WWE Raw Review: Becky Lynch vs. Nia Jax

Frost Bank Center in San Antonio, Texas 

The show opened with a shot outside Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We are just 32 days away from WWE WrestleMania. We saw a shot outside Frost Bank Arena in San Antonio, Texas. Michael Cole welcomed us to WWE Raw. We saw Jey Uso arriving to the arena earlier in the day. Drew McIntyre faces Jey Uso on Raw. We also saw Nia Jax arriving to the arena. Becky Lynch faces Nia Jax on Raw. 

They aired a highlight package of The Rock’s promo from SmackDown where he and Roman Reigns challenged Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins to a tag team match at WrestleMania Night One. 

Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins Promo 

Cody Rhodes came out to a huge reaction. Cody got an awesome firework display. The WOAHHH are getting louder. Huge Cody chants from the fans. Cody asked San Antonio what they wanted to talk about. They cheered. Cody said would like talk about facing WrestleMania at Roman Reigns who he called the greatest champion in company history. Cody said he can’t talk about that because of a distraction which Stings quite a bit. Cody said he was talking about The Rock. The fans booed. Cody spoke about The Rock posting a 16 minute Instagram video. Cody said The Rock deleted it and posted a 21 minute directors cut. Cody said he would like so sum it up for us. Cody said The Rock called the fans meth heads. The crowd booed. Cody said The Rock talked about his dog Pharaoh. Cody looked into the camera telling The Rock to never talk about his dog. The crowd cheered. Cody said The Rock didn’t accept his challenge for a one-on-one match. The crowd booed. Cody said The Rock spun things and issued a new challenge. Cody said like the politician he is. Cody said no wonder people want The Rock to run for office. Cody said he and The Rock had a conversation. Cody said The Rock poured honey into his ears. Cody said The Rock said the people didn’t want to see Cody vs. Reigns. The crowd booed. Cody said The Rock said they wanted to see The Rock vs. Roman. The fans booed. Cody said the fans started chanting something else. The fans chanted “We Want Cody!” Cody smiled. Cody said he heard it and WWE officials heard it. Cody said The Rock called them crybabies. Cody asked the crowd if they have crybabies. The crowd cheered. Cody said The Rock issued a new challenge which involved his friend. Cody paused and said, yeah his friend. 

Cody introduced WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins who got a big reaction. The fans sang Rollins song. Rollins was wearing a neon green suit. Micheal Cole announced Rollins vs. McIntyre for the World Heavyweight Title will be the co-main event on WrestleMania Sunday. He welcomed everyone to Monday Night Rollins. Rollins referred to Cody as Mr. Nightmare and asked what he was thinking. Cody recalled Rollins offering to have his back against The Bloodline. Cody said the plot has been twisted and he didn’t even think he would be on the WrestleMania card. Cody said it wasn’t until he saw The Rock’s stupid powerpoint presentation about his family history that he decided he had to go back on his word. Cody said Rollins has to face McIntyre who’s the only person to pin him. Cody said he would understand if Rollins wasn’t onboard and focused on facing McIntyre. 

Rollins said he respected Cody giving the out. Rollins said he would take care of McIntyre. Rollins said taking out The Bloodline was the biggest thing we can do. Rollins said it’s not just Cody’s story that needs to be finished at WrestleMania, his own story does too. Rollins spoke about his history with Reigns. Rollins said he wants to give back to the people. Rollins said Reigns wants to take the power for himself. Rollins did the L sign like how The Rock does The Bloodline pose. Rollins realized and quickly changed back to The Bloodline sign. Cody noticed as well. Rollins said that with Rock in The Bloodline, they were very close to Reigns having absolute power. Rollins told the fans that he’s kinda over The Rock. The crowd chanted “Rocky Sucks!” Rollins said Rocky does suck and he hasn’t been The Rock or the People’s Champ for a long time. Rollins said he wasn’t going to call The Rock by those names. Rollins said he has a new name for The Rock. Wait for it… Rollins dubbed The Rock “Diarrhea Dwayne!” WOOF! 

