WWE Royal Rumble Review: The Road To WrestleMania Begins

WWE Royal Rumble
January 27, 2024
Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida

Micheal Cole and Corey Graves welcomed us to the WWE Royal Rumble. They showed Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Randy Orton arriving separately earlier to Tropicana Field. They also showed WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley arriving. They also showed Bianca Belair arriving with Montez Ford. 

WWE Royal Rumble opening video package aired which Hulk Hogan did the cold open. They showed Cody Rhodes and CM Punk arriving to the arena. Michael Cole and Corey Graves were speaking about the Royal Rumble. Cole began smiling as Pat McAfee’s music played. McAfee received a huge reaction. Pat McAfee came out to a huge reaction. McAfee joined Cole and Graves on commentary. 

Women’s Royal Rumble Match 

Natalya was entrant Number 1. The lights went out. Naomi was entrant Number 2. Naomi made her WWE return to a huge reaction. Cole mentioned Naomi won the TNA Knockouts World Championship during her time away. They put Naomi over huge on commentary which was great. Huge chants of “Welcome Back” Naomi caught Natalya with a Hurricanrana. Bayley was entrant Number 3. Bayley got a huge reaction. Naomi rocked Natalya with the Rear View. Candice LeRae was entrant Number 4. LeRae connected with a Codebreaker/step-up senton combo onto Bayley and Natalya. TNA Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace was entrant Number 5. Grace wore the title to the ring. Graves mentioned Grace beat Naomi to win the TNA Knockout World Title. Grace sent Bayley flying with a German Suplex. Grace caught LeRae flying off the ropes with a Worlds Strongest Slam. There was a nice moment as Grace and Naomi hugged. They quickly began exchanging strikes. Grace planted Naomi with a Cradle Driver. 

Indi Hartwell was entrant Number 6. Hartwell caught Bayley with a spinebuster. Asuka was Number 7 entrant. Asuka got a great reaction. Bayley had a surprise look when Asuka came out. Asuka rocked Hartwell and LeRae with a missile dropkick. Bayley eliminated Hartwell. Ivy Nile was entrant Number 8. Nile planted Naomi with a deadlift slam. Katana Chance was entrant Number 9. Chance caught LeRae with a Hurricanrana. Grace and Nile delivered a double stalling suplex to Chance and LeRae. Nile rocked Grace with an enzuigiri. Grace responded nailing Nile with a Judas Effect. Bianca Belair was entrant Number 10. Belair received a huge reaction. Belair caught Asuka and Bayley with a double blockbuster. Belair connected with a Handspring Moonsault onto Bayley, Chance and LeRae.

Kairi Sane was entrant Number 11. Sane nailed Belair with a flying forearm. Sane rocked Chance with a spear. Asuka and Sane helped Bayley eliminate LeRae. Tegan Nox was entrant Number 12. Nox planted Chance with a Chokeslam. Nox caught Bayley with a Molly-Go-Round. Natalya stopped Grace from eliminating Nox. Natalya tried to throw Nox out. Nox eliminated Natalya. Bayley eliminated Nox. Kayden Carter was entrant Number 13.  Chance caught Bayley with Silly String Hurricanrana. Carter tossed Sane who used her legs to hold onto the ring apron. This was a crazy spot. Asuka tried to help Sane back. Sane was eliminated. Belair caught Asuka with a handspring. Carter and Chance helped eliminate Asuka. Chelsea Green was entrant Number 14. Green caught Belair with a ZigZag. This was fun seeing Belair and Grace square off. Belair tried to toss Grace who spun-the-cat which got a great reaction. Belair eliminated Grace after hitting a KOD onto the ring apron. That was a great showing from Grace. Piper Niven was entrant Number 15. Niven caught Green off the ring apron. Niven teased eliminating Green but didn’t. Niven planted Chance with a face buster. Naomi ducked as Niven squashed Green in the corner. 

