NXT Roadblock Review: WWE Women’s Tag Team Title Match

NXT Roadblock
WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida

The show opened with Lexis King narrating an NXT Roadblock video package. King said we are going full speed to Stand & Deliver. King says there’s someone just like him. Carmelo Hayes said he’s plays second to nobody. King says there’s only one Don of NXT and he handles things his way. Tony D’Angelo says he’s going to earn an NXT Title match. King says he likes some crazy in his life. They showed clips of Dijak and Joe Gacy’s rivalry. King said being kind of a Loose Cannon pays off. They showed clips of Tatum Paxley interaction with Lyra Valkyria over the past weeks. King said he’s ready. King asks are you? 

Vic Joseph and Booker T were ringside welcoming up to NXT Roadblock. 

Dijak def. Joe Gacy in an Asylum Match in 12:46. Dijak came out to a strong heel reaction. I gotta say Joe Gacy’s upside down entrance is pretty cool. Dijak took control early running Gacy into the cage. Dijak planted Gacy with a Death Valley Driver for two. Gacy battled back launching Dijak into the cage. Gacy went to grab a box but Dijak stopped him. Dijak grabbed a box which read “Do Not Open!” It was a Jack in the Boxing Glove which nailed Dijak right in the stomach. That was pretty fun. Gacy blew fire extinguisher into Dijak’s face. Gacy planted Dijak with a Northern Lights Bomb for two. Dijak climbed the cage as they retuned from break. Dijak delivered an awesome Flying Moonsault from top of the cage onto Gacy for two. The fans chanted “Holy S*it!” Dijak placed Gacy in a straitjacket. Gacy responded catching Dijak with a backdrop suplex. The fans cheered as Gacy grabbed a smiley face table. Dijak responded whacking Gacy with a chair. Dijak placed Gacy on the ropes. Gacy rocked Dijak with a head butt who went crashing through a table. Gacy connected with a flying Corkscrew Splash for two. Dijak responded nailing Gacy with a Cyclone Boot. Dijak wrapped Gacy’s face with duck tape. Gacy responded nailing Dijak with a low blow. Gacy planted Dijak with a Uranage Slam for two. Dijak responded sending Gacy crashing thought a door for two. The crowd chanted “This Is Crazy!” Dijak nailed Gacy with Feast Your Eyes. Gacy stood right back up. Dijak hit a second Feast Your Eyes for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a really fun and wild action packed hardcore match. I’ve been enjoying Gacy current role playing a crazy man gimmick. I gotta say the Jack in the Boxing Glove was creative and pretty funny. Dijak is one of my favourite NXT wrestlers to watch. Dijak’s moonsualt off the cage looked awesome and was the highlight of the match. Nice to see Dijak continuing his momentum picking up a string of wins. 

Adrianna Rizzo and Channing Stacks were hyping up Tony D’Angelo for his number one contender’s match. Tony said he can see the NXT Title in his sights. They heard the door knock. Stacks told Tony he’s here. Luca Crusifino appeared. Tony noted isn’t afraid to roll up the sleeves when needed. Tony told Crusifino he needs a consigliere. Crusifino accepted. Tony welcomed Crusifino into the D’Angelo Family.

Fallon Henley was chatting with Riley Osborne backstage. Henley thanked Ripley for talking to Thea Hail. Riley spoke about liking the old Thea who was energetic as part of Chase U. Henley noted Hail got bad advice. Blair Davenport appeared. Davenport mocked Henley bringing up all the people Henley has given advice to left her. Davenport said Hail is not even Riley’s type. Henley asked Davenport how would she know about Riley’s type. Riley’s expression and how he just sat in the middle seeing Davenport and Henley go back-and-forth was great stuff. (Ripley and Davenport are a real life couple. That’s not mentioned on NXT TV.) Riley said he had to leave because Chase U has an NXT Tag Team Title match. This skit later led to a match between Davenport and Henley. 

