’s Playground match while everyone was obsessed with Tiffy Time and Becky Lynch winning a championship she could never win. Roxanne said she went home crying that night and said “screw all of you” for making her feel worthless. Roxanne called herself the most decorated woman in NXT history at the age of 22. Roxanne put over all her accomplishments. 

Roxanne ran down Lola Vice for adding herself to the NXT Women’s Title match at Vengeance Day. Roxanne said she expected Valkyria to come up and give her a rematch for the title after Vice got involved. Roxanne noted Valkyria went to challenge for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Roxanne said that’s when she realized she had to break the rules. Roxanne brought up fans cheering her now. Roxanne wondered where were the fans when Indi Hartwell was holding her title. Roxanne ran down the NXT fans saying they remind her of her old version. Roxanne said one year later Valkyria was taken a ride in the ambulance. Roxanne told Valkyria that isn’t the pain from her. Roxanne said the pain is the tittle being ripped from Valkyria and given to her. 

Roxanne demanded Ava come out and awards her the NXT Women’s Title. NXT GM Ava came out. Ava didn’t appreciate Roxanne attacking Valkyria. (Roxanne just explained why she attacked Valkyria.) Roxanne went to speak. Ava told Roxanne to not interrupt her. Ava brought up that while she wasn’t GM, they waited a month before Roxanne was stripped of the title. Suddenly, Tatum Paxley appeared from the barricade. NXT referee pulled Paxley away. Ava screamed at Paxley to leave. Roxanne mocked Paxley. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) A standout promo from Roxanne as she came off a looking like a top star. Roxanne delivery on the mic was great. I’m ready to see Roxanne get a heel run as NXT Women’s Champion. 

We saw Tony D’Angelo Family at the restaurant. They celebrated Luca Crusifino for joining The Family. They celebrated Tony’s win at Roadblock. Tony praised Stacks for playing Trick William’s music. NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov appeared. The rest of The Family left. Dragunov congratulated Tony for the win. Dragunov said Tony had everything. Dragunov told Tony the NXT Title isn’t changing at Stand & Deliver. Tony told Dragunov no matter what happens “The DON” likes him. Stacks and Crusifino appeared as they kidnapped Dragunov. The restaurant manager appeared asking Tony if everything is alright? Tony said everything is fine. Tony thanked the manager for the meal. Tony left the restaurant. Tony drove off with Stacks and Crusifino with the NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov kidnapped.

(Amin’s Thoughts) Oooooh! We got a kidnapping angle to build up an NXT Title match for Stand & Deliver.

Lexis King def. Mr. Stone in 3:40. Mr. Stone started quickly rocking King with strikes. Mr. Stone follows hitting a slingshot plancha to the floor. Mr. Stone goes for a flying crossbody but King moves out of the way. King takes control rocking Mr. Stone with knees to the gut. Mr. Stone responded shoving King off the ropes. Mr. Stone caught King with a flying crossbody for a near fall. King made a comeback nailing Mr. Stone with a superkick. King followed hitting a sliding lariat. King connected with the Coronation for the win. 

  • King went to attack Mr. Stone after the match. Von Vagner ran down to make the save. Vagner carried Mr. Stone to the back. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a fun squash match. They gave Mr. Stone some shine as it’s fun seeing him wrestle on NXT TV. A strong showcase for King as he looked strong in the win. The post match was fine setting up a King and Vagner match. 

Kelly Kincaid interviewed NXT North American Champion Oba Femi backstage. Kincaid asked Femi about what happened earlier. Femi said Jensen was an ignorant boy trying to convince himself he’s ready for a challenge. Femi said Jensen is now going to be slaughtered. Dijak appeared. Dijak said he’s see if Femi has what it takes to be a real champion once he’s done playing around. 

We saw Ridge Holland working out backstage. Holland’s phone began to rang. Holland’s had a FaceTime call with his wife and daughter. They wished Holland luck for his match. Holland said he loved them. Awwwww. 

