WWE Raw Review: Fallout From Royal Rumble

Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida 
Monday January 29, 2024 

Michael Cole welcome everyone to WWE Raw. Jey Uso was shown arriving to the arena. WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther was arriving with Ludwig Kaiser and Giovani Vinci. Women’s Royal Rumble winner Bayley was arriving to the arena with Damage CTRL. They aired a WWE Royal Rumble highlight package. 

Men’s Royal Rumble winner Cody Rhodes was showing arriving to arena earlier in the day. 

Pat McAfee came out to a big reaction. Michael Cole noted McAfee was the new commentator for WWE Raw. Cole noted the first hour of Raw was commercial free. 

Amin’s Thoughts — Great to see Pat McAfee as the new commentator for Raw. Cole and McAfee make for a great team. I would like to see Wade Barrett join Corey Graves on SmackDown for commentary. 

CM Punk Promo 

CM Punk came out to a huge reaction. Punk was wearing a sling. Punk smiled as he signed an autograph for a little kid. Huge chants for CM Punk. Punk looked emotional as he looked at the WrestleMania sign. Punk said he came close to winning the Royal Rumble. Punk said he’s not made at anyone. Punk congratulated Cody on the win. Punk said Cody busted his ass getting what he has deserved. Punk wants to see Cody go to WrestleMania and finish his story. Punk said Cody winning back-to-back Royal Rumble was quite the accomplishment. Punk brought up the Tampa Bay Lightning winning back-to-back Stanley Cup.. The crowd cheered. 

Punk said close doesn’t count in this business. Punk said he doesn’t believe in luck. Punk said he feels a little bit unlucky. Punk said he tore his right tricep during the Royal Rumble match. Punk said he wanted to tape it up and get through the Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania. Punk said he always wanted to main event WrestleMania. Punk said maybe it might not ever happen. Punk said he didn’t want anyone to feel sorry for him. 

Punk was getting really emotional as he brought up his friend named Chad Gilbert, who is battling cancer. Punk spoke about Gilbert wife and daughter. Punk said he sits with him while he gets chemotherapy treatment and Gilbert is always in a good mood and never complains. The crowd applaud his story. Punk got emotional and said what he has is a flesh wound. 

Punk said when he says Best in the World that doesn’t mean he always wins.  Punk asked the fans if they saw him fight in UFC. The fans cheered. Punk said it wasn’t great. Punk said he had a dream and he said yes when he was asked because it scared the crap out of him. The fans cheered. Huge CM Punk chants. Punk said it scared him to return back to a place after 10 years. Punk said he didn’t want to leave but had to. Punk said WrestleMania scare him and a goal that might haunt him. Punk said this was just a bump in the road. 

Punk said the best in the world are people who battle cancer or his friend who fights fires.Punk said he’s just an entertainer. Punk said the people just love him. The crowd cheered this big. Punk said he’s going to keep doing this under the wheel falls out. Punk said he doesn’t focus on negativity or people who tell him he has the wrong hair or tattoos. Punk said WrestleMania 40 isn’t in the cards. Punk said “But I’m a Chicago Cubs fan and it won’t be the first time or the last time I say this, there’s always next year.”  The crowd cheered. Punk started to say he would bust his ass.

Amin’s Thoughts — This was an incredible heartfelt babyface promo from CM Punk as he spoke right from the heart. This CM Punk injury news just completely sucks. It was awesome seeing Punk return back to WWE. I wanted to see Punk get his WrestleMania main event. This will just make Punk come back even strong. Punk will the biggest beloved WWE babyface when he returns. WWE fans will all want to see Punk get his WrestleMania main event after this promo. 

CM Punk & Drew McIntyre Promo

Drew McIntyre made his entrance. Punk said , “Not what I was expecting,” Cole noted that Punk eliminated McIntyre from the Royal Rumble match. Punk held the mic upside down. The crowd booed as McIntyre entered the ring. McIntyre recalled all the terrible things he said about Punk since he returned to WWE. McIntyre said he stood by those things because Punk was terrible to him in the past. McIntyre said he can relate to what Punk was saying now.