We saw Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley chatting backstage. Paxley was very exited telling Valkyria they are going to be more than friends. Paxley said they will be WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Valkyria told Paxley they have be realistic because there’s a chance they could lose. Valkyria put over Asuka and Kairi Sane as being the best tag team. Valkyira told Paxley they’ve had one tag match and their relationship is professional. Paxley said she’ll do anything to become a champion. Paxley said when she’s wins she’s going to journey into darkness and take out their opponents souls until they are begging for agony. Valkyra wondered if Paxley was going to do it for her or the titles? Paxley told Valkyria does is matter before leaving. 

The camera cut back into the arena as Chase U was making their entrance. Vic Joseph said “that was quite awkward.” You don’t say! 

The Wolf Dogs (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin) def. Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson) (w/Riley Osborne, Thea Hail, Jacy Jayne & Jasmyn Nix) to retain the NXT Tag Team Titles in 11:18. Chase U got a mixed reaction. The fans were strongly behind Breakker and Corbin. Chase caught Corbin with a rollup for a near fall. Corbin quickly took control planting Chase with a spinning face buster. Breakker and Corbin planted Chase with a German Suplex/lariat combo. Breakker ran full speed rocking Chase with a lariat. Breakker and Corbin planted Chase with gut buster combo but Duke made the save. Chase battled back catching Breakker and Corbin with a flying cannonball on the floor. They showed a clip of Breakker catching Chase with a Super Frakenstiner as they returned from break. Breakker planted Chase with a reverse Cutter for two. Chase moved as Corbin charged into the ring post. Duke ran wild rocking Breakker with a running boot. Duke planted Breakker with a Bossman Slam. Duke caught Corbin with a side slam for two. Duke planted Corbin with a Slingshot German Suplex. Chase and Duke planted Corbin with a Gory Special/Cutter combo but Breakker made the save. Breakker leaped off the ring apron catching Duke with a flying clothesline onto the announcers table. Chase caught Corbin with a High Fly Flow for a close two. Chase nailed Corbin with a superkick. Corbin responded catching Chase with End of Days. Breakker followed rocking Chase with a huge spear for the win. 

  • Jacy Jayne pointed the L sign in Hail’s direction. Hail snapped as she stormed to the back.

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a solid action packed tag team match. A good showing from Chase and Duke as they work great as a team. Chase U were one of the most hottest acts of NXT. The recent creative has clearly cooled down Chase U’s momentum. I’m interested what plans they have to get Chase U back on track. Breakker and Corbin have a unique likability about them as they come off as a fun babyface act. Breakker and Corbin have great chemistry as they look awesome together wrestling as a dominant team. 

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Carmelo Hayes backstage. Hayes still had his security guards with him. Hayes said it was disgraceful what happened last week. Hayes asked Kincaid when she saw him backdown from a fight? Kincaid was about to answer. Hayes told her not to answer. That bit was funny. Hayes said Tony is going to put on a big show. Hayes said he’s got new security guards to protect him. Hayes told Kincaid that NXT Title is reserved for him. Hayes said he’s going to go back-to-back and win the NXT Title at Stand & Deliver. Hayes said He is HIM. 

Shawn Spears def. Uriah Connors in 1:12. Spears entrance looks awesome. Spears carried a chair to the ring. The crowd chanted “Welcome Back!” Spears whispered something into Connor’s ear. Connors fired up rocking Spears with strikes. Spears responded nailing Connors with a head butt. Spears nailed Connors with repeated knee strikes. Spears delivered the C4 (Running Death Valley Driver) for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) A quick showcase match for Spears who looked great in the win. 

  • The lights in the WWE Performance go out. Shawn Spears delivers a promo after the match. Spears says it takes a certain kind of man to hold a mirror to humanity. Spears said most of us don’t like what we see. Spears called out Ridge Holland saying those words hit a little close to home. Spears said Holland is for his family and it sounds like a moral success. Shawn doesn’t believe Holland. There were light “10” chants from the crowd. Spears said Holland was lying to himself. Spears said the difference he’s not ashamed of what he sees. Spears said Holland can’t say the same. Ridge Holland came out. The crowd booed as Holland attacked Spears. Spears slid a chair to Holland. Spears dared Holland to hit him. WWE officials held Holland back. Holland dropped the chair and left. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) I thought the presentation of Spears was tremendous as looked like a big star. The crowd was completely behind Spears who they treated like a beloved babyface star who’s retuned back to NXT. Spears now is playing a heel in his return to NXT. I would like if the crowd lets Spears play his new onscreen roll and not continue with the weekly “10” chants. The crowd aren’t taking Holland who’s suppose to be playing a babyface doing this for his family. I’m curious to see where this Spears and Holland angles goes from here. 