Xia Li was entrant Number 16. Li rocked Nile with a spin kick. Zelina Vega was entrant Number 17. Vega caught Carter with a Flying Meteora. Vega planted Niven with a Satellite DDT. Maxxine Dupri was entrant Number 18. Dupri caught Bayley with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Belair and Vega caught Niven with a Code Red/Pump Kick combo. Niven eliminated Carter. Nia Jax was entrant Number 19. Jax eliminated Li and Nile. Jax and Niven sandwiched Green together. Jax sloppily dumped Niven onto Green. Naomi rocked Jax with a springboard kick who fell onto Green in a comedy spot. Shotzi was entrant Number 20. Shotzi came out in her TCB Tank. Niven crushed Jax with a sliding splash. Naomi followed with a splits-legged splash to Jax. Shotzi connected with a flying senton splash to Jax. Dupri connected with a reverse caterpillar. Jax overpowered everyone as they tried to eliminate her. Bayley eliminated Dupri. Jax eliminated Chance, Green and Niven. 

Becky Lynch was entrant Number 21. Becky got a huge reaction. Becky rocked Jax with a missile dropkick. Becky caught Shotzi and Vega with a DDT/Reverse DDT combo. Becky eliminated Green. Alba Fyre was entrant Number 22. Fyre delivered a double Gory Bomb to Shotzi and Vega. Shayna Baszler was entrant Number 23. Baszler rocked Shotzi with a knee strike. Valhalla was entrant Number 24. Michael Cole was going nuts on commentary because Valhalla wore antlers. The crowd cheered as R-Truth came out and entered the ring. The crowd booed as Jax tossed R-Truth from the ring. Adam Pearce told R-Truth this was the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Jax eliminated Valhalla. Michin was entrant Number 25. Michin caught Bayley with a Swing DDT. Naomi eliminated Fyre with a Heat Seeker. Zoey Stark was entrant Number 26. Stark caught Michin with a missile dropkick. Vega went for a Code Red on Stark. Baszler caught Vega with a Kirifuda Clutch. Baszler caught Vega as Stark rocked her with a Hook Kick. Baszler eliminated Vega. Roxanne Perez was entrant Number 27. Roxanne got a nice reaction. Roxanne caught Stark with a great looking tilt-a-whirl head scissors. Jax eliminated Baszler, Michin and Shotzi. 

Jade Cargill was entrant Number 28. Jade got a superstar reaction. Jade and Jax exchanged strikes. Jade flexed as she placed Jax on her shoulders. Jade planted Jax with a spinebuster to a big reaction. Jade rocked Jax with a pump kick. Jade lifted Jax with a scoop slam. Jade eliminated Jax which got a huge reaction. Becky stood beside Jade smiling looking shocked. Bayley tired to eliminate Jade who held onto the ropes. Becky and Jade exchanged strikes. 

Tiffany Stratton was entrant Number 29. Tiffany connected with a Swanton Bomb onto everyone. Tiffany planted Becky with a Spinebuster. Tiffany caught Roxanne with a Cartwheel Alabama Slam. Liv Morgan was entrant Number 30. Liv got a great reaction. Liv planted Tiffany with a reverse Slingblade. Liv caught Bayley with ObLIVion. Liv eliminated Stark. Tiffany eliminated Roxanne. WWE Women’s Champion Iyo Sky and Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley were watching backstage. 

Belair and Jade delivered stereo press slams to Becky and Liv. The crowd went absolutely nuts as Belair and Jade had a stare down. (WrestleMania tease?) The crowd booed as Bayley and Tiffany attacked Belair and Jade. Jade caught Naomi with a Spinebuster. Jade tried to eliminate Becky who held onto the ropes. Naomi rocked Jade with a Woo Dropkick. Jade caught Naomi going for a 619. Jade spun Naomi who eliminated Becky. Jade eliminated Naomi. Liv caught Tiffany with a Codebreaker. Tiffany grabbed onto Belair’s ponytail. Bayley kicked Belair off the ropes. Belair and Tiffany were both eliminated. Jade and Liv exchanged strikes. Liv and Bayley pulled Jade over the ropes. Liv eliminated Jade with ObLIVion. Jade took an awesome bump on the elimination. Bayley eliminated Liv. Bayley won the Women’s Royal Rumble match which got a huge reaction.