McIntyre said he’s never been a spiritual person. McIntyre said he prayed for Punk’s injury and it happened. McIntyre said he targeted Punk in the Royal Rumble. McIntyre spoke about Rollins going so far as champion but his body breaking down. McIntyre said he couldn’t let Punk win the Rumble. McIntyre said was so angry when Punk eliminated him from the Rumble. McIntyre said he slept like a baby when he heard about Punk’s injury. McIntyre said he would find a way into the World Title match at WrestleMania. McIntyre said he would live Punk’s dream again. 

Huge CM Punk chants. Punk told McIntyre that his heart hurts worse than his tricep does. Punk said he’s going to rehab his injury and he will main event WrestleMania. Punk said the first checklist is McIntyre. McIntyre threw a punch that Punk ducked. Punk tried to fight. McIntyre stoped Punk by hitting a Glasgow Kiss. McIntyre stomped on Punk’s injured arm. The crowd cheered as Sami Zayn ran out to make the save. McIntyre laughed. McIntyre watched intently from the floor. Sami and a trainer helped Punk to his feet.

Amin’s Thoughts — Drew McIntyre was just excellent here playing such an unlikable heel. They just set up Punk first big program when he returns from his injury. A great segment. Punk and McIntyre were both excellent here. 

Judgment Day was inside their clubhouse watching the opening segment. Rhea Ripley said Drew McIntyre doesn’t concern them. Dominik Mysterio brought up how Women’s Royal Rumble winner Bayley is on Raw. Ripley said she will remind Bayley if she picks her for WrestleMania. Ripley said tonight is about sending a message. Ripley asked Finn Balor and Damian Priest if they are remind everyone who Judgement Day are? Priest said they are done with distraction. Balor and Priest both spoke in Spanish. Balor said they are going to show how vicious Judgment are. 

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa were walking backstage. Gargano said DIY was born two hours from Tampa, Florida. Gargano said they have been waiting for this moment. Ciampa said this is two boys who watched Saturday Night Wrestling dreaming about this moment. Ciampa said they are going to show everyone who they are. Ciampa and Gargano said they are DIY. 

Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship Match 
Judgment Day (Finn Balor & Damian Priest) [c] vs. DIY (Johnny Gargano & Tommaso Ciampa

Priest took control rocking Ciampa with strikes. Ciampa and Gargano battled back catching Balor and Priest with stereo plancha. Ciampa chased Balor around the ring. Priest tagged in. Balor nailed Ciampa with a cheap shot. Priest took control planting Ciampa onto the ring apron. Balor connected with a scissors kick for two. Priest distracted the referee from not seeing Gargano’s tag. Priest nailed Ciampa with a Hook Kick for two. Priest nailed Ciampa with a rolling forearm. Balor went for a Final Cut but Ciampa countered into a reverse DDT. Gargano ran wild delivering a bulldog/clothesline combo to Balor and Priest. Gargano caught Balor with a slingshot spear for two. Gargano called for La Misitica but Balor countered into Final Cut for two. Priest went for a Stinger Splash but Gargano moved. Gargano connected with an assisted Sliced Bread for two. Ciampa called for Fairytale Ending but Priest blocked. Balor and Priest connected with a backbreaker/leg drop combo for two. Priest planted Ciampa with a powerslam but Gargano made the save. Priest called for South of Heaven but Ciampa blocked. Gargano caught Priest with One Final Beat DDT. Ciampa caught Balor with a Super Air Raid Crash for a good two count. DIY chants. Ciampa and Gargano nailed Balor with Meet in the Middle. Priest placed Balor’s foot on the ropes. Gargano caught Priest with a tope on the floor. Balor caught Gargano with a Slingblade. Balor followed with a Woo Dropkick. Balor went for Coup De Grace but Gargano moved. Gargano caught Balor with La Mistica. The crowd went nuts as Ciampa and Gargano placed Balor and Priest in stereo Gargano Escapes. (A nice callback to when DIY beat The Revival to win their first NXT Tag Team Titles) Priest broke free as he dropped Ciampa onto Gargano. This Is Awesome chants. DIY chants. Balor nailed Gargano with a Pele Kick. Ciampa rocked Balor with a knee strike. Priest nailed Ciampa with a superkick. Priest went for a Razor’s Edge but Ciampa escaped. Priest caught Gargano going for a tope and planted him onto the announcers table. Ciampa caught Priest with an inside cradle for a close two count. Priest rocked Ciampa with a forearm. Priest planted Ciampa with a Razor’s Edge. Balor followed hitting Coup De Grace for the win to retain the titles. 