Josh Briggs approached Brooks Jensen backstage. Briggs told Jensen he wasn’t trying to get into his business. Briggs asked Jensen if fighting Oba Femi was a good idea. Jensen told Briggs that he’s taking his advice to grow some balls. Briggs said Femi is a monster. Jensen responded noting he’s ready for the challenge and to win the NXT North American Title. Briggs told Jensen “Good luck, brother!” Jensen left. Dijak walked up. Dijak told Briggs that he was lying to Jensen’s face and he knows it. Dijak walked off. Briggs had a worried look. 

Kelly Kincaid interviewed NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov backstage. Dragunov said when you are NXT Champion, you can’t be surprised by anything. Dragunov said he likes Tony. Dragunov said Tony is a man with a vision. Dragunov said Tony might see the vision very differently. Dragunov said he doesn’t take anything away from Hayes athletic ability. Dragunov said Hayes is going to have to earn that opportunity. Stacks whacked up with Crucifino. Stacks said Hayes will miss. Stacks said Tony will be seeing Dragunov at Stand & Deliver. Stacks and Crucifino left. Dragunov said he can’t wait for the match. 

The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) [c] def. NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria & Tatum Paxley to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Title in 13:14. Lyra Valkyria’s theme and entrance is awesome. Asuka and Kairi Sane got a big reaction from the crowd. The crowd chanted “Welcome Back” for Asuka and Sane. Asuka and Valkyria began with some nice chain wrestling. The crowd chanted “Kairi” as Sane entered the match. Sane went for a dive but Paxley moved. Sane and Paxley exchanged big strikes. Sane caught Paxley with a Hurricanrana. Asuka nailed Paxley with a sliding kick with the referee distracted. Asuka rocked Paxley with rapid fire kicks. Sane nailed Paxley with a basement dropkick for two. They showed PIP of WWE officials holding Hail, Kiana James and Izzi Dame back. Valkyria and Paxley battled back nailing Asuka and Sane with stereo dropkicks. Paxley broke free of an ankle lock from Asuka as they retuned from break. Valkyria ran wild catching Asuka and Sane with a springboard crossbody. Asuka and Valkyria battled over a suplex spot. Paxley might have been late for the next spot. Paxley appeared planting Asuka with a suplex. Valkyria planted Sane with a Fisherman’s Buster. Valkyria followed hitting a bridging Northern Lights Suplex for two. Asuka and Sane responded catching Valkyria with a Blockbuster/Codebreaker combo. Asuka and Sane followed with a Shining Wizard/Sliding D combo but Paxley made the save. Valkyria responded nailing Asuka with an enzuigiri. Paxley tagged in. Valkyria delivered a flying leg drop to Asuka. Paxley covered Asuka but Sane made the save. Sane ducked as Valkyria nailed Paxley with a spin kick. Sane rocked Valkyria with a spinning back fist. Asuka and Sane delivered an InSane Elbow/Reverse DDT combo. Sane covered Valkyria for the win to retain the titles. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) I had lots of fun watching this match. A good action packed tag team match. The interaction between Sane and Paxley was fun to watch. The early wrestling between Asuka and Valkyria was solid wanting you to see more between them. Paxley and Valkyria weren’t going to win but it was nice to see them get shine. Asuka and Sane are one of my favourite teams to watch. Asuka and Sane looked great in the win. Damage CTRL are heels on SmackDown. It was cool to see the crowd treat Asuka and Sane as beloved babyface on NXT. Asuka and Sane have had so many amazing and memorable moments on NXT. 

