WWE NXT Review: Roxanne Sets Her Sight On Championship Gold

WWE NXT took place from the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida. The show featured two first round matches in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. There will also be a Women’s Battle Royal where the last four competitors will compete in a Fatal-4-Way match to determine who will challenge Lyra Valkyria for the NXT Women’s Championship.

WWE NXT Review

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams def. Malik Blade & Edris Enofe in Round One of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams got a great reaction from the crowd. Hayes and Blade began with a nice counter exchange. Trick took control planting Enofe with a pair of scoop slams. Trick rocked Blade with a flying clothesline. Hayes nailed Blade with a Superkick. Hayes and Trick connected with an assisted slingshot splash for a near fall. Enofe stopped Trick by running him into the ring post. Enofe caught Trick with a reverse slingblade. Blade and Enofe hit stereo Tope Con Hilo to Hayes and Trick on the floor. Trick was great saving Blade who went too early for the dive. Blade planted Hayes with a slingshot backbreaker for a near fall. Trick ran wild planting Blade and Enofe with a double flapjack. Trick planted Enofe with a Rock Bottom but Blade made the save. Blade caught Hayes with a reverse Canadian Destroyer. Enofe connected with a flying elbow drop to Trick for a two count. Hayes tagged in the machine. Hayes caught Enofe with a springboard clothesline. Blade caught Hayes with a spinebuster. Blade connected with a Frog Splash but Trick made the save. Enofe went for a slingshot but Trick caught him with a right hand. Hayes made a comeback catching Blade with a Codebreaker. Trick followed hitting a flash knee for the win. 

Amin’s Thoughts  This was a really fun action packed match. This was a great showing from Blade and Enofe as they got a chance to shine against two of NXT’s top stars. I would like if this showing from Blade and Enofe leads to something bigger for them. Hayes and Trick were just awesome in this match as they have such great chemistry as a team. Hayes and Trick winning was no surprise as they have to be favourite to reach the finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. 

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Fallon Henley backstage. Henley said she had lots of fun last week. Henley mentioned she’s never had an NXT Women’s Championship match. Henley said the Battle Royal is gonna be utter chaos. Henley said it’s WrestleMania season and Stand & Deliver season. Henley said she’s putting on her work boots and making it to the final four. Henley said she had three words for the other three women. Yee-Haw Bitch!

They showed highlights of Dragon Lee run as NXT North American Champion. This showed highlights of Oba Femi cashing in to become the new NXT North American Champion. 

Electra Lopez and Lola Vice were walking backstage. Vice said she can’t wait to kick Lyra Valkyria and her creepy friend in the throat. Lopez said Vice was gonna beat Valkyria in the tag match. Lopez said she was gonna win the battle royal. Lopez said the NXT Women’s Title is coming to us. Tatum Paxley pulled the blinds from the inside an office which spooked Lopez and Vice. Paxley noted Lopez and Vice aren’t going to win. Paxley said she’s going to win the Battle Royal so no one goes near her champion.

Oba Femi Promo 

The new NXT North American Champion Oba Femi got a solid reaction. Femi said many of you are surpassed to see him as champion. Femi noted he was going to be the juggernaut dressed in gold. Femi said he’s gonna stand tall above anyone else. Femi said he was tested as young Nigerian Prince and destroyed his opposition. Femi said he was tested in the NCAA. Femi said he made it his own as a D1 athlete after winning championship after championship. Femi said he already made his mark and dropped Dragon Lee last week. Femi said he would crush everyone who stands in his way.  Femi said he was backed by destiny. 

Dragon Lee came out to a solid reaction. Dragon Lee said Femi was hungry and took his moment. Dragon Lee noted nobody in NXT made an impact like him. He spoke about Femi holding the NXT North American Title. Dragon Lee hoped Femi who would hold open challenges for the NXT North American Title like he and Wes Lee did. Dragon Lee challenge Femi to a title match tonight. The crowd cheered. Femi said No. Femi said open challengers are closed. Dragon Lee said he wants his rematch at Vengeance Day. Femi said he may consider Dragon Lee’s challenge for Vengeance Day. 

Amin’s Thoughts  This was pretty good. I thought Oba Femi sounded very good on the mic. Femi spoke with confidence and came off looking like a top star. Femi is going to a huge breakout star in WWE. 