Oba Femi [c] def. Brooks Jensen to retain the NXT North American Title in 10:40. Femi took control early catching Jensen with a side headlock takeover. Femi pounded away at Jensen with clubbing blows. Jensen responded catching Femi with a sliding clothesline. Femi smiled in Jensen’s direction. Jensen caught Femi with a stack rollup for two as they returned from break. Jensen made a comeback rocking Femi with a flying clothesline on the floor. Jensen went for a dropkick but Femi held onto the ropes. Femi took back control planting Jensen with a pair of uranage backbreakers. Josh Briggs made his way ringside after watching backstage. Jensen battled back catching Femi with a powerslam for two. Femi responded launching Jensen with a backdrop. Femi looked over at Briggs as he tossed Jensen across the ring. Femi planted Jensen with a Catch Powerbomb. Femi hit a second Powerbomb for the win. 

  • Josh Briggs checked on Brooks Jensen after the match.

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a good action packed match as both Femi and Jensen worked well together. I’m curious to see where they are going with Briggs and Jensen. They could put them back as a team. I could see Jensen possibly going heel as he’s been showing more aggression. A great showing from Femi as he just comes looking like a star in his matches.

The kidnapping angle continues. Tony tells Stacks to let Dragunov go. Tony told Dragunov this wasn’t done out of disrespect. Tony noted Dragunov came into his restaurant uninvited. Dragunov asked Tony if he was suppose to be intimidated. Tony spoke about walking on this same bridge with many of men over the past couple of years. Tony said he walked back alone. Tony said this wasn’t about one of those walks. Dragunov said “oh really?” Tony said it’s about the NXT Title. Tony spoke about Dragunov striking fear into his opponents. Tony said he can end everything with the snap of his fingers. Tony said Dragunov has power but not his kind of power. Dragunov dared Tony to snap his fingers. Dragunov told Tony to show him what he got. Tony said he will. Tony told Dragunov to have a nice walk back. Tony started to leave. Dragunov told Tony he always finds a way. Tony left. Dragunov looked at the NXT Title. 

Muhammad Ali will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2024.

Arianna Grace def. Gigi Dolan via Disqualification in 4:25. Dolan went to punch Grace who rolled to the floor. Dolan chased Grace into the ring. Dolan rocked Grace with a running dropkick for a near fall. Grace moved as Dolan charged into the corner. Grace took control planting Dolan with a suplex. Grace connected with a leaping elbow drop for a near fall. Grace planted Dolan with an overhead slam for a near fall. Dolan made a comeback planting Grace with a cradle suplex. Dolan rocked Grace with an STO Clothesline for two. Grace responded rocking Dolan with a lariat. The referee stopped Grace from using her crown. Grace gave Dolan a low blow with the referee’s back turned. Dolan responded giving Grace a low blow for the DQ finish. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) Uhhhhh! The finish was certainly creative. The match itself was fine. Dolan has cooled off since splitting away from Jacy Jayne. Maybe this pairing with Grace could help Dolan get her back on track in the right direction

We saw Karmen Petrovic and Sol Ruca chatting backstage. Petrovic welcomed Ruca back to NXT. Petrovic noted since Ruca has been gone there’s been a lot of woman who’s been as bad as Blair Davenport. Lola Vice appeared as she mocked Petrovic calling her a “karate girl.” Petrovic said she’s ready to kick Vice. Ruca held Petrovic and Vice apart. Vice responded saying she’s a master at her art unlike Petrovic. Vice left. Brinley Reece cartwheeled into the scene. Reece praised Ruca for pulling Petrovic and Vice apart. Reece was very very exited for Petrovic’s match. Malik Blade and Edris Enofe dragged Reece away. Ruca told Petrovic she’s got a lot of energy. Petrovic said not everyone is gonna be like Blair. 

WWE congratulated themselves for having more YouTube subscribers than NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. Cool…

Kiana James and Izzi James made their entrance. The camera cut backstage as Kelani Jordan was jumped. Thea Hail came out for her match. Fallon Henley ran down to be Hail’s partner.