Rollins explained that everything that comes out of The Rock’s mouth has the consistency of wet baby poop. Rollins paused as the crowd actually began chanting “ Diarrhea!” WOW! Rollins then took issue with Rock claiming he could make the World Heavyweight Championship go away. Rollins looked into the camera and dared The Rock to try. Rollins said 21 minutes is a long time to listen calling The Rock an idiot. Rollins mocked The Rock claiming he made professional wrestling cool again. The crowd booed this. Rollins said The Rock hasn’t been cool in 20 years. Rollins said what is cool is that he received 100 percent medical clearance. Rollins said he is good to go and would be at Smackdown on Friday to confront The Bloodline. This got a big reaction from the crowd. 

Rollins said he had Cody’s back. Rollins asked Cody if he had his back. The crowd started chanting “YES!” Cody told Rollins to answer your question. Cody said he had a message for The Rock. Cody looked into the camera. Rollins facial reaction changed as he looked towards Cody. Cody told The Rock it’s been a long time since you haven’t just been handed something. Cody said he’s not going to whine in a 21-minute promo. Cody said he was coming to Smackdown with Rollins and stand across from The Bloodline. The crowd cheered as Rollins got excited. Cody said he would give them a clear and obvious answer for what’s happening at WrestleMania. Cody pointed at the WrestleMania sign. Cody dropped the mic and hugged Rollins. Rollins yelled “Let’s Go!”

(Amin’s Thoughts) Cody Rhodes delivery was tremendous and his promo was very good. I liked how Cody got the chance to explain his side about what The Rock whispered to him. It’s great to hear that Rollins is cleared and ready to wrestle again. Rollins line about Diarrhea Dwyane was just lame. I guess it kinda worked in a way as they got the crowd chanting Diarrhea. We are most likely for sure getting the WrestleMania tag with Cody/Rollins vs. Reigns/Rock. They left the door open for a Cody and Rock match at some point. It was interesting to note, Cody didn’t say Yes when Rollins asked if he had his back. Cody said he would be at SmackDown with Rollins standing across The Bloodline. I could also see Cody winning the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania. I could see Rollins losing the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania because he was helping Cody on WrestleMania Night One. That possibly leads to Rollins going heel at some point. Cody and Rollins also complaining about Rock’s long promo was kinda funny. This segment also went long. WWE is super hot right now. The fans in the building were completely behind Cody and Rollins as they both felt like massive babyface stars. These segment work when you have top babyface who are hot. It will be interesting to see how the crowd reacts and who the crowds reacts to more when Cody and Rollins are standing together with Roman Reigns and The Rock inside the ring on SmackDown. This segment worked building hype for SmackDown. 

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther [c] def. Dominik Mysterio (w/JD McDonagh) Non-Title Match in 9:20. Dominik came out to loud boos. Gunther received a strong reaction from the crowd. Michael Cole congratulated Sting on his career and brought up his final match without saying AEW. McAfee said it was an epic match. That was nicely done by WWE to acknowledge Sting who’s in the WWE Hall Of Fame. Dominik delivered a palm strike but Gunther no-sold it. Gunther chased Dominik around the ring. McDonagh stood in Gunther’s way. Dominik pulled McDonangh out of the way as Gunther chopped the ring post. Gunther blocked a springboard as he rocked Dominik with a huge palm strike. Gunther rocked Dominik with a huge chop as they returned from break. Cole was laughing on commentary, The crowd chanted “One More Time!” Gunther rocked Dominik with another huge chop. Gunther placed Dominik in a Boston Crab. McDonagh stood on the ring apron. This led to Gunther freeing Dominik from the hold. Dominik took advantage catching Gunther with a flying crossbody on the floor. Dominik went for a 619 but Gunther stopped him with a lariat. Gunther had the match won but stopped the count. Gunther went for a Powerbomb but Dominik countered into a Sunset Bomb for two. Dominik nailed Gunther with a 619. Dominik went for a dive but Gunther moved. Gunther made a comeback nailing Dominik with a Woo Dropkick. Gunther planted Dominik with a huge Powerbomb. Gunther applied a Boston Crab as Dominik immediately tapped out. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) I had a very fun time watching this match. They gave Dominik some shine but mostly came with Gunther being distracted by McDonagh on the outside. This was really fun just seeing Gunther absolutely wreck Dominik with those chops which looked awesome. This was also cool seeing Gunther play babyface in the match. A fun showcase and win for Gunther who’s one of my favourite WWE Superstars to watch. 

