REPORT: AEW to Run Major U.S. Stadium Show in 2024

All Elite Wrestling will be holding another stadium show in 2024.

According to Wrestling Observer’s Andrew Zarian, AEW will be running a United States-based stadium show sometime in 2024.

No further information was given on when or where the stadium show would be taking place, however, it’s expected that this does not pertain to the ‘Grand Slam’ event in Flushing, New York.

AEW, of course, is running ‘All In’ from London England’s Wembley Stadium this coming August, and it’ll be interesting to see if this will be a pay-per-view event or something similar to the aforementioned ‘Grand Slam’ specials in place of an episode of ‘AEW Dynamite.’

BodySlam will provide any updates on AEW running any stadium shows as they become available.