Kiana James & Izzi Dame def. Thea Hail & Fallon Henley in 5:36. Henley and Hail delivered a double shoulder tackle to James. Henley caught James with a Dragon Screw. Henley rocked Dame with House Call. James caused a distraction. Dame took advantage draping Henley ono the ropes. James connected with a running boot to Henley for two. Dame planted Henley with a Full Nelson slam for two. Jacy Jayne and Jasmyn Nyx came out. Henley got Hail the hot tag. Hail ran wild planting James with a running blockbuster. Hail connected with a springboard splash to James but Dame made the save. Henley connected with a Cactus Clothesline as she and Dame tumbled to the floor. James caught Hail with a Spinebuster for two. James went for a Powerbomb but Hail countered into a Kimura Hold. James broke free shoving Hail to the floor. Jayne shoved Henley out of the way. Dame rocked Hail with a knee strike. James delivered the 401K for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a fine tag team match. They gave James and Dame the win but they weren’t the focus of the match. I thought the finish worked with Jayne costing Hail the match. That further builds up the split between Hail and Jayne. 

Thea Hail Promo 

Henley checked on Hail after the match. Hail grabbed the mic. Jayne and Nyx entered the ring. Hail delivered an emotional promos saying Jayne probably thinks she’s a loser after what happened to them. Hail spoke about she thought Jayne was the coolest and how Jayne was there for her when she was at her lowest. Hail said she thought Jayne was her best friend, and someone she saw in herself. Hail said she changed herself for Jayne. Hail said Jayne became a more rotten version of herself but ignored it because she thought Jayne was her sister. Hail said she’s done and doesn’t want to be anything like Jayne. Hail said she’s sorry for not being cool enough for Jayne “toxic self.” She said “the old Thea Hail is back bitch!” Hail did sprints around the ring. Jayne and Nyx left the ring. Hail did the Chase U sign. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) I’ve enjoyed the pairing of Hail and Jayne as they were fun to watch. You could see the split coming once Nyx going into the mix. Hail did her best work when she was showing great energy as part of Chase U. Good to see Hail going back to her previous role. This could also help get Chase U momentum going as they were one of NXT’s hottest acts. I would like see Hail and Henley pairing continue as they could make for a really fun babyface team. 

Riley Osborne was watching backstage. Osborne was happy Hail was back to being her oldself. The No Quarter Catch Crew appeared. Charlie Dempsey claimed Hail reached her ceiling when she was with them. Osborne brought up how Mr. Regal told them to respect the Heritage Cup. Osborne said that’s where he’s from. Dempsey said Osborne’’s fancy moves doesn’t fit the Heritage Cup. Osborne responded saying Dempsey was born and bred in Atlanta. Drew Gulak said he will invoke the “Catch Clause!” Dempsey gave Gulak a look. Nathan Frazer and Axiom appeared. Frazer mentioned he was a former NXT Heritage Cup Champion and flippy guy himself they can take the NQCC. Axiom noted he was very close to the first guy that won the Heritage Cup. Frazer said “What ever happened to that guy?” Axiom shrugged saying who knows. (A-Kid was the first champion but now he’s wearing a mask and going under as Axiom on NXT TV.) Gulak said NQCC will be holding both the NXT Tag Team Titles and Heritage Cup at Stand & Deliver. 

Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson delivered a promo backstage. Anderson and Gallows said they are ready to deliver Magic Killers until there’s just one team left. Anderson and Gallows said that’s them when they win the NXT Tag Team Titles at Stand & Deliver.

We saw Hank Walker & Tank Ledger watching Anderson and Gallows promo on the screen. Hank and Tank were hyping themselves up for the tag team. NXT Tag Team Champions Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin appeared. Both teams bumped fists. This led to a goofy fun comedy skit with Corbin hyping Hank and Tank up for their match with Anderson and Gallows. Hank and Tank left. Breakker and Corbin laughed about the match being next week. 