WINNER: Bayley won the Women’s Royal Rumble
Amin’s Thoughts — This was a really fun Women’s Royal Rumble match. Naomi returning back to WWE was such an awesome moment. Jordynne Grace had a great showing in her WWE debut as they presented her as a star. Grace showed she absolutely belongs in WWE and can work with the best. It would be cool if this leads to WWE and TNA working more together. The middle portion was a bit stale. That’s because there lots of new faces who aren’t over to the crowds. I liked how WWE used their current stars and not rely on WWE Legends for the one night pop. They gave Jax a dominant showing. It was nice to see Roxanne and Tiffany who are two of NXT biggest stars both got a chance to shine. Jade Cargill looked like a Million Bucks. Jade was presented like a mega superstar in her debut match. This was the second straight year with Liv reaching the final two but not winning the Royal Rumble. It was great to see Liv back. Becky seemed like an easy pick. Becky having to overcome obstacles before getting her WrestleMania match with Rhea Ripley is a strong story to tell. It was awesome seeing Bayley get her big moment. They have been teasing a split with Bayley and Damage CTRL. This should start the build to Bayley turning babyface and challenging Iyo Sky at WrestleMania. (****¼

The camera cut to Becky, Jade, Liv and Tiffany who all looked disappointed. Bayley pointed at the WrestleMania sign. There was a huge firework display. The crowd cheered. Cole noted Bayley went 1:03:03 to win the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Iyo Sky and Rhea Ripley were watching separately backstage. Bayley had a great look knowing she earned this moment. 

Fatal-4-Way Undisputed WWE Universal Championship Match
Roman Reigns [c] (w/Paul Heyman) vs. Randy Orton vs. AJ Styles vs. LA Knight 

Randy Orton received a huge reaction. AJ Styles received a big reaction and firework display. They aired a SlimJim add with LA Knight and Bianca Belair. LA Knight got a huge reaction. Roman Reigns came out to a huge mixed reaction and firework display. McAfee did the Bloodline sign on commentary. There was another great moment as Michael Cole listed off the matches Reigns competed in as champion. McAfee did a Stone Cold Steve Austin impersonation of “What!” McAfee is so awesome. Orton, Styles and Knight went after Reigns as the match began. Knight and Styles exchanged strikes. The action moved to the floor. The crowd chanted YEAH as Knight slammed Styles onto the announcers table. Orton backdropped Reigns onto the announcers table. Knight planted Styles onto the announcers table. The crowd chanted YEAH as Knight slammed Orton onto the announcers table. Knight went for a running boot but Orton moved. Orton planted Knight onto the announcers table. Orton caught Styles a snap powerslam. Knight caught Reigns with a leg sweep. Reigns responded rocking Knight with a back elbow for a near fall. Reigns rocked Knight with a jumping clothesline. Styles responded catching Reigns with leg kicks. Reigns responded launching Styles with a huge backdrop. Reigns went for a Superman Punch but Knight ducked. Knight battled back catching Reigns with a DDT. Knight caught Orton with a powerslam for two. Knight planted Orton with a flying bulldog. Knight caught Styles with a Springboard Superplex. Knight caught Reigns with Blunt Force Trauma. Styles fell onto Knight to make the save. Styles rocked Orton with the Phenomenal Blitz. Styles planted Knight with an Ushigorishi. Styles caught Knight with a Pele Kick. Styles caught Reigns with a Styles Clash to a big reaction. Knight made the save. Orton appeared catching Knight with a Hangman DDT. Orton called for an RKO. Styles went for a Phenomenal Forearm. Orton caught Styles with a Hangman RKO to a big reaction. Orton planted Knight next with an RKO to a big reaction. Reigns went for a Spear but Orton intercepted with an RKO to a big reaction. Orton had the match won. The crowd booed as Solo Sikoa pulled the referee to the floor. The crowd booed as Sikoa delivered Samoan Spikes to Knight and Orton. Sikoa stacked Knight onto Orton. Styles moved as Sikoa went crashing thought the barricade. Reigns looked around wondering what happened. Styles appeared rocking Reigns with a Phenomenal Forearm. Reigns fell onto Knight and Orton. Styles went for a stack cover but everyone kicked out. That spot was great. This Is Awesome chants. Styles whacked Reigns with a series of chair shots. Styles whacked Knight with a series of chair shots. Orton poked Styles into the eyes. Reigns rocked Orton with a spear. Orton rolled to the floor. Knight caught Reigns with a backdrop suplex. Knight followed hitting an LA Knight Elbow. Knight called for Blunt Force Trauma. Reigns shoved Knight as he draped Styles onto the ropes. Reigns rocked Knight with a Superman Punch. Reigns rocked Styles with a Spear to win and retain the title.  