WINNERS: Finn Balor & Damian Priest retained the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles. 
Amin’s Thoughts — This was a really fun action packed tag team match. A tremendous showing from teams as they worked a great match. The match not having any commercial made it more fun to watch. A great win and showing from Balor and Priest as they work great together. Ciampa and Gargano are still my favourite NXT tag team. It’s great to see Ciampa and Gargano get a chance to shine and work really fun matches on the WWE main roster. There were moments where the fans really wanted to see DIY win the titles. DIY are still a new team on the main roster. I was fine with not having the title switch. Garagano and Ciampa continuing to chase for the titles while having great matches will help them become a more fan favourite team. 

Judgement Day / R-Truth Segment 

Pat McAfee on commentary said it was a 6-Star Match. Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh came out to celebrate. Balor gloated about Judgment Day still being champions. Priest said they’ve been seeing a different side of Judgment Day for week. Priest said everybody knows the reason for that. Priest said he should apologize to him. 

The crowd cheered as R-Truth came out. R-Truth came out to his music. They aired a Judgment Day graphic showing R-Truth as well which was funny. R-Truth looked nervous about getting inside the ring. Priest said he wouldn’t attack R-Truth. Dominik held the ropes as R-Truth entered the ring. Priest said he was going to let R-Truth say it. R-Truth was glad saying Priest isn’t nice enough. R-Truth told everyone to Rise for Judgment Day. The crowd cheered. 

Priest was about to say something but R-Truth stopped him. R-Truth spoke about transferring Priest money. Priest said R-Truth doesn’t know what any of that means. Priest said Judgment Day was family. R-Truth cut him off again. R-Truth said Balor was that weird uncle but everyone still likes him. R-Truth turned his attention to Dominik. The crowd booed. R-Truth said JD McDonagh was like a step brother who they didn’t want in the family. 

Priest told R-Truth he’s gotta let someone finish talking. Priest said Judgment Day is family. Priest said R-Truth isn’t part of Judgement Day. Priest said he likes R-Truth and said he was funny. Priest said he’s not going to be the one to do this. Priest said Dominik. McDonagh attacked R-Truth from behind. Miz ran down to make the save. Judgment Day took out Miz as well. Dominik gave Miz a Frog Splash. Judgment Day posed. 

Amin’s Thoughts — The specialness that Sami Zayn shared with Bloodline. The same specialness wasn’t there with Judgment Day and R-Truth. It seems like they are actually building to Miz & R-Truth challenging Balor and Priest for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Titles. I’m fine with that being a TV match. This shouldn’t be the Tag Team Title match at either WrestleMania or Elimination Chamber which are both huge stadium shows for WWE. 

WWE medical staff was backstage walking with CM Punk and Adam Pearce. They had a “Breaking News” graphic announcing CM Punk’s injury he suffered at the Royal Rumble. 

Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark vs. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

Niven took control early splashing Stark in the corner. Baszler nailed Niven with a Hook Kick from behind. Stark took advantage nailing Niven with a superkick. Baszler mounted Niven with grounded strikes. Baszler went for a wrist lock but Niven broke free. Niven tagged Green into the match. Green looked confused. Baszler went for a Kirifuda Clutch but Green broke free. Stark went for a flying crossbody but Green moved out of the way. Green caught Stark with a ZigZag for two. Green went for a tag. Baszler yanked Niven off the ring apron. Stark nailed Green with Z360 for the win. 

