Cody Rhodes: I Told Brandi That I Wanted To Do A Fight In The UFC Two Years Ago, She Shut It Down Immediately

The American Nightmare in the UFC? Not happening.

Cody Rhodes is a man full of many surprises, another one of those surprises was his thoughts on wanting to join the UFC two years ago to see how he would fair against the baddest men on the planet. However, that did not happen.

Speaking to Marc Raimondi of ESPN, Rhodes spoke about the possibility of having a superstar like Conor McGregor make the jump to the WWE and who shut down his idea of stepping in the octagon.

“What would be funny to me is if anyone could crossover from here. We have legitimately very tough guys like Bobby Lashley. I’m always very curious to see how one of us would do. I know in the past it’s not always worked out for everybody, but I am curious to see who is the first to take that jump,” he said.

“I actually told my wife. I told my wife I wanted to do one fight. I told her this two years ago. I think I was looking for some sort of massive financial windfall, I don’t know what it was, but I told her I wanted to do one fight and she absolutely let me know that would not be happening. Unless you convince her, it’s not going to happen. Maybe it’s for the best.”

Rhodes then went on to jokingly say that the UFC should give him their worst fighter to take him on, referring to it as a freebie. As a former amateur wrestler, Rhodes won the Georgia State Tournament as both a Junior and Senior in High School.

h/t from Fightful.

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