WINNER: Roman Reigns retained the Undisputed WWE Universal Title
Amin’s Thoughts — There were two problems with this match. The first problem was the constant interference from Solo Sikoa in Roman Reigns match which is getting tiresome and repetitive. The second problem was nobody believed Reigns was going to lose the title. The match itself was good as everyone worked hard and got a chance to shine. They kept Orton protected by not taking the pin. Reigns already beat Knight at Crown Jewel so he shouldn’t have taken the pin. That left Styles being the one to take the pin which was fine. This felt like the first Reigns title match that didn’t have the specialness. A really good match that never reach the next level. (***½

They showed Cody Rhodes stepping out of his tour bus. Cole noted Cody could become the first man in 26 years to win back-to-back Royal Rumble matches. 

WWE United States Championship Match
Logan Paul [c] vs. Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens received a great reaction. Logan Paul received huge boos from the crowd. Paul offered a handshake. Owens responded stomping at Paul. The action moved the floor as Owens launched Paul into the barricade. Owens sent Paul flying with a release German Suplex. Owens called for a Cannonball. Paul rolled to the floor. Owens connected with a running senton to Paul on the floor. Paul responded stomping on Owens injured arm. Paul connected with a slingshot plancha to the floor. Paul took control swinging Owens arm into the ring post. Paul connected with a flying crossbody. Paul followed with a standing moonsault for a two count. Paul went for an Octopus Hold. Paul yanked Owens to the mat. Paul connected with a splits-splash cover but Owens kicked out. Owens responded whacking Paul across the nose. Paul went for a 619 but Owens responded with a lariat. Owens went for a backslide but Paul blocked. Owens responded catching Paul with an Ushigorishi. Owens made a comeback rocking Paul with strikes. Owens followed hitting a pair of Cannonballs. Owens followed with a Frog Splash for two. Owens went for a Swanton Bomb but Paul got his knees up. Paul went for a Swanton Bomb but Owens moved. Paul responded catching Owens against the ropes. Paul rocked Owens with a Buckshot Lariat. Paul followed with hitting a Rocket Launcher Splash for two. Paul placed Owens on the ropes. Paul pointed at Graves saying nobody could suplex Owens. This led to Owens catching Paul with a Super Fisherman’s Buster to a big reaction. Owens covered Paul for a two count. Owens called for the Stunner. Paul responded yanking on Owens arm. Owens caught Paul with a Superkick. Owens went for a Popup Powerbomb but Paul escaped. Owens nailed Paul with a Superkick. Owens went for a Stunner. Paul countered rocking Owens with a huge right handed smash. Owens kicked out to a great reaction. KO chants from the crowd. Paul looked into the crowd. Someone from Paul’s entourage jumped the barricade. The referee called security to stop him. Owens and Paul connected with stereo clotheslines. Austin Theory and Grayson Waller came out. Waller distracted the referee. Theory handed Paul a pair of Brass Knuckles. Paul went to use the Brass Knuckles. Owens grabbed the Brass Knuckles from Paul’s hand. Owens rocked Paul with the Brass Knuckles. Owens covered the Paul. The crowd counted along as Owens looked like he was going to win the title. The referee stopped his count seeing Owens hand was covered in Brass Knuckles. The referee called for the DQ!

WINNER: Logan Paul retained the WWE United States Title via Disqualification 
Amin’s Thoughts — This was a really good match. Logan Paul continues to show he belongs with the best working like an experienced pro wrestler. Owens was just fantastic as always. Owens selling his arm was just top notch stuff. I bought the finish thinking Owens was gonna win after using the Brass Knuckles. I’m not really a fan of seeing DQ finishes on PLE show. The way they got to the DQ was pretty clever. Owens outsmarted Paul using the Brass Knuckles before he could. Owens not getting rid of the Brass Knuckles costed him the win. I’m guessing the DQ finish is likely leading to a rematch which is fine. The match itself till the finish was great. (***½

Logan Paul celebrated with the United States Title after the match. The crowd cheered as Owens returned attacking Paul. Owens delivered a Popup Powerbomb sending Paul crashing through the announcers table. The crowd cheered as Owens posed. 