WINNERS: Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark 
Amin’s Thoughts — This was just a basic tag team match. A quick showcase win for Baszler and Stark to build them up for a WWE Women’s Tag Team Title match. 

They showed highlights from the WWE Royal Rumble. 

Cody Rhodes Promo 

Cody Rhodes received a huge reaction and a really nice firework display. The WOAHHH are getting louder and louder. Samantha Irvin did an amazing ring introduction announcing Cody as the winner of 2023 and 2024 Royal Rumble winner. Huge Cody chants from the crowd. Cody was about to speak but stopped. Cody smiled. The crowd chanted “You Deserve It!” Cody asked the crowd what they wanted to talk about? Cody said he had something to say. Cody said he heard something that was music to his ears. Cody asked Samantha the honour of announcing him as the Royal Rumble winner again. Samantha did it again. It was just as awesome. This got a huge reaction from the crowd. Cody spoke about the fans coming to Raw, SmackDown, PLE’s and live events. Cody said the expectation was on them to give the fans the best action, the best three hours of your life to escape worries that fans might have. Cody said sometimes they need to escape to. Cody said the last 48 hours of his life (outside of WWE) has been rather challenging. Cody said everything is good and all is well. Cody got emotional saying the fans don’t realize how much he needed them on Saturday. Cody spoke about being grateful for that. Cody said “Let’s Get To It!” Cody looked at the WrestleMania sign. Cody wanted to make WrestleMania 40 official. 

Amin’s Thoughts — You can just tell how much Cody enjoys being cheered and loved by the fans. Cody is the perfect face of WWE. Cody just looks the part and has a special attachment to the fans.

Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins Promo 

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins came out to a big reaction. The crowd sang along to Rollins theme. Rollins said the fans are right and Cody deserves it. Rollins said he and Cody haven’t seen eye to eye. Rollins said they have both earned mutual respect towards each other. Rollins congratulated Cody on his win. Rollins offered a handshake. Cody accepted. Rollins said he’s going to be real with Cody. Rollins took off his glasses and chucked it ringside. Pat McAfee stood up went to get the glasses. Rollins said Cody was making a mistake if he choses to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania. Rollins said Cody should face him instead. The crowd chanted “No!” 

Rollins told Cody to hear him out. Rollins said her heard Cody say he’s “the guy” at the Royal Rumble Press Conference. Rollins said Cody wasn’t the guy. Rollins said Roman Reigns wasn’t the guy. Rollins said he’s “the guy” The crowd cheered this. Rollins said the World Heavyweight Title is the title in WWE. The crowd sang Rollins song. Rollins said Cody going after Reigns made sense last year since there was one championship. Rollins said the landscape has changed. Rollins said he gets Cody has been thinking about Reigns for a full year. Rollins mentioned how they travelled the road together. Rollins pointed out that he was in the main event because it wasn’t Reigns. Rollins said he’s been defending the World Heavyweight Championship on those shows. 

Rollins asked Cody if he remembered why this title came to be? Rollins said the fans were sick and tired of Reigns showing up every other week, then every other month, then every six months. Rollins brought up how Reigns never defend the title and when he defends the title he would always cheat. Rollins declared “This is our title.” The crowd cheered. Rollins said they have levelled the playing fields with the World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins said they don’t have to pretend like Reigns is a God because they don’t need him. 

Rollins asked Cody what title he wanted? Rollins asked if Cody wanted the Hollywood title or the Hulk Hogan title? Rollins asked if he wanted the one for posers, frauds and people who politic their way to the top. Rollins asked Cody “Do you want the Dusty Rhodes title?” Cody looked emotional. Rollins asked Cody if he wanted the workhorse championship, the blue collar championship, because that’s what being World Heavyweight Champion means. Rollins said it’s about being the very best between these ropes. Rollins implied Dusty would want.Rollins said it’s not about Dusty but about Cody. Rollins told Cody he didn’t need an answer now. Rollins said this is the biggest decision Cody would ever make. Rollins pointed at Cody’s chest and asked what’s inside there and asked what kind of man he wants to be. 

