Exclusive: Former WWE Champion Knocked Out Chris Jericho During Altercation On Jericho Cruise

Looks like we know one name that made the List of Jericho..

Chris Jericho has been a hot topic of discussion lately, after a Christmas Day exchange with Jim Cornette and CM Punk’s Attorney Stephen P. New regarding NDA’s and the AEW