Shawn Spears def. Ridge Holland in 9:40. Spears sat on chair as he had a spotlight on him. Spears came out wearing a skull mask to the ring. Spears smacked Holland across the face. Spears wanted Holland to bring out his aggression. Spears rocking Holland with strikes in the corner. Spears saw the crowd counting along so he stopped. That was a nice touch. Holland battled back rocking Spears with a running boot. Spears used Holland’s momentum sending him to the floor. Holland responded yanking Spears onto the ring apron. Holland teased running Spears into the ring post but hesitated. Spears took advance running Holland into the ring post. Spears rocked Holland with a pair of superkicks. Spears tied Holland’s arm against the ropes. Spears taunted Holland to show his true side. Holland made a comeback swinging Spears into the barricade. Holland cleared the announcers table. Holland delivered a Chokeslam sending Spears crashing through the announcers table. Holland grabbed a chair. The referee stopped Holland from using the chair. The referee placed the chair in the corner. Spears delivered a running C4 sending Holland into the chair for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a very good action packed match. I really liked the storytelling with Holland not being able to control his cool ended up costing him the match. A strong showing from Spears as he looked good in the win. I’m really liking this character Spears is playing as it’s totally different from his Perfect 10 character. Spears comes off like a star on NXT. 

Trick Williams Promo 

Here comes Trick Williams to a big reaction. Huge chants of WHOOP THAT TRICK! Trick calls for his music to stop. Trick says he usually does his thing. Trick said today he’s struggling to find the words needs to say. Trick said he’s feeling pissed, angry and betrayed. Trick said family means something. Trick said he had Carmelo Hayes back for two years. Trick said helped Hayes succeed and got every accolade with a smile because that’s what brothers do. He asked Melo why? Trick said he was inspired by Hayes and talked to Shawn Michaels about what he needed to do. Trick said Hayes was happy for him. 

Trick spoke about the fans seeing his rise. Trick said he heard the whispers that Hayes wasn’t really happy for him and was making faces after his match. Trick even mentioned John Cena told him that Hayes was hating on him. Hayes said he didn’t believe Cena. Trick said he needed to ask Hayes face to face and asked if he attacked him. Trick said Hayes looked in his eyes and lied to his face. Trick spoke about Hayes lying all this time. Trick said Hayes told the truth about one thing. Trick said Hayes did this because they’re not on the same level. Trick agrees. Trick said they’ve never been on the same level. Trick said Hayes will never be on Trick’s level. Trick challenged Hayes to a match at Stand & Deliver. Trick said he will pay Hayes back for everything he did and will put a little extra on it. 

Here comes The Meta-Four. Noam Dar said Trick’s rise is epic. Dar said we are all sick and tired of hearing Trick complain. Dar said Trick deserved it. Trick warned Dar to leave him alone. Dar said they’re not that different. Dar said Trick lost his best friend and Dar lost the Heritage Cup. Dar said he didn’t cry about it. Dar said he moved onto bigger things. Trick told Dar he’s telling him once, to mind his business. Dar said he’s here to steal Trick’s heat because there’s no one hotter. Trick said the way Lash Legend is looking at him. Trick said Lash might agree as well. Lash said to listen to Dar. Dar called Trick the paper tiger of NXT. Dar said he and Trick are going to fight about it next week. A brawl broke out. Trick took out Dar and Mensah. Legend went for a swing. Trick grabs Legend. Legend and Trick look into each other’s eyes. They kiss. The crowd popped big. Trick attacks Dar and Mensah again. The show ends. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) Trick’s promo was really good as he took the fans on the ride speaking about his long journey about his friendship with Hayes. The program felt even bigger with Trick mentioning he trusted Hayes instead of taking John Cena’s words. Hayes and Trick should be the Stand & Deliver main event. Trick came off as the top babyface star on the show. The Meta-Four angle was pretty interesting. I’m wondering if this angle is leading to Lash Legend splitting away from Meta-Four and possibly going babyface. 


There were stuff on the show that was good. I really enjoyed both the Roxanne and Trick promo’s as they both came off as stars. I also liked the Spears and Holland match as well. There was also stuff on the show that didn’t really work. I was fine with Tony D’Angelo winning last week because it freshened up the NXT Championship picture. The followup with the kidnapping angle didn’t work to build interest in the NXT Title match. Overall, this was a fine episode of NXT. The good part is they have a card for Stand & Deliver mapped out.