Maryse Receives Rare Pre-Cancer Diagnosis

WWE star Maryse announced she was has a “rare pre-cancer of the ovaries” is determined to beat her diagnosis.

The former two-time Divas Champion took to Instagram on Saturday she had been suffering from severe abdominal swelling that was causing extreme fatigue. She went on to state that she did see several doctors, and from there, she underwent tests but was never diagnosed with anything. Eventually, she was told to let it go, but still was persistent enough to figuring out what the actual issue was.

She proceeded to meet a doctor in Los Angeles who actually listened to her, and believed that there was actually something wrong with her and didn’t just “pass her on.” The doctor then performed surgery on Maryse for what was initially believed to be Endometriosis disease.

“(The doctor) found and removed 11 implants around my uterus, ovaries, and all connective tissues around the organs in my abdominal cavity. These were sent to pathology for testing,” she wrote.

Tests eventually revealed that there was in fact no endometriosis – but the results showed very serious borderline tumors, something she mentioned is a pre-cancer diagnosis, and if they became cancerous, the survival rate is less than a year.

Maryse said she will have total hysterectomy that will involve the removal of her uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and omentum, as well as the removal of abdominal lymph nodes.

“I’m remaining positive and determined to beat this thing. There is only one option and it’s winning the battle! As a mom of two young daughters, I have to,” she said.

All of us here at Bodyslam wish Maryse the absolute best.