Alex Hammerstone Signs, AJ Francis In-Ring Debut, New Matches Set For SACRIFICE, Knockouts in Action, + More – TNA iMPACT Results – February 29th, 2024    

-“Speedball” Mike Bailey (w/Trent Seven) vs Maclin (w/The Rascalz)

Maclin wins with a KIA in the center of the ring for the pinfall.

Post-match, Maclin said he ran off Nic Nemeth so that he can’t suck the company dry and then run off.

Nemeth appears on the video screen and says the only reason he isn’t there right now is because he was in Japan winning the IWGP Global Title, but that he’ll be back with TNA for the Sacrifice show where he’ll take on Maclin.

We see a clip of Frankie Kazarian losing his match against Eric Young, and then brutally beating the referee afterwards.

Frankie is in the parking lot being held up by security. Gia Miller walks up and says that per Director of Authority Santino Marella, Frankie is SUSPENDED and not allowed inside of the building. Frankie says he wants Gia to deliver a message to Santino, and ask him if this is really what he wants to do? Frankie walks away without issue.

Tom Hannifan mentions on commentary that Frankie is suspended both this week and next week.

-Laredo Kid vs. Jake Something

Jake lands INTO THE VOID and follows it up with the pinfall.

We go backstage to Alan Angels new Sound Check set, where he’s sitting with Kon after his victory over PCO at No Surrender. Angels has two security guards on site in the background so that nobody interrupts the Sound Check today. Angels tells Kon he’s proud of him for going out on his own. Kon calls himself the baddest man in TNA. PCO shows up on set and security freezes as they appear to be scared of him.

AJ Francis/Deaner vs.   Joe Hendry/Rich Swann

The team of Joe Hendry and Rich Swann win after Hendry nails Deaner with the STANDING OVATION and then covers for the victory.


We get a video of DECAY, where they explain that at Hard to Kill they had the element of surprise, but now they don’t. They say that they’re both patient, though, and are ready to take the titles back from Masha and Kelly.

Tom Hannifan announces that Alex Hammerstone has officially signed with TNA Wrestling, AND will take on Josh Alexander at SACRIFICE.


Gia Miller is standing by with Josh Alexander promptly after the news broke about the Hammerstone signing and the upcoming match at Sacrifice. Alexander says he’s looking forward to the match, and is then interrupted by Dirty Dango, who hypes his new “The Dirty Dango International Wrestling Academy Of The Performing Sports Entertainment Arts”, Dango says they only accept applicants who have less than one year experience. Josh says that if he’s looking for an opponent that he will make the match happen.

We go to the ring for the Mustafa Ali inauguration ceremony.
John Skyler is in the ring with Jason Hotch. Skyler stands at a podium and says that Mustafa Ali brought the change that TNA and all of the fans needed. Skyler introduces Ali, who makes his way out surrounded by 4 security guards. Ali takes his spot at the podium and exclaims that “We did it!”, we made the X Division great again; he says that he was able to do it because people believed in him, “In ALI we trust!”. Ali says he is here to issue his first executive order.

Ali is interrupted by Chris Sabin, who makes his way down to the ring from the back. Sabin says they both have something in common – they want change – but that’s where it ends. Sabin says if Ali didn’t have the Good Hands at No Surrender that he might not be the champion.

Sabin says he is here to fight, and then attacks Ali. The Good Hands go after Sabin, at which time Kushida and Kevin Knight make the save.


George Iceman comes out and hypes the crowd as Ash B Elam makes her way out. Ash announces that she will be taking on another opponent next week.


Ali is backstage saying that Sabin, Knight, and Kushida ruined the ceremony and messed up company property. Ali says that actions have consequences and then storms off.

Winner Gets Knockouts World Title shot at Sacrifice
-Xia Brookside vs Tasha Steelz

Both women fight on the outside to a Double Countout. Jordynne Grace makes her way out and says that she’s been watching in the back and she’s seen enough. Grace says she’ll defend her Knockouts World Title against both women at Sacrifice.

TNA announced via their social media Twitter account that the match is official.

Rhino cuts a promo on Crazzy Steve and challenges him to a Digital Media Title match in a NO DQ match on Xplosion.

The System vs ABC & Eric Young

The System pick up the victory when Eddie Edwards hits Chris Bey with a Backpack Stunner and then Brian Myers comes off the top rope with an Elbow Drop to Myers immediately following that. Myers gains the pinfall.

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