Amin’s Thoughts  They gave the fans the happy moment after the screwy finish. This should set up a likely rematch for the Elimination Chamber show 

Rhea Ripley narrated the video for WWE Elimination Chamber which takes place on February 24 from Optus Stadium, in Perth, Australia. 

WWE WrestleMania XL Countdown video aired. Michael Cole and Corey Graves thanked The Weeknd for Gravity which is the official theme song. They mentioned this the fifth straight year The Weeknd has the official song for WrestleMania. 

Samantha Irvin announced the Tropicana Field attendance record of 48,044. 

CM Punk was shown stretching backstage.

Men’s Royal Rumble Match 

Jey Uso was entrant Number 1. Jey got a huge reaction. Jimmy Uso was entrant Number 2. Jey and Jimmy went face to face (WrestleMania tease?) The crowd chanted YEET. Jey rocked Jimmy with strikes. Jimmy went for an enzuigiri but Jey ducked. Jey nailed Jimmy with a superkick. Jey went for an Uso Splash but Jimmy got his knees up. Grayson Waller was entrant Number 3. Waller delivered a promo gloating about hosting a show. Waller mocked YEET chants. Jay nailed Waller with a superkick before he entered the match. Waller caught Jey with a rolling flatliner. Andrade was entrant Number 4. Andrade made his WWE return to a big reaction. Cole doesn’t mention where Andrade has been during his time away from WWE. Andrade rocked Jimmy and Waller with running double knees. Carmelo Hayes was entrant Number 5. Hayes got a great reaction. Hayes caught Waller with a Codebreaker. Hayes eliminated Waller. 

Shinsuke Nakamura was entrant Number 6. The crowd sang along to Nakamura song which was awesome. Nakamura sent out some Good Vibrations. Nakamura rocked Hayes with a sliding knee strike. Santos Escobar was entrant Number 7.Escobar rocked Nakamura with a running double knees. The crowd cheered as Andrade and Escobar faced off. The crowd booed as Escobar hugged Andrade. Escobar went for the Los Ingobernables de Japon pose but Andrade blew him off. Andrade teased eliminating Escobar. Karrion Kross was entrant Number 8. Kross rocked Hayes with a huge lariat. Dominik Mysterio was entrant Number 9.Dominik received huge boos from the crowd. Kross sent Dominik flying with an Exploder Suplex. Carlito was entrant Number 10. Escobar rolled to the floor. Carlito took Dominik down. The crowd cheered as Carlito grabbed an apple. Escobar tossed Carlito over the ropes. Carlito spat an apple into Escobar’s face. Carlito eliminated Escobar. Kross gave Carlito his new finisher reverse F5! 

Bobby Lashley was entrant Number 11. Bobby got a big reaction. Bobby rocked Jimmy and Nakamura with spears. Bobby planted Andrade with a spinebuster. Bobby rocked Dominik with a spear. Bobby eliminated Carlito. Bobby eliminated Kross after hitting a spear. Authors of Pain (Akam and Rezar) came out. Kross eliminated Bobby after yanking him off the ring apron. Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford ran down. A huge brawl broke out between both teams. Ludwig Kaiser was entrant Number 12. Kaiser rocked Hayes with a flying leg lariat. Austin Theory was entrant Number 13. Theory rocked Kaiser with a rolling dropkick. Finn Balor was entrant Number 14. Balor eliminated Hayes. Balor caught Andrade with a Slingblade. Cody Rhodes was entrant Number 15! Cody got a huge reaction and firework display. The WOAHHH are getting louder and louder. Huge Cody chants. Cody caught Theory with a Cody Cutter. Cody eliminated Theory. 