Roxanne Perez Turns Heel 

Asuka and Kairi Sane celebrated their win on the entrance ramp. Roxanne Perez appeared jumping Valkyria and Paxley from behind after the match. Roxanne gave Valkyria an arm breaker. The crowd chanted “Roxy!” Roxanne ran Valkyria into the ring steps. Roxanne wrenched Valkyria arm across the bottom turnbuckle. Roxanne stomped on Valkyria’s arm. The crowd booed. Valkyria sold it like a broken arm.. WWE medical team came out to check on Valkyria. Roxanne looked on smiling. Booker T on commentary quietly said “Shucky Ducky Quack Quack!” 

(Amin’s Thoughts) A very strong angle to finally complete Roxanne’s heel turn. There were chants of Roxy from the crowd. I’m looking forward to seeing how Roxanne does playing heel. Roxanne has been awesome showing a more aggressive side in her matches and promos. This should lead to Roxanne challenging Valkyria for the NXT Women’s Title at Stand.& Deliver. 

They showed Valkyria being placed in an ambulance. Shawn Michaels and Ava were checking on Valkyria. Michaels told Ava something which we couldn’t hear. 

Fallon Henley def. Blair Davenport in 3:28. Davenport got a strong heel reaction. Henley shined early nailing Davenport with House Call. Henley caught Davenport with a leg scissors cover for two. Davenport responded yanking Henley arm against the ropes. Davenport took the lead delivering a flying stomp onto Henley’s arm. Henley battled back planting Davenport with a reverse Slingblade for two. Henley clotheslined Davenport to the floor. Davenport responded running Henley into the ring spots. Davenport went for a knee strike but Henley moved. Davenport crashed her knee against the ring steps. The crowd cheered as Sol Ruka stood on the barricade. Ruka caught Davenport with a Cartwheel DDT on the floor. Henley connected with a Shining Wizard for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) It’s great to see Sol Ruka return back to action. I really enjoyed watching Ruka’s matches before her injury as she looked like she was on the verge of becoming a breakout star. They have a storyline with Davenport and Ruka ready to go. The match itself was fine as Davenport and Henley worked well together. Nice to see Henley get the win. Henley has a chance to become a breakout star. I would like to see this win leading to bigger stuff for Henley. 

Andre Chase and Duke Hudson were backstage with Jacy Jayne and Jasmin Nyx. Jayne told Chase they let the NXT Tag Team Title slip away. Jayne asked Duke does she need to win the match for them. Thea Hail appeared looking exhausted. Hail spoke about getting into it with Kiana James and Izzy Dame. Hail said she will need a tag partner. Jayne said she’s busy next week. Jayne and Nxy walked off. Hail looked angry. 

We saw Ava and Gigi Dolan chatting backstage. Ava told Arianna Grace she refused to face Gigi Dolan. Grace entered Ava’s office. Ava asked Grace if she reconsidered facing Dolan next week. Grace said there’s no need to fight. Dolan couldn’t believe what Grace said. Dolan said they fight on NXT. Dolan noted she wanted to fight after Grace cost her the match. Grace said she accepted the match on one condition. Grace said if she won she would get to dress up Dolan like how she likes. Dolan accepted to get Grace in the ring. Grace got excited and left. Ava told Dolan she got her match. 

We saw Shawn Spears leaving the WWE Performance Center. Spears told Kincaid he’s expecting Holland to face. Spears said he’s ready for Holland to embrace it. 

William Regal Makes Special Appearance 

We see the new NXT Heritage Cup Champion Charlie Dempsey standing inside the ring with the rest of his buddies, the No Quarter Catch Crew. Drew Gulak said Dempsey is one of the most unique grapplers in all of Professional Wrestling. Gulak said thanks to Dempsey, the No Quarter Catch Crew has the Heritage Cup. Dempsey said winning the Heritage Cup is an honour. Dempsey said this Cup isn’t him alone. Damon Kemp said Dempsey won the Heritage Cup. Kemp said The Catch Clause says any member can defend the Heritage Cup. Dempsey gave Kemp an annoyed look. Gulak said NQCC will enter the NXT Tag Team Division. No Quarter Catch Crew did their catchphrase. 