We saw “Damage CTRL” Iyo Sky, Asuka, Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai walking backstage. They were all in a happy mood after what they did to Bayley on SmackDown. Adam Pearce appeared wondering why Damage CTRL was on Raw? Dakota Kai noted WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions can go to any brand. Pearce said Damage CTRL is usually here to cause chaos. Kai noted they are here to watch Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark match. The crowd popped as Shinsuke Nakamura appeared. Nakamura told Pearce he wanted to talk. Pearce said it’s about the WWE Intercontinental Title. Nakamura said Yes. Damage CTRL left. They all waved bye at Nakamura and Pearce. LOL. Pearce told Nakamura to see him in his office regarding an announcement for the WWE Intercontinental Title. 

Cathy Kelly interviewed Katana Chance & Kayden Carter backstage earlier in the day. Chance said Baszler and Stark have been impressive but noted they’ve tasted championship gold. Carter said it’s WrestleMania and they are ready for another shot at the Kabuki Warriors. 

Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark def. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter in 6:20. Damage CTRL were shown ringside for the match. Baszler took control stomping on Carter’s hand. Stark nailed Carter with a superkick. Baszler followed with a running knee sending Carter to the floor. Stark nailed Chance with a superkick as they returned from break. Chance stopped Stark from climbing the ropes. Carter and Chance delivered an impressive double Super Spanish Fly to Stark for two. Carter leaped off Stark catching Baszler with a flying Hurricanrana. Carter and Chance delivered the After Party to Stark. Baszler pulled Chance to the floor making the save for her partner. Baszler trapped Carter in a Kirifuda Clutch. Stark caught Chance with a stack rollup for the win. 

  • Dakota Kai entered the ring after the match. The rest of Damage CTRL stood on the ring apron. Kai wanted to congratulate Baszler and Stark on the win. Kai said The Kabuki Warriors will come to Raw next week after they beat Lyra Valkyria and Tatum Paxley on NXT. Kai played heel saying Houston was better than San Antonio. The fans booed. Baszler took the mic from Kai. Iyo Sky, Asuka and Kairi Sane entered the match. Baszler told Damage CTRL it’s about time. Baszler said she will see Damage CTRL next week. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a fine tag team match. A nice showing from Chance and Carter as they are fun to watch as a team. Good to see Baszler and Stark keeping the momentum going by raking up more wins before challenging Kabuki Warriors for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. The crowds still aren’t getting behind Baszler and Stark as a team even with the wins they have been raking up. I could see Baszler and Stark making an appearance on NXT after the post-match angle. 

Judgment Day was inside the trainers room. Rhea Ripley told Dominik this was expected to happen after wanting to face Gunther. Damian Priest said he and Finn Balor will take care of Imperium. Priest told McDonagh to take care of Gunther. McDonagh was worried saying he has to face Gunther. Andrade walked in saying he will see Dominik later. Priest spoke to Dominik in Spanish wondering what his conversation with Andrade was about. Dominik implied that Andrade could help Judgment Day. Ripley cuddled Dominik. 

We saw a highlight package hyping Becky Lynch vs. Nia Jax. 