Bronson Reed was entrant Number 16. Reed connected with a corner splash to Cody and Nakamura. Reed planted Balor and Dominik with a double Samoan Drop. Reed eliminated Andrade. Nakamura challenged Cody. Kofi Kingston was entrant Number 17. Cody eliminated Nakamura after hitting a Draping Cross Rhodes in-between the ropes. Kofi eliminated Kaiser with a flying kick. WWE Intercontinental Champion Gunther was entrant Number 18. Gunther rocked Balor and Kofi with huge chops. Dominik gave Gunther a chop. That was a bad idea as Gunther nailed Dominik with a huge chop. Gunther took Jey to the mat. Jimmy wanted a High Five! Gunther rocked Jimmy with a palm strike. The crowd went wild as Cody and Gunther had a stare down. Gunther eliminated Kofi. Ivar was entrant Number 19. Ivar caught Balor with Tour Of The Islands. Ivar and Reed exchanged strikes. Bron Breakker from NXT was entrant Number 20. Breakker rocked Jimmy with a huge spear. Breaker caught Balor with a Popup Powerslam. Breakker eliminated Jimmy and Balor. The crowd cheered as Breakker and Gunther faced off. Gunther went for a Powerbomb but Breakker slipped away. Breakker went for a Press Powerslam combo but Gunther escaped. Breakker rocked Gunther with a spear. 

Omos was entrant Number 21. Omos came out with MVP! Omas planted Dominik with a Chokeslam. Omos eliminated Reed. Ivar went for a springboard but Breakker intercepted him with an awesome spear. Breakker eliminated Ivar. Pat McAfee was entrant Number 22. McAfee was surprised as his music played. McAfee did the Drew Carey spot as he eliminated himself from the match. Omos went for a running boot but Breakker moved. Breakker eliminated Omos. Dominik eliminated Breakker from behind. JD McDonagh was entrant Number 23. Breakker rocked McDonagh with a huge spear on the floor. R-Truth was entrant Number 24. R-Truth tossed McDonagh into the ring. Jey Uso immediately eliminated McDonagh. R-Truth stood on the ring apron wanting the hot tag. The crowd clapped along. The crowd went wild as R-Truth did John Cena’s signature spots. Gunther nailed R-Truth with a big boot. The Miz was entrant Number 25. Miz caught Gunther with a Satellite DDT. The crowd chanted Awesome Truth. Miz tried to eliminate Dominik but R-Truth stopped him. 

Damian Priest was entrant Number 26. Priest rocked R-Truth with a right hand. Priest eliminated R-Truth. Priest caught Jey with an elevated flatliner. Priest planted Gunther with South Of Heaven. CM Punk was entrant Number 27. The crowd went wild as Punk got a huge reaction. Punk caught Miz with Pepsi Twist. Punk rocked Miz and Priest with a bulldog/clothesline combo to a big reaction. Punk eliminated Dominik to a big reaction. Ricochet was entrant Number 28. Gunther blasted Miz with a huge chop to eliminate him. Drew McIntyre was entrant Number 29. McIntyre got a great heel reaction. McIntyre launched Ricochet with a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex. McIntyre planted Priest with a Spinebuster. Jey caught Gunther with a Superkick. Jey and Gunther battled for position on the ropes. Gunther eliminated Jey. Sami Zayn was entrant Number 30. Sami got a great reaction. Sami went after McIntyre right away. Rcochet caught Gunther with a Recoil. McIntyre flipped Ricochet was eliminated. 

Cody caught Priest with a Pedigree. Big Cody chants. Gunther caught Cody with a Woo Dropkick. Punk rocked Gunther with a Shining Wizard. Big CM Punk chants. McIntyre caught Punk with a Future Shock DDT. Zayn nailed McIntyre with a Helluva Kick. Zayn eliminated Priest. McIntyre eliminated Zayn. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was watching from a skybox. Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns was shown smiling watching from a skybox with Paul Heyman. 

Cody, Punk, McIntyre and Gunther were the final four. Cody caught Gunther with a Cody Cutter. Cody charged into a Gunther lariat. McIntyre rocked Punk with huge chops. Gunther rocked Cody with huge chops. McIntyre called for Claymore Kick but Punk moved. Punk called for GTS but McIntyre escaped. McIntyre rocked Punk with a Glasgow Kiss. Cody ducked as McIntyre rocked Gunther with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre rocked Cody with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre rocked Punk with a Claymore Kick. McIntyre yelled at Punk. Punk got McIntyre on his shoulders and eliminated him. Gunther planted Punk with a Powerbomb. Cody went for a Cody Cutter but Gunther blocked. Gunther got Cody on the ring apron. Cody grabbed hold onto the ropes and eliminated Gunther. This got a huge reaction. 

