Unique Sports You Didn’t Know You Could Bet On

Unique Sports You Didn’t Know You Could Bet On

Sports betting has always been around but there is little doubt that its popularity has exploded in recent years. That largely has to do with the fact that online sports betting and casino gaming have become par for the course across many states.

While we all know that you can wager on popular sports like baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and soccer, there are actually a few sports that you may not have known you could wager on. Check out the most unique sports you can place bets on.

Pro Wrestling

While you may not find it widely available for something like Colorado sports betting, there are select sportsbooks where you can place wagers on professional wrestling. Sure, the events and matches are predetermined, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose who will win like you would any other match or game.

For the most part, the options are limited both in terms of “leagues” carried and sportsbooks where betting on pro wrestling is available. That said, major sportsbooks like DraftKings have partnerships with companies like All Elite Wrestling, creating sizable prize pools for guessing the right outcomes of matches. Take some of your kayfabe knowledge and put it to work.


While curling definitely has its stage at the Winter Olympics every four years, it is generally not something that the population at large thinks of throughout their daily lives. But if you want to place some niche wagers, there are even some sportsbooks that make it possible to bet on curling.

It should be said that curling rules and terminology can be a bit confusing, especially to newcomers. Dedicated “punters” can take their knowledge and get in on the action wherever it may be available. Like other niche sports, finding curling at an online sportsbook may take a bit of work to pull off. That said, it certainly provides something off the beaten path to wager on.

Ping Pong

For those who have watched ping pong more than a few times, it goes without saying the action can get quite intense. Rapid fire volleys going back and forth, each player moving with lightning quickness and returning a bullet back across the table. There have been some epic exchanges throughout the years, some of which have gone viral.

As it turns out, ping pong is becoming a more popular option to wager on. The biggest names in the industry like Betway Sportsbook offer odds on matches on a regular basis. If you manage to tune in live, there is no better way to up the intensity than by watching each volley from the edge of your seat. You don’t have to be good at ping pong to really enjoy yourself watching the sport.


Cornhole is an American staple, played in the summer at barbeques and parties across the country. The concept is simple in that two teams of two throw 16oz bags of corn kernels into holes carved into slanted platforms called dummy boards. Get it in the whole and it’s 3 points. Land on the board and it’s one. The first team to hit 21 or greater wins the game.

There is actually a professional league, called the American Cornhole League, that was founded in 2015. There is even an app that shares and manages cornhole events, tournaments, and leagues with betting odds available. Given its rising popularity not only in the United States but in Hong Kong as well, it should come as no surprise that cornhole is becoming a more commonly available betting option at online sportsbooks.