Nia Jax def. Becky Lynch via Disqualification in 10:55. Becky Lynch received a tremendous reaction from the fans. Nia Jax got a strong heel reaction. Becky stared quickly stomping away at Jax in the corner. Becky rocked Jax with a dropkick. Jax quickly took control catching Becky with a slam. Jax connected with a sliding elbow drop for two. Becky battled back going for a sleeper but Jax broke free. Jax rocked Becky with a running hip attack. Becky responded catching Jax with a chop block. Loud Becky chants. Becky caught Jax with a missile drop. Jax rolled to the floor. Jax caught Becky flying off the ring apron with a Samoan Drop on the floor. Becky went for a Superplex but Jax blocked as they retuned from commercial break. Jax launched Becky off the ropes. Jax delivered a flying leg drop but Becky kicked out for a great two count. Huge chants of Becky. Jax called for a right handed punch but Becky ducked. Becky made a comeback catching Jax with a Hurricanrana. Becky followed hitting a Molly-Go-Round for two. Becky went for a Dis-Arm-Her but Jax broke free. Jax caught Becky with a Samoan Drop coming off the ropes. Jax called for the Annihilator but Becky moved. Becky placed Jax in an arm bar. Jax broke free rolling to the floor. Jax swung Becky into the barricade. The fans began cheering as they saw Liv Morgan appearing ringside. Liv rocked Jax with a flying forearm for the DQ. 

  • Liv Morgan stared at Becky Lynch after the match. Becky stopped Liv from leaving the ring. Jax took out both Becky and Liv after the match. The fans booed. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a fun match. A really good showing from both Becky and Jax as they work great together in matches. I didn’t mind the DQ finish as Liv got back at Becky for what happened last week on Raw. This finish should set up a match between Becky and Liv which should be very good. I also like it because Becky will still want to beat Jax before WrestleMania. I could also see Becky getting her win over Jax in some stipulation match before she faces Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania. 

Ricochet spoke to Adam Pearce in his office. Pearce told Ricochet he was the last person to hold the WWE Intercontinental Title before Gunther. Pearce told Ricochet he’s finalizing a plan for Gunther’s opponent. Pearce told Ricochet to trust him. Ricochet told Pearce he trusted him. They shared a hug. Ricochet left. Finn Balor, Damian Priest and JD McDonagh appeared. Priest asked Pearce about McDonagh’s opportunity at the WWE Intercontinental Title. Pearce told McDonagh to make a pitch. McDonagh said he does his talking inside the ring. 

We saw Liv Morgan who was looking lovely walking backstage. Becky Lynch applauded Liv for her revenge tour. Becky told Liv she wanted to get back at Jax and not Liv Becky and Liv exchanged words. Becky told Liv they can talk about it or fight. Liv accepted Becky’s match. Liv left. The fans cheered as Rhea Ripley appeared. Ripley stood beside Becky. Ripley laughed and walked away. 

We saw a video package hyping Drew McIntyre vs. Jey Uso. 

Andrade def. Apollo Crews in 3:20. Andrade got a strong reaction from the crowd. Cole spoke about Andrade’s history in CMLL wrestling as El Sombro. Judgment Day was scouting backstage. Andrade and Crew shook hands. Crew shined early catching Andrade with a dropkick. Crew planted Andrade with a Superplex. Andrade and Crews maintained control on the landing. Andrade got the advantage hitting the 3 Amigos for two. Andrade rocked Crews with a Judas Effect for two. Andrade rocked Crew with a running double knees. Andrade connected with a Hammerlock DDT (now called La Sombra) for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) A quick showcase match for Andrade who looked great in the win. Good start for Andrade as the fans treated him like a star. Looking forward to seeing how Andrade does in his second WWE run. 

Jackie Redmond interviewed Sami Zayn backstage. Redmond asked Sami about the Gauntlet Match. Sami spoke about Redmond following his journey. Sami spoke about speaking about the belief. Sami spoke about being champion. Sami said the Gauntlet Match  is standing in his way to facing Gunther who he called one of the most dominant champions ever. Sami said this was his path to WrestleMania. Ivar and Valhalla appeared. Valhalla questioned why Sami was in the match and not Ivar. Ivar said he was going to put an end to Sami delusion. Ivar said he could beat Gunther. Ivar said Sami knows he can’t beat Gunther. Sami said he knows he can beat Ivar. Sami challenged Ivar to a match. Ivar told Sami to forget about WrestleMania. Ivar warned Sami he won’t make it past next week. 

WWE showed a graphic playing tribute to Paul “The Butcher” Vachon. 