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns shook his head, (WrestleMania tease with Cody) Seth Rollins was laughing shaking his head from the skybox. (WrestleMania tease with Punk) Cody and Punk stood on opposite sides of the ring. Cody and Punk exchanged strikes. Cody and Punk connected with stereo clotheslines. Cody and Punk exchanged strikes. Punk rocked Cody with combination strikes. Cody responded catching Punk with a snap powerslam. Cody called for Cody Cutter. Punk caught Cody with a Triple German Suplex. Punk connected with a rising knee/bulldog combo. 

Punk called for GTS to a mixed reaction. Cody responded rocking Punk with a Bionic Elbow. Cody called for Cross Rhodes. Punk countered with a Hook Kick. Punk pointed at the WrestleMania sign. Punk called for GTS. Cody reversed into Cross Rhodes. Cody grabbed Punk to his feet. Punk responded catching Cody with GTS. This Is Awesome chants. Punk went for GTS. Cody grabbed hold onto the ropes. Punk caught Cody with a Pedigree. Punk smiled. Punk said “He didn’t wait 10 years to lose to Dusty’s kid.” Punk called for GTS. Cody blocked as he grabbed Punk and eliminated him to win the Royal Rumble. This got a huge reaction. 

WINNER: Cody Rhodes won the Men’s Royal Rumble 
Amin’s Thoughts — This was a really fun Royal Rumble match. It was great seeing Andrade make his return back to WWE. Bron Breakker was showcased like a superstar and just looks ready for the WWE main roster. Carmelo Hayes also had a good showing and is ready for the main roster. The Women’s Royal Rumble was more fun because it had some better surprises. Men’s Royal Rumble had some more challengers who could win the Royal Rumble. I’m really curious to see who Gunther now faces at WrestleMania? I’m still hoping and want to see Kazuchika Okada come to WWE. I wouldn’t mind if Okada starts in NXT. I would like to see Okada go straight to the WWE main roster and have a WrestleMania match. I thought Punk had a really strong showing. Punk was great playing subtle heel really wanting that WrestleMania main event. Rollins and Punk are on the same brand. Punk could find another way to get his match with Rollins without winning the Royal Rumble. This is now the second straight year Cody has won the Royal Rumble. Cody is presented as the face of the company. Cody now has a second chance to finish his story by beating Roman Reigns and winning the Undisputed WWE Universal Title at WrestleMania. I’m just interested to see if they add some more twists and turns with The Rock being involved but not actually wrestling. Overall, a really fun Royal Rumble match. (****¼)

Cody was on his knees as emotions were pouring out. Cody stood on the turnbuckle. Punk watched from ringside. Cody pointed at the WrestleMania sign. There was a huge fireworks display. Cody turned around. Cody pointed at the skybox. Cody pointed at Reigns and yelled “I’M PICKING YOU” for WrestleMania. Heyman handed Reigns the Undisputed WWE Universal Title. Reigns held up the Undisputed WWE Universal Title. Cole asked what inning are we on? They aired a Royal Rumble highlight package. The show ended.


WWE Royal Rumble was a pretty good show. The show was helped by only having four matches. The two title matches were both very good. This was also a pretty newsworthy show with both Andrade and Naomi returning to WWE. I very much enjoyed watching both the Men’s and Women’s Royal Rumble matches. There were some great moments and some nice surprises with both Andrade and Naomi returning to WWE. Jade Cargill looked like an absolute superstar in her debut match. Jordynne Grace looked great showing she absolutely belongs in a WWE ring. It would be cool if this leads to WWE and TNA working together. WWE made the right picks with both Rumble winners. They can now start the Bayley babyface turn which leads to her facing Iyo Sky at WrestleMania. Cody Rhodes pointing at Roman Reigns clearly sets up the WrestleMania main event. The question is there WrestleMania XX and WrestleMania XXX main events were both Triple Threat Matches. The question is does The Rock get involved which leads to a Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania XL? Overall, WWE Royal Rumble was a really enjoyable show. I’m sure there will be some twist and turns along the way. The Road to WrestleMania had begun.