Cody told Rollins he had “an insane amount of respect” for him. Cody said the last thing he woke up thinking they would be talking about or would be thinking about. Cody told Rollins he would think about it. Cody dropped the mic. Rollins had a small smirk. Cody left the ring and looked back at Rollins. 

Amin’s Thoughts Seth Rollins was awesome here putting over the World Heavyweight Championship. Rollins did everything he could to from bashing Reigns and the WWE Title to make the World Heavyweight Title be on equal footing. Rollins was speaking to Cody in this segment on TV. This felt like Rollins was delivering a promo to the back saying he still wants his WrestleMania main event match. The CM Punk injury sucks because you don’t want to see anyone get hurt. The injury also sucks because Punk won’t be in the WrestleMania main event. Rollins thinking was Punk being hurt also lost him the WrestleMania main event. I give Rollins all the credit for delivering a stellar promo and putting over the World Heavyweight Title. It does make things more interesting to see who Rollins now faces at WrestleMania. This is also gets fans wondering if they actually got The Rock for WrestleMania. My guess is Cody will face Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania. 

Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods were backstage. Kofi said people think of Booty-O’s, ice cream and pancakes when they think of New Day. Kofi said the most important thing is New Day wins championships. Kofi vowed to beat Gunther for the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

They showed highlights of Bron Breakker’s fantastic showing during the Men’s Royal Rumble match.

Jey Uso vs. Bronson Reed

Jey received a great reaction. Pat McAfee did Jey’s dance on commentary. Reed took control early catching Jey with a running splash. Jey used Reed’s momentum sending him to the floor. Jey connected with a top to Reed on the floor. Jey moved as Reed crashed into the ring post. The crowd chanted YEET. Jey connected with a flying crossbody for two. Jey went for an enzuigiri but Reed blocked. Reed connected with a senton splash for two. Reed went for a Rainmaker but Jey ducked. Jey responded nailing Reed with a pair of superkicks. Jey followed with a leg lariat for two. Reed went for a superplex but Jey blocked. Jey knocked Reed off the ropes. Jey went for a dive but Reed moved. Reed caught Jey with a Death Valley Driver for two. Reed went for the Tsunami but Jey moved. Jey made a comeback nailing Reed with a superkick. Jey rocked Reed with a spear. Jey followed with an Uso Splash for the win. 

Amin’s Thoughts — This was a solid action back and forth match as both Jey and Reed worked well together. The crowd is really reacting to Jey like a top star. A good win for Jey. I would like to see Jey keep the momentum going towards winning his first single’s title in WWE. 

 They showed highlights of Andrade returning to WWE at the Royal Rumble. 

Andrade was backstage in Adam Pearce’s office. Andrade signed a Raw contract. SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis appeared. Pearce was happy Andrade signed with Raw. Aldis congratulated Andrade for signing with Raw. Aldis said he was about to give Andrade a handsome contract offer. Andrade shook hands with Pearce. Andrade shook Aldis hand as well. Andrade told Aldis to tell Zelina Vega he said hi before leaving. Aldis said he lended Bayley over to Raw. Pearce said it’s just business. Aldis said he wanted to discuss the Elimination Chamber. Aldis phone began ringing. The crowd buzzed as Aldis said Bron Breakker was calling. 

Amin’s Thoughts — I liked how they gave reason for Bayley who’s a SmackDown superstar for being on Raw. The Andrade highlight package was great as they presented him like a star. Andrade mentioning Zelina Vega was interesting. I’m curious to see if this leads to Vega possibly coming over to Raw. This was good as they quickly followed up after Breakker’s great showing during the Royal Rumble. Looks like Breakker is going to be on SmackDown.  This seems like Breakker is officially getting called up to the WWE main roster after the NXT Vengeance Day PLE. 

WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther did a promo standing on the stairwell. Gunther gave Kofi credit for challenging him. Gunther said Kofi was fighting for his legacy. Gunther said he was going to forget about Kofi after facing him. Gunther told Kofi to leave everything inside the ring. Gunther said he will continue carrying on as the greatest WWE Intercontinental Champion of all-time. Gunther wished Kofi luck. 

They showed Women’s Royal Rumble highlights of Naomi returning to WWE. They showed clips of Liv Morgan returning. They showed clips of TNA Knockouts Champion Jordynne Grace making a special appearance. They focused on Tiffany Stratton’s performance as well. They showed highlights from Jade Cargill’s WWE debut in the Royal Rumble. 

Jackie Redmond interviewed Becky Lynch backstage. Becky said she herself and lots of people down. Becky said she’s not going to give up. Becky said she’s going to train a little harder. Becky said she will think a little smarter. Becky said she will fight a little dirtier. Becky said she’s going to stop until she’s at the top. Becky said she’s going to take the title to the main event like it deserves. 

Amin’s Thoughts — A good promo from Becky going straight to the point. Becky will likely win the Women’s Elimination Chamber match to earn a shot the WWE Women’s World Title. WrestleMania Night One main event and card got a bit more interesting now. Becky Lynch vs. Rhea Ripley would be a great choice for the WrestleMania Night One main event. 

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match
Gunther [c] vs Kofi Kingston

Kofi received a strong babyface reaction. Gunther got a really strong reaction which included cheers from the crowd. Kofi started quickly rocking Gunther with strikes. Gunther quickly took control catching Kofi with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Gunther placed Kofi in a Boston Crab as they went to a quick break. Gunther rocked Kofi with a huge chop. Kofi battled back rocking Gunther with a running forearm. Kofi chants from the crowd. Kofi went for a dive but Gunther caught him with a backbreaker. Gunther went for a Rainmaker but Kofi countered with a rising knee strike. Gunther caught Kofi with a sleeper coming off the ropes. Gunther went for a Powerbomb. Kofi countered into a head scissors sending Gunther to the floor. Gunther caught Kofi going for a tope sending him crashing into the ring apron. Gunther went for a Powerbomb, Kofi countered into a hurricanrana sending Gunther crashing into the ring post. Kofi made a comeback hitting a pair of tope to the floor. Kofi connected with Trouble in Paradise. Gunther rolled to the floor. Kofi leaped off the barricade hitting a flying axe handle smash to Gunther onto the ring steps. Kofi followed hitting a flying leg drop for a two count. Kofi called for Trouble in Paradise but Gunther caught him. Gunther went for a Boston Crab. Kofi reversed with an inside cradle for a two count. Gunther responded rocking Kofi with a huge lariat. Gunther went for a running clothesline. Kofi intercepted Gunther with an S.O.S for a two count. This Is Awesome chants. Gunther caught Kofi with a lariat. Gunther followed with a Woo Dropkick. Gunther delivered a Stack Powerbomb for the win to retain the title. 

WINNER: Gunther retained the WWE Intercontinental Title 
Amin’s Thoughts — A really good action packed match. A strong showing from Kofi looking great as well as his matches are just so fun to match. Gunther is just working on a completely different level as his style of match just stands out from the rest. Ilja Dragunov and maybe Bron Breakker are the only ones in WWE who can match Gunther’s intensity when it comes to having the specific style of match. Another strong showcase win for Gunther just continuing this incredible run as WWE Intercontinental Champion. 

Xavier Woods checked on Kofi Kingston after the match. Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci attacked Kofi and Woods after the match. Gunther looked pleased. Gunther called Kaiser and Vinci off.

Amin’s Thoughts — A good angle to give Kaiser and Vince somme heat attacking New Day after Kofi’s match with Gunther. This should set up a stipulation match after their previous match didn’t have a clear team winning. 

They showed highlights of Drew McIntyre taking Sami Zayn out of action last month. 