The music played. William Regal came out to a huge reaction. Huge chants of Regal from the crowd. Regal said it’s nice to see the crowd again. The crowd chanted “Welcome Back!” Regal entered the ring. The crowd chanted “That’s Your Father!” The chants were directed at Dempsey who’s Regal son. Regal ignored the chant. Regal put over the Heritage Cup saying it represents all of Europe and he takes it personally. Regal said he hopes they can defend the Cup with the honour and integrity it deserves. Dempsey said “I’ll defend this Cup better than you ever could.” The fans reacted the right away for that response. Regal smiled. Regal said “Fo Fi Fo Fum!” Regal said he will be watching. Regal’s music played. Huge Regal chants from the crowd. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) It was really awesome seeing William Regal make an appearance on the show. The interaction between Regal and Dempsey was fun to watch. It would be great if this leads to more Regal appearances on NXT. I actually don’t mind that all members of the No Quarter Catch Crew will get a chance to defend the NXT Heritage Cup. My guess is someone other than Dempsey will lose the Heritage Cup. That will leads to Dempsey leaving the No Quarter Catch Crew. Dempsey’s already a great wrestler who has all the potential to become a WWE breakout star. 

Meta-Four was backstage. Noam Dar was in a catatonic state. Lash Legend looked concerned asking Dar if he’s okay. Dar hugged Legend telling her he’s better. Dar celebrated with Legend and Oro Mensah. Dar said he’s onto bigger and better things. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a fun skit. Good to see Dar is likely moving away from the Heritage Cup and onto something else. 

We saw Mr. Stone watching Lexis King calling him out. Von Vagner appeared said he’s not done with King. Mr. Stone told Vagner he needs to fight this battle alone against King. Vagner tried to chime in. Mr. Stone said he wanted to do this alone. Vagner agreed. 

They showed highlights of Roxanne’s attack on Lyra Valkyria. 

Tony D’Angelo def. Carmelo Hayes in a Number 1 Contender’s Match in 10:34. Tony came out to new music and red smoke. Carmelo Hayes came out to a strong heel reaction. Hayes came out with his security. Hayes took control rocking Tony with strikes as the match began. Tony responded catching Hayes with a rolling takedown. Tony sent Hayes flying with a gut wrench suplex for two. Hayes went for Tony’s signature punches. Tony blocked. Tony rocked Hayes with his signature punches. Tony sent Hayes flying right into his security guards. That was a cool spot. They showed a clip of Hayes catching Tony with an arm breaker during the break. Tony battled back running Hayes into the turnbuckle. Tony made a comeback sending Hayes flying with a pair of belly-to-belly suplex. Tony planted Hayes with a Uranage Slam for two. Tony went for a rolling takedown but Hayes blocked. Hayes planted Tony with a Popup Cutter for two. Tony responded yanking Hayes off the ropes into a Powerbomb for two. Hayes responded yanking Tony’s arm onto the ropes. Hayes connected with a Codebreaker for two. Hayes called for Nothing But Net. The crowd went wild as Trick William’s music played. Hayes looked at the entrance ramp. Tony took advantage catching Hayes with a Spinebuster. Tony connected with a Spinning Fisherman’s Buster for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) — This was a strong match with had lots of good back and forth action. Tony and Stacks had really grown on me as a solid tag team. You could see Tony looked great in those tag matches. Tony does great presenting himself like a star. I didn’t mind seeing Tony win as it freshens up the NXT Championship picture. The distraction finish worked for storyline to also set up Hayes and Trick for Stand & Deliver.

Trick Williams Returns To NXT 

Tony apologized to Hayes for pulling that stunt of playing Trick’s music. Tony said he’sa a giving DON. Tony said he got Hayes a present. Trick Williams music played again. The crowd went completely wild as Trick appeared inside the ring attacking Hayes. Trick took out Hayes security guards. The crowd loudly chanted “WHOOP THAT TRICK!” 

(Amin’s Thoughts) — I liked how Tony explained he had Trick’s music played which helped him get the win. A really fun post-match angle to set up the Hayes and Trick main event for Stand & Deliver. The reaction for Trick’s return was awesome as he felt like a superstar. 


This was a much needed show to get NXT back on the right track. There were some good wrestling matches. It was also great to see Sol Ruka make her return. Shawn Spears was presented like a star. They’ve also set the stage for Stand & Deliver. Overall, NXT Roadblock was a strong show.