New Champions Crowned, Big Matches, Eric Young Screwed Out Of The World Title? TNA SACRIFICE Results — March 8th, 2024

Countdown To Sacrifice

TNA Digital Media Title
-Crazzy Steve (c) vs Joe Hendry

Joe Hendry grabbed the microphone and started making fun of Steve with cut out pictures on the video board. Hendry was soon interrupted by AJ Francis, who made bis way out to the commentary table.

AJ Francis interferes in the match, attacking Hendry on the outside and then throwing him back into the ring. Steve comes off the middle turnbuckle and nails Hendry with a DEVIL’S KISS for the victory.

Backstage, The Rascalz prepare for their match and Maclin says he and Nic Nemeth will be opening up Sacrifice, so he won’t be at ringside with The Rascalz.

Tag Team Match
-The Rascalz vs Speedball Mountain

Speedball Mountain has the momentum!

Great teamwork by The Rascalz!

Speedball Mountain wins!


-Maclin vs Nic Nemeth

Nemeth wins after a very hard fought battle and a DANGER ZONE to Maclin to capture the victory.

We go backstage to Gia Miller standing by with The System. Myers and Edwards say they’re going to add more gold tonight. Why? Because the System works. Moose says he sees Eric Young as a Legend, but tonight he’s going to force him to pass the torch as he beats him tonight.

TNA Tag Team Titles
-ABC (c) vs The System

The System wins after Eddie Edwards nails Ace Austin with the BOSTON KNEE PARTY.

No DQ Match
-PCO vs Kon

PCO wins.

We go backstage to AJ Francis talking about Joe Hendry.

AJ says he wants to get his hands on Hendry, to which Hendry appears and says all he had to do was say his name. Instead, Hendry lost the chance to be a two-time Digital Media Champion. Francis shoves Hendry and both are separated by security and Santino Marella walks up and makes the match for this next Thursday.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Titles
-MK Ultra vs Jody Threat/Dani Luna

MK Ultra attack Luna and Threat before the match even starts.

Jody Threat rolls up Killer Kelly to win the match and become the NEW TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions.

Josh Alexander vs Alex Hammerstone

Alex Hammerstone wins when he hits Josh Alexander with a low blow and follows it up with the NIGHTMARE PENDULUM.

We go backstage to Gia Miller standing by with all three members of Time Machine ahead of their 6 man tag team match. Kushida says he’s not apologizing to Alex Shelley for throwing in the white towel a few weeks ago. Sabin says it’s OK because brothers fight, but they’re still brothers. Gia asks Shelley if he agrees. Shelley says “yep” and then walks away.

6 Man Tag Team Match
-Time Splitters vs Mustafa Ali/GYV

Mustafa Ali and GYV win after a misstep by Time Machine when Alex Shelley is holding Mustafa Ali in the corner and Chris Sabin attempts to nail Ali with a big boot, but Ali moves and Sabin boots Shelley in the face.

The GYV take advantage of it and hit a GRIT YOUR TEETH, and then Aki follows it up with a 450 Splash off the top rope for the victory.

We get a video package hyping the Knockouts World Title match.

Ash By Elegance makes her way out to ringside, as introduced by her personal concierge, George Iceman.

TNA Knockouts World Title
-Jordynne Grace (c) vs Xia Brookside vs Tasha Steelz

Jordynne Grace wins after hitting Xia Brookside with the JUGGERNAUT DRIVER.


TNA World Title
-Moose (c) vs Eric Young

The System came out and pulled the referee out of the ring just as he was about to count the pinfall for Eric Young after a Canadian Destroyer from the top rope.

The referee ejects The System, and then Frankie Kazarian attacks Eric Young from behind with a production cable, taking him out. Kazarian throws Young into the ring, aettting Moose up to finish the job with a SPEAR and a victory.

The System stands tall with new Tag Team gold and Moose with his TNA World Title.

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