Jackie Redmond asked Sami Zayn how will he control his emotions heading into the main event. Sami said it’s a good question. Sami said it’s emotional going into a match with McIntyre who makes an escuse for anything. Sami spoke about McIntyre eliminating him from the Royal Rumble. Sami said if McIntyre was targeting him it would be fine. Sami brought up how McIntyre has gone after Cody Rhodes, CM Punk and Jey Uso. Sami said he’s going to give McIntyre his reality check. 

They showed highlights of Jade Cargill making her impressive WWE debut at the Royal Rumble. 

WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) vs. Natalya & Tegan Nox

Nox caught Sane with a cradle for an early near fall. Natalya connected with basement dropkick to Sane for a near fall. Sane responded yanking Natalya to the mat. Natalya battled right back sending Asuka into the turnbuckle. Nox rocked Asuka with a corner cannonball senton. Natalya and Nox nailed Asuka and Sane with stereo PK. Asuka and Sane took back control catching Nox with a running bulldog/dropkick combo for a near fall. Nox battled back catching Asuka with a big boot. Nox caught Asuka with an enzuigiri. Asuka no-sold it catching Nox in an ankle lock. Sane yanked Natalya off the ring apron. Nox caught Asuka with a Victory Roll for a two count. Nox rocked Asuka with an uppercut. Natalya ran wild planting Asuka with a pair of snap suplex. Natalya sent Asuka flying with a German Suplex. Natalya went for a Sharpshooter but couldn’t lock it on. Sane yanked Nox onto the ring apron. This distracted Natalya for a moment. Natalya nailed Sane with a baseball slide. Natalya caught Nox charging with an inside cradle for a two count. Asuka caught Natalya with a Hook Kick. Asuka and Sane hit an InSane Elbow/Reverse DDT combo onto Natalya for the win.

WINNERS: Asuka & Kairi Sane
Amin’s Thoughts — This was a solid tag team match with both teams getting a chance a shine. You could see more dissension coming between Natalya and Nox playing off their Royal Rumble elimination spot. The crowd wasn’t really into the match. I do like how they are giving more time to the tag team division in recent weeks. We had a Women’s tag team match as well earlier on the show. A good win for Asuka and Sane as they are so fun to watch as a team. 

Jackie Redmond interviewed Kayden Carter & Katana Chance backstage. Carter and Chance said they spoke about to Adam Pearce about getting their rematch for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Chance and Carter said Kabuki Warriors have one week to prepare. Chance and Carter said they are winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles next week. 

Bayley Promo 

Bayley came out next. Dakota Kai held the ropes open for Bayley. Kai was not wearing her knee brace. Hopefully, Kai will be returning back to action soon. Bayley hugged Iyo Sky, Asuka, Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai. Bayley pointed at the WrestleMania. Huge Bayley chants from the fans. The fans are ready for the Bayley babyface turn. Bayley said she’s going to give the crowd to take a picture of Damage CTRL. Bayley said it’s never been done seeing the WWE Women’s Champion, Tag Team Champions and Royal Rumble winner standing together inside the ring. 

Bayley put credit for Damage CTRL success. Bayley said people said she’s not as good as use to be from coming back from injury. Bayley said she doesn’t listen to your opinions. Bayley said she might have not been on the Royal Rumble. Bayley said she stands here proud as the Royal Rumble winner. The crowd cheered. Bayley put over the WWE roster. Bayley looked at Micheal Cole saying she beat Rhea Ripley’s Royal Rumble record. Cole nodded. Pat McAfee told Cole to remember it. Cole said he said it. McAfee told Cole to remember it. That was funny. 

WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley music played right as Bayley was about make a WrestleMania announcement. Ripley said Bayley got the Royal Rumble record because she wasn’t in it. Ripley said all members of Damage CTRL have gold except for Bayley. Ripley said it’s going to stay that way if Bayley challengers her. 