Indi Hartwell and Candice LeRae were chatting about wanting a WWE Women Tag Team Title shot. The camera showed Natalya telling Tegan Nox it didn’t help their cause that she threw her out of the Royal Rumble. Nox said Natalya tried to throw her out first. Natalya said she didn’t remember it that way. They went back to LeRae and Hartwell. LeRae told Hartwell they should do whatever it takes. Ivy Nile and Maxxine Dupri appeared. Dupri said she had confidence in LeRae. LeRae asked Dupri what she would know given her three matches of experience. LeRae told Dupri she couldn’t even lace her boots. LeRae walked away. Hartwell assured Dupri she’d go talk to LeRae.

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Champions (Finn Balor & Damian Priest) [c] def. Imperium (Giovanni Vinci & Ludwig Kaiser) Non-Title Match in 14:15. Balor and Priest got a strong heel reaction. The fans chanted “We Want Mami!” Kaiser took control early rocking Balor with strikes. Balor responded nailing Vinci with a basement dropkick for a near fall. Priest tagged in stomping away at Vinci in the corner. Priest rocked Kaiser with a big boot. Vinci went for a distraction but Priest stopped him. Balor rocked Kaiser with a scissors kick for two. Balor applied an abdominal stretch but Kaiser broke free. Kaiser and Vinci took control rocking Balor with a dropkick combo. Balor caught Kaiser with a Final Cut as they retuned from commercial break. Vinci stoped Balor from making the tag. Kaiser and Vinci rocked Balor with High/Low combo for two. The fans chanted “Let’s Go Balor!” Balor battled back nailing Kaiser with a Pele Kick. Priest ran wild planting Kaiser with an elevated flatliner. Priest planted Kaiser with a Broken Arrow for two. Priest went for a splash but Kaiser moved. Balor caught Kaiser with a Slingblade. Vinci grabbed hold onto Balor’s leg. Kaiser took advantage hitting the Kaiser Roll. Balor caught Vinci with a Slingblade. Balor followed hitting a Woo Dropkick. Balor hit the Coup De Grace on Vinci but Kaiser made the save. Balor hit a Tope Con Hilo onto Kaiser on the floor. Priest rocked Vinci with a huge lariat. The fans popped as Priest planted Vinci with South of Heaven for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a fun action packed tag team match as both teams worked well together. It’s hard sometime to book a heel vs. heel match. Midway through the crowd began changing for Balor. It was fun seeing Balor and Priest playing the babyface team. A great showing for Balor and Priest as they are such a fun team to watch. 

Michael Cole and Pat McAfee were sitting on the announcers table. Cole said he could honestly say that he wouldn’t be in his 27th year in WWE were it not for the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2024. Cole recalled him and Taz spending countless Wednesday nights in the editing booth as they two of them were grilled by Paul Heyman, who taught them about announcing. Cole said that was minuscule compared to what Heyman has contributed to the industry. They aired a Paul Heyman video package. Cole congratulated Heyman on getting induced into the WWE Hall of Fame Class of 2024. Cole said Heyman deserved it. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) Paul Heyman is arguably the greatest wrestling managers of all-time. Heyman has done so much great stuff for the professional wrestling industry. Great to see Heyman being induced into the WWE Hall of Fame in Philadelphia, the home of ECW. 

Jackie Redmond was backstage with Drew McIntyre. Redmond congratulated Paul Heyman for being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Redmond turned her attention to McIntyre. Redmond asked McIntyre if Seth Rollins listened to anything he said about The Bloodline last week. McIntyre said no. McIntyre called Rollins a junkie. McIntyre said Rollins needs to snatch his claws into something that’s hot. McIntyre spoke about Rollins being right in the news when CM Punk returned to WWE. McIntyre spoke about Rollins being Cody Rhodes first opponent since returning to WWE. McIntyre said Rollins now wants to attach himself to The Rock returning. McIntyre said he’s going to put Rollins down at WrestleMania because the World Heavyweight Title deserves better. There were slight cheers in the background. McIntyre said he just wanted an apology from Jey Uso. McIntyre said he’s sorry Jey for beating him. Redmond thanked McIntyre for the interview. McIntyre said “You’re Welcome!” McIntyre smiled. 