Eddie Thorpe was speaking to the locker room as Trey Bearhill walked in. Bearhill thanked Eddie for representing their culture. Eddie and Bearhill spoke about standing up to Dijak and Lexis King. Dijak walked in. Dijak found it cute Eddie found a friend. Bearhill told Dijak to leave. Dijak noted last time he put someone on the shelf. Dijak said this time it could be Bearhill. 

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams were celebrating their win backstage. NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov returned. Dragunov noted medical didn’t clear him. Dragunov noted Trick deserves an NXT Title match on the big stage. Dragunov offered Trick the NXT Title for the Vengeance Day show. Trick said he appreciates it. Hayes told Trick they were suppose to be in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic Finals at Vengeance Day.

NXT Women’s Champion Lyra Valkyria & Tatum Paxley def. Electra Lopez & Lola Vice 

Valkyria received a solid reaction from the crowd. Valkyria was freaked out as she noticed Paxley was dressed just like her. Valkyria went for a spin kick but Lopez rolled to the floor. Valkyria rocked Lopez with a slingshot dropkick. Paxley appeared nailing Vice with a slingshot dropkick. The crowd cheered. Lopez responded running Paxley against the ropes. Vice rocked Paxley with an axe kick for a near fall. Lopez and Vice delivered a double hip attack to Paxley for two. Paxley responded catching Vice with a blockbuster. Valkyria ran wild planting Lopez with a Northern Lights Suplex for two. Paxley connected with a flying crossbody to Lopez but Vice made the save. Paxley showed Valkyria out of the way. Vice rocked Paxley with a roundhouse kick. Paxley fell onto Lopez for the win. 

Amin’s Thoughts  This was a fine tag team match. I’m actually liking the unique paring of Paxley as she’s been a highlight in her new role. Valkyria is a great wrestler and comes off as such a likeable babyface. Valkyria’s onscreen character just feels stale. The pairing with Paxley could help bring some more character out of Valkyria. I also liked the finish with Vice’s kick accidentally costing her partner Lopez the match. The crowd reacts to Vice as a babyface star. This finish could be a way to split Vice away from Lopez.

We see the NXT Women’s Battle Royal participants inside the locker room. Carter said any of them could be the Number One Contender for the NXT Women’s Title. Arianna Grace said to believe it is to achieve it. Grace gloated about her win over Roxanne Perez. Grace said she’s gonna be the Number One Contender for the NXT Women’s Title. Grace kept speaking. Everyone else left. 

Ridge Holland def. Joe Coffee (w/Gallus) 

Coffee and Holland exchanged strikes. Holland shined early sending Coffee flying with a T-Bone Suplex. Wolfgang caused a distraction. Coffee took advantage hitting a backbreaker. Coffee followed with a flying elbow drop for a two count. Holland battled back rocking Coffee with a head butt. Holland rocked Coffee with a reverse clothesline. Holland planted Coffee with an Emerald Flosion for the win. 

Amin’s Thoughts  Holland winning wasn’t unexpected. Holland running right through Coffee in a straight squash match was surprising to see.

Gallus attacked Holland after the match. The camera focused on the entrance ramp. Gallus looked at the entrance ramp but nobody came out. Coffee rocked Holland with Best of the Bells. Gallus posed. 

Amin’s Thoughts — I was wondering why the camera kept focusing on the entrance ramp. They are telling the story that nobody backstage in NXT trust Holland after he “hurt” Ilja Dragunov in storyline. I’m curious to see where this storyline is leading. 

NXT Anonymous showed a clip of Jacy Jayne speaking to Thea Hail and the NXT Women’s Locker Room. Hail and Karmen Petrovic left. Jayne thanked Jasmine and asked her if she wanted to get drinks.

Kelani Jordan was warming up backstage. Jordan said she was going into the battle royal with a chip on her shoulder. Jordan said she’s breaking through in 2024. Jordan noted patience is going to unlock the doors she’s trying to walk through. Brinley Reece was super excited for the match. Reece says if she doesn’t win, she wants Jordan to win. Reece says LETS GO!