Nia Jax appeared from behind attacking Ripley. A brawl broke out. Damage CTRL watched in the corner. Jax delivered a series of leg drops to Ripley. Jax delivered an Annihilator. Jax looked in Damage CTRL’s direction. Asuka, Iyo Sky, Kairi Sane and Dakota Kai all left the ring together. Jax came over to Bayley. Jax said Bayley could pick Iyo. Iyo shook her head. Jax said Ripley wasn’t going to make it to WrestleMania. Bayley said she will make her WrestleMania decision on SmackDown. The camera focused on Iyo who didn’t look pleased. 

Amin’s Thoughts — Strong angle with Jax taking out Ripley to set up the Women’s World Tittle match for Elimination Chamber show. This gives Rhea Ripley a big showcase match as the hometown babyface superstar before facing Becky Lynch at WrestleMania. A really good promo from Bayley putting over her and Damage CTRL’s accomplishments as a group. They having been building a split between Bayley and Damage CTRL. The shot of Iyo Sky after Bayley saying she will make her WrestleMania choice on SmackDown was great. Bayley’s babyface turn is coming. 

Sami Zayn made his entrance as he got a strong babyface reaction. 

Jackie Redmond interviewed Drew McIntyre backstage. McIntyre said all he ever said was tell the truth. McIntyre said all his actions have been justified. McIntyre spoke about all his matches with Sami. McIntyre said Sami hasn’t beaten him yet. McIntyre said that isn’t starting tonight. McIntyre said to hit his music. 

Drew McIntyre vs. Sami Zayn

McIntyre got strong heel reaction. Sami started quickly rocking McIntyre with strikes. Sami went for a plancha but McIntyre caught him. McIntyre swung Sami over the announcers table. McIntyre rolled back out of the ring. McIntyre sent Sami back into the ring. McIntyre pointed at McAfee’s direction for talking trash about him. This gave Sami the opening to connect with a tope to the floor. McIntyre and Sami exchanged big strikes. McIntyre rocked Sami with a huge chop. McIntyre went for a Super White Noice but Sami blocked. Sami caught McIntyre with a Super Sunset Bomb for two. McIntyre went for the Future Shock DDT but Sami blocked. Sami connected with a Swing DDT for two. McIntyre caught Sami charging with a Spinebuster for two. McIntyre planted Sami with a Sit-Out Powerbomb for two. Sami moved as McIntyre charged into the ring post. Sami went for a deadlift suplex but McIntyre blocked. McIntyre rocked Sami with a Glasgow Kiss. Sami stopped McIntyre from climbing the ropes. Sami connected with a Superplex to a big reaction. Sami called for the Helluva Kick. McIntyre intercepted Sami with a clothesline. McIntyre called for Claymore Kick. Sami caught McIntyre with a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. This Is Awesome chants. McIntyre sent Sami flying with a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex. McIntyre connected with a Super White Noise for a good two count. McIntyre talked smack. Sami battled back rocking McIntyre with strikes. Zayn went for a Helluva Kick. McIntyre got his hands up as he caught Sami low. McIntyre connected with a Claymore Kick for the win. 

WINNER: Drew McIntyre 
Amin’s Thoughts — This was a really good back and forth action packed match. A really strong showing from Sami as he’s just awesome playing the babyface who never gives. Drew McIntyre has been just been tremendous in this new role. McIntyre is a great wrestler who always has really strong matches which are fun to watch. This new version of McIntyre has been awesome. I really liked the finish with McIntyre going more heel by accidentally getting Sami low which led to him getting the win. A really good match and win for McIntyre. 


The CM Punk injury news completely sucks. It’s a bummer not seeing Punk get his WrestleMania main event which he really wanted. The news also sucks because Rollins might not be getting his WrestleMania main event either. The WrestleMania card will now have to be switched up. They didn’t announce anything for Elimination Chamber. That’s probably because they have to first work on the WrestleMania card. The rest of the show was pretty good. There were some great matches which made the show more fun to watch. Overall, this was a very good episode of Raw. The Road to WrestleMania will now have plenty of twist and turns along the way. That should make for some fun shows along the way.