We saw “Damage CTRL” WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky, Asuka, Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai walking backstage. The fans cheered as WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley appeared. Ripley had a stare down with Sky. Ripley told Sky to stay out of her territory. Sky scoffed at Ripley and walked off with the rest of Damage CTRL. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) That was cool seeing WWE two top Women’s Champion Iyo Sky and Rhea Ripley nteract backstage. I would love to see Iyo and Ripley have another match together in WWE. 

Sami Zayn received a great babyface reaction. Michael Cole was excited because Valhalla came out wearing her antlers. Valhalla made her way to the Raw commentary team. Valhalla took off Cole’s headset. Valhalla placed the antlers on Cole. The crowd chanted “Michael!” Cole called the match wearing the antlers. This was hilarious. LOL! 

Sami Zayn def. Ivar (w/Valhalla) in 11:00. Sami Zayn received a great babyface reaction. Michael Cole was excited because Valhalla came out wearing her antlers. Valhalla made her way to the Raw commentary team. Valhalla took off Cole’s headset. Valhalla placed the antlers on Cole. The crowd chanted “Michael!” Ivar caught Sami with Tour Of The Islands coming off the ropes for two. The camera cut to Cole who was calling the match wearing antlers. That was hilarious. LOL! Cole mentioned he now realized how JR felt doing commentary wearing the silly Cowboy hat. Sami responded clotheslining Ivar to the floor. Sami followed hitting a Tope Con Hilo onto Ivar on the floor. Sami went for a Tornado DDT but Ivar countered dumping him to the floor. Ivar connected with a flying cannonball to Sami on the floor. Ivar went for a Super Backdrop Suplex but Sami countered into a crossbody for two as they returned from commercial break. Sami made a comeback planting Ivar with a Tornado DDT. Sami called for the Helluva Kick but Ivar intercepted with a spin kick. Ivar planted Sami with a Tiger Driver for two. Sami responded catching Ivar with a Sunset Bomb for a good two count. Loud Sami chants. Sami launched Ivar with an Exploder Suplex in an impressive spot. Sami called for the Helluva Kick but Ivar intercepted with a seated senton splash. Ivar called for the Doomsault but Sami moved. Sami rocked Ivar with a Helluva Kick for the win. 

  • The crowd booed as Bronson Reed returned attacking Sami Zayn. Reed crushed Sami with a huge Tsunami Splash. Reed pointed at the WrestleMania sign. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a good action packed match. A good win for Zayn giving him momentum heading into the Gauntlet Match. Michael Cole calling the match wearing the antlers was entertaining. Nice to see Bronson Reed back on WWE TV. 

Cathy Kelly interviewed Gunther backstage. Cathy congratulated Gunther on his way. Gunther spoke about Dominik speaking a big game and stepping up. Gunther never questioned the outcome of him winning. Cathy asked Gunther about the Gauntlet Match. Gunther spoke about elevating the WWE Intercontinental Title. Gunther said he’s flattered to have all those men competing to face him. Gunther said they will actually earn the right to be humiliated and outclassed by him at WrestleMania. Chad Gable appeared wearing a suit. Gable said he can’t get past seeing his daughter cry after he lost to Gunther on Raw last September. Gable said this is path to redemption. Gable said he’s going to put the title on his waist. Gable said he’s going to put a smile on his daughter’s face. Gable said this match means more to him. Gunther smiled and walked away. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) Strong promo from Gable showing a more serious side explaining why winning the WWE Intercontinental Title is so important to him. I would like to see Gable win the Gauntlet Match and face Gunther at WrestleMania. WWE’s TV product under Paul “Triple H” Levesque has been story focused. Gable winning the WWE Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania for his daughter would be a great moment and story. 

The fans cheered as they saw Jey Uso backstage. Jey said all he’s seen is Drew McIntyre complain. Jey recalled that McIntyre wanted an apology from him. Jey apologized for what he was going to do to McIntyre inside the ring. The fans chanted YEET. Jey said McIntyre was going to find out that he doesn’t play. Jey wore shades which said YEET! 

We saw Xavier Woods, Johnny Gargano, Tommaso Ciampa, and R-Truth playing the WWE 2K24 video game backstage. The Miz spoke about them needing to take the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles from Judgment Day. They all crossed wrists and said, Re-Generation X! 

