Swerve Strickland Is THE GUY.

November 18th, 2023. That day saw the biggest win for this individual. Of course, I’m talking about Miss Nicaragua Sheynnis Palacios winning Miss Universe and Swerve Strickland defeating Hangman Page in a Texas deathmatch, I guess.

All lame jokes aside, that win solidified the man they call Swerve in ways that the announcer shouts, “AND NEW AEW WORLD CHAMPION!” 

And there’s a reason for that. For one, he defeated a former AEW champion so badly, it’s probably CM Punk’s second best highlight of 2023 after his WWE return. 

Two, he has Prince Nana (a long time ROH manager) by his side that enhances the aura of the Swerve making him the best manager in years. 

And three, Strickland is just all around a fantastic performer that handles big pressure when he applies because he swerves when he drives. 

What do I mean by that? Well, in moments where the stakes are higher than ever, he exceeds expectations by delivering manoeuvres at a higher level and in return performs exceptionally well in high-stakes bouts and thrives under pressure on some David Bowie/Queen stuff.  

The nickname, which is fittingly dubbed “Swerve” described his capacity to execute greatness at the most obtuse time like a parry in a soulsborne game. 

His signature manoeuvres include sudden, fast movements, throws, and dodges that deceive opponents and leave them exposed that leads to a W. 

He is able to manoeuvre through challenging situations, counter the tactics of his opponents, and finally win thanks to his opportunist and flexible in-ring style.

This is how, as Killshot in Lucha Underground, was able to defeat his former partner Dante Fox in a Hell Of War (aka their version of three stages of hell match) match at Ultima Lucha Tres. 

With his skills improving overtime and seeing the momentum going higher than ever, Strickland’s going to become the first black AEW world champion and to quote Kylian Mbappe, “I will be there no matter what”. 

The universe is behind him so here’s hoping that Tony Khan doesn’t pull a Wardlow on the former NXT North American champion.