Kelly Kincaid interviewed Baron Corbin backstage. Corbin said he was the leader of the time. Bron Breakker appeared showing Corbin a message saying the interview starts at 9:30. Corbin told Breakker to focus on the interview. Breakker and Corbin both took credit for the win. Breakker said the Wolf Dogs are on the hunt and will beat Axiom and Nathan Frazer next week. Corbin asked Breakker to repeat what he said. Breakker repeated the team name which Corbin was not happy with. Corbin asked Breakker how long did it take to come up with the name? Breakker said three to four weeks. Corbin said they’ve been partners for two weeks.. Breakker said it felt longer and said he was in the shower thinking off them. Corbin wasn’t happy with Breakker thinking about them in the shower. Corbin vetoed the name Wolf Dogs. Breakker called Corbin an A-Hole. Breakker asked Kincaid what she thought. Kincaid called them both A-Holes. Corbin tells Breakker they aren’t the Wolf Dogs and to come with something else. Breakker suggests Wild Boars. Corbin told Breakker he should be ashamed of himself.

Amin’s Thoughts  I actually enjoyed this backstage segment. I thought both Breakker and Corbin were great playing off each other. I would like Breakker and Corbin to stick together as a team as they are making it work.

LWO (Cruz Del Toro & Joaquin Wilde) (w/Zelina Vega) def. Chase U (Duke Hudson & Riley Osborne) (w/Andre Chase) in Round One of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic 

Chase U got a solid reaction. LWO got a huge reaction from the crowd. Zelina Vega made a surprise appearance which was nice to see. Osborne and Toro began with some mat wrestling. Wilde connected with an assisted splash to Osborne for a near fall. Osborne moved as Wilde charged into the turnbuckle. Hudson planted Toro and Wilde with a double suplex. Osborne delivered a Fosbury Flop onto Toro and Wilde. Wilde caught Osborne with an overhead kick for a near fall. Osborne responded catching Two and Wilde with Whisper in the Wind. Toro rocked Hudson with a series of combination strikes. Toro followed catching Hudson with a Poisonrana. Hudson responded catching Toro charging with a uranage slam for two. Wilde tagged into the match. Hudson caught Toro with a Bossman Slam. Wide ran wild catching Hudson with a Slingshot DDT on the floor. The crowd chanted Holy S*it. Wilde delivered a flying moonsault as he seems to land onto Hudson’s face. Toro followed hitting a Phoenix Splash for the win. 

Amin’s Thoughts  This was a fun action packed tag team match. A good showing from Duke and Osborne as they made for a fun team. This was nice to see Osborne get shine against LWO who are a main roster team as he looked good. Toro and Wilde made for such a fun team as they looked great in the match. Hayes and Trick against LWO should be a great semi-finals match in the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic.

Chase U were looking upset sitting on the ring steps. Andre Chase after the match said it’s up to Jayce Jane. 

Adrianna Rizzo was backstage. NXT Tag Team Champion Tony D’Angelo and Stacks appeared. Rizzo told Tony and Stacks she’s nervous that her first match is a battle royal for a shot at the NXT Women’s Title. Tony and Stacks brought up how Rizzo took ladies out. Rizzo noted they deserved it. Tony told Rizzo that all the women in the battle royal deserve it. Rizzo said bodies will be flying. 

They showed a clip of Von Vagner speaking to Mr. Stone last week. Noam Dar and Oro Mensah appeared. Wagner asked Dar what he’s carrying? Dar said it was the NXT Heritage Cup Trophy. Vagner said he had a cup as well. Vagner apparently dropped his nut cup into the Heritage Cup. Everyone started reacted like something began to smell. Vagner asked Dar for a Heritage Cup match. Dar said the rules were complicated. Dar told Wagner he would have to win 2/3 falls. Wagner thought Dar meant for a six count. Dar told Vagner he melted his brain. Mr. Stone asked Wagner if he got that? Wagner said he got an A in Algebra. Wagner said his goal was to hold gold in 2024. Mr. Stone liked that. 

Amin’s Thoughts  This segment actually turned out quite good with Wagner outsmarting Dar by pretending he doesn’t know the rules of the match. This was also good with Vagner laying out his mission statement to be champion.

Joe Gacy who was wearing a sports coat joined commentary. Vic Jospeh and Booker T did not seem pleased. 

Dijak def. Trey Bearhill 

Bearhill shined early catching Dijak with a backdrop. Bearhill rocked Dijak with corner strikes. Dijak battled back draping Bearhill onto the turnbuckle. Dijak rocked Bearhill with a superkick for a near fall. Dijak launched Bearhill with an overhead suplex for a two count. Bearhill responded planting Dijak with a suplex against the ropes. The action moved the floor. Dijak launched Bearhill into the barricade. Dijak taunted Booker T, Vic Joseph and Joe Gacy on commentary. Gacy responded nailing Dijak with a head butt. Bearhill made a comeback catching Dijak with a running crossbody for two. Dijak battled back nailing Bearhill with a Cyclone Boot for the win. 

Amin’s Thoughts — This was a fine match. Bearhill still has ways to go but held up well in the match. A much needed win for Dijak who’s one of the best wrestlers on NXT. Dijak is someone who I would like to see get called up to the main roster post-WrestleMania. It seems like they are building to a Dijak and Gacy match which should be good. I’m liking this version of Gacy’s character who’s doing all sorts of unpredictable stuff as a babyface. This is a much bigger improvement than what Gacy has done as the leader of Diyad. 

Joe Gacy attacked Dijak after the match. Dijak and Gacy brawled to the back. Lexis King appeared jumping Bearhill from behind. King planted Bearhill with a Twisting Blade Runner. King yelled at Bearhill for costing him the NXT North American Title. 

Amin’s Thoughts  I really liked the aggression shown by King who needs something to get back on track. The angle was solid to push two separate programs with Dijak/Gacy and King/Bearhill forward. 

JBL walked up to Josh Briggs backstage. Briggs told JBL he was watching his match and asked JBL for advice. JBL told Briggs the win was great but what he was looking for isn’t there. He asked Briggs if he knows why he picked him for the Iron Survivor qualifier. JBL told Briggs he found who he was and showed everyone in WWE. JBL told Briggs he needs to find out who he is. JBL told Briggs to show WWE and NXT who he is. 

Amin’s Thoughts  This was a nice endorsement from JBL. WWE clearly sees Briggs as a future breakout star on the main roster. 

They aired a No Quarter Catch Crew vignette. Drew Gulak spoke about how they all have to go through conditioning exercises. Damon Kemp spoke about how they must break the will of another man before breaking their body. Miles Borne said pain is the feeling of weakness leaving the body. Charlie Dempsey spoke about taking on all comers. The vignette was shot with the group training. The group did their signature pose. 

Trick apologized to Hayes backstage. Trick mentioned he was excited about what they have going on. Hayes understood. Trick told Hayes he has a solution. Trick says they should finish what they stared by winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic at Vengeance Day. Trick said he will beat Ilja Dragunov for the NXT Title in the main event of Vengeance Day. Hayes asked Trick if he was sure? Hayes told Trick they still have to face the LWO before reaching the finals. Trick said he has his eyes on the prize. Trick said the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. Trick said he wants to see Melo as Grand Slam Champion. Trick says he could be the first to hold the NXT Championship and NXT Tag Team Championship. Trick left. Hayes raised his eyebrow as he wasn’t sure what to make of that. 

Amin’s Thoughts  This was really good adding more twists and turns to the Hayes and Trick story. I could see Hayes and Trick winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. I could see Hayes accidentally costing Trick the NXT Title match in the main event. That’s how they get to Hayes turn on NXT TV. They could go the other route of Breakker and Corbin winning the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. They can have Hayes go heel and cost Trick the NXT Title match. I could also see a scenario with Dragunov beats Trick clean since it will likely be the main event. Hayes turn on Trick after the match. They are taking time as they want Hayes and Trick to have their match at NXT Stand & Deliver during WWE WrestleMania weekend. 

Vic Joseph noted Cora Jade was suppose to take part in the Women’s Battle Royal. They showed a photo from the NXT Live Event with Joseph letting us know Jade suffered a torn ACL. Joseph noted Jade would be out of action for up to a year. 

Amin’s Thoughts  Cora Jade has been one of my favourite NXT superstar to watch. Jade has been awesome since returning to NXT. I want to wish Jade the best for a speedy and full recovery

NXT Women’s Championship Number One Contender’s Battle Royal 

The participants included Roxanne Perez, Blair Davenport, Thea Hail, Fallon Henley, Gigi Dolan, Kiana James, Izzi James, Brinley Reece, Kelani Jordan, Arianna Grace, Karmen Petrovic, Lola Vice, Elektra Lopez, Jakara Jackson, Lash Legend, Wren Sinclair, Riz, Jaida Parker, Stevie Turner and Tatum Paxley. Parker and Rizzo brawled on the floor. Dolan eliminated Jakara Jackson. Legend and Dame eliminated Rizzo and Parker. Jordan went for a flying crossbody but was caught by Legend and Dame. Jordan did a Shawn Michaels like Royal Rumble 1995 elimination save spot holding onto the ropes. Legend shoved Jordan who was caught by Parker onto the announcers table. Jordan was still in the match her feet didn’t touch the floor. Jordan did a Kofi Kingston Royal Rumble spot to make it back into the ring. Henley eliminated Turner. Lopez eliminated someone. Vice eliminated Lopez. Paxley eliminated Vice. Lopez and Vice brawled to the back. Dolan caught Davenport with an STO. Davenport hanged onto the ropes. Davenport eliminated Dolan. Petrovic caught Davenport with a Scorpion Kick to eliminate her. Davenport pulled Petrovic to the floor. Davenport rocked Petrovic with a Kamigoye Knee Strike. Legend eliminated Paxley with a Pump Kick. Grace celebrated after eliminating Petrovic. The crowd cheered as Hail eliminated Grace. Hail planted Legend with a Satellite DDT. Hail went for a springboard but Dane caught her. Dane launched Hail to the floor. Legend and Dane connected with a double clothesline. This led to an NXT chant. Henley and Roxanne eliminated Dane. Legend tried to eliminate Roxanne who held onto the ropes. Sinclair eliminated Legend which got a big reaction. James eliminated Sinclair. 

Amin’s Thoughts  This was a pretty wild and fun battle royal. Jordan came off a big star getting to do both the Shawn Michaels and Kofi Kingston spot. Grace has been tremendous in her role and her reaction after eliminating Petrovic was awesome. They gave us the split with Vice eliminating Lopez playing off the finish from the tag match. I also liked how they gave both newcomers Sinclair and Petrovic a chance to shine by eliminating Davenport and Legend. This was a fun battle royal to lead to more bigger match to see who would challenge for the NXT Women’s Title at the next PLE special.

Roxanne Perez def. Kelani Jordan, Kiana James & Fallon Henley to become the Number One Contender for the NXT Women’s Championship 

The crowd chanted NXT. James rocked Jordan with an enzuigiri. Roxanne connected with a tope to Henley on the floor. Jordan connected with a springboard moonsault to James and Dame on the floor. Jordan caught Roxanne with a rollup for a near fall. Roxanne planted James with a wheelbarrow face buster but Henley made the save. Henley rocked Roxanne with House Call. Henley planted Jordan with flying blockbuster but James made the save. James planted Henley with a spinebuster but Roxanne made the save. Roxanne went for Pop Rocks but James escaped. The crowd chanted This Is Awesome. Jordan called for the Playmaker but James escaped. James caught Jordan with a 401K. James went for a superplex but Roxanne blocked. Roxanne caught James with a Super Hurricanrana. There was a great spot as Jordan delivered Frog Splash to James on the landing. Roxanne made the save. Henley rocked James with House Call. Roxanne nailed Henley with a superkick. Jordan went for a Split-Legged Moonsault but Dane pulled James to the floor. This led to Roxanne taking advantage delivering Pop Rocks to Jordan for the win. 

Amin’s Thoughts  This was a really fun action packed match with everyone getting a chance to shine. Jordan has really improved as she looked great in the match. This was nice to see Roxanne get the win to move her back into the NXT Women’s Championship picture. Roxanne has been playing subtle heel so it will be interesting to see how they build up the title match with Valkyria. I’m very much looking forward to the match as Roxanne and Valkyria are two of my favourites NXT superstars to watch. 

Lyra Valkyria came out after the match. Valkyria held up the NXT Women’s Championship. Roxanne did the belt gesture. The show ended.


This was a pretty enjoyable episode of NXT. There were some good matches on the show. I also thought this was a great show that really showcased the strength of the NXT Women’s division in the main event between the Battle Royal and the Fatal-4-Way match. You can also see they have a direction for the NXT Vengeance Day show with the two title match that were announced. I also really liked how the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic is adding more interest to the Hayes/Trick storyline which is the biggest program on NXT. Overall, a very solid episode of NXT. Hopefully NXT can keep things rolling as Vengeance Day is shaping up to be a really good show.