Michael Cole plugged the WWE 2K24 video game. Pat McAfee did a telestrator bit on a freeze-frame of Cole wearing antlers. That was funny.

Drew McIntyre def. Jey Uso in 16:45. Jey Uso came out to a huge reaction. Drew McIntrye came out to a big heel reaction. Jey shined early catching McIntyre with a spin kick. The action moved to the floor. McIntyre took control swinging Jey over the announcers table. Jey nailed McIntyre with a jumping kick as the returned from commercial break. Jey connected with a flying crossbody for two. McIntyre took back the lead catching Jey with a corner kick for two. McIntyre went for a Super White Noice but Jey broke free. Jey planted McIntyre with a running Powerbomb for two. Jey went for an Uso Splash but McIntyre got his knees up. McIntyre took back control planting Jey with a Spinebuster for two. McIntyre clotheslined Jey to the floor. McIntyre looked over at the announcers table. There was a light tables chant. McIntyre planted Jey with a suplex on the floor. McIntyre drove Jey into the barricade and ring apron as they returned from commercial break. Jey caught McIntyre charging with his boots. The fans chanted YEET. Jey made a comeback rocking McIntyre with YEET punches. Jey planted McIntyre with a Samoan Drop for two. Jey rocked McIntyre with an Umaga Hip Attack. The fans booed as McIntyre rolled to the floor. Jey caught McIntyre with a tope. Solo Sikoa appeared from the crowd. McIntyre avoided a dive planting Jey with a Future Shock DDT for two. The fans cheered as Cody Rhodes ran down to a big reaction. Cody and Solo brawled through the crowd. McIntyre did the Claymore Kick countdown. Jey intercepted McIntyre with a pair of superkicks. Jey followed rocking McIntyre with a Spear. Jey was about to climb the ropes. Jey saw Jimmy Uso standing outside the ring. This gave McIntyre the opening to hit the Claymore Kick on Jey for the win. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) This was a very solid main event match on Raw. A great showing from both McIntyre and Jey as they worked really well together. I really don’t like seeing distractions because it does take enjoyment away from the match. The interactions here worked to tell the bigger story. Cody running down makes sense for his friendship with Jey and his program with Roman Reigns and The Bloodline. The distraction finish adds more heat on Jimmy who costed his brother Jey another main event on Raw. This helps build up the Jey vs. Jimmy match for WrestleMania. McIntyre has been tremendous playing this new onscreen role. McIntyre getting wins with outside distractions just works for his character because of how upset his onscreen character was with Bloodline getting involved in matches. McIntyre winning was good because he’s challenging for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania. A very good match with angle to build the WrestleMania matches. 

  • Jimmy Uso grabbed a chair after the match. The fans cheered as Seth Rollins ran down to make the save. Rollins ran past McIntyre into the ring. McIntyre was not pleased with Rollins. Rollins delivered a superkick as a chair went flying into Jimmy’s face. Rollins turned around. McIntyre rocked Rollins with a huge Claymore Kick. The crowd booed as McIntyre yelled at Rollins telling him what happened. McIntyre dropped the World Heavyweight Title on Rollins. There were huge chants of CM Punk directed at Rollins. WWE Raw ended. 

(Amin’s Thoughts) They told so many great stories in such a simple post-match angle. McIntyre got the better of Rollins because he was distracted with helping Cody against The Bloodline. They could tell a very interesting story with Rollins distraction with The Bloodline is the reason for him losing the World Heavyweight Title to McIntyre at WrestleMania. This gives Rollins an opening to go heel after he sees Cody win the Undisputed WWE Universal Title beating Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. McIntyre has been great playing this new onscreen character taking all the jabs at Punk when he can. The fans chanting CM Punk at McIntyre was nice touch to close Raw. WWE has a hot program ready to go with McIntyre as World Heavyweight Champion against a returning CM Punk. 


You can see they have a WrestleMania card planned out. The goal now is to just set up the WrestleMania matches. There was also a mixed of some nice wrestling matches. Overall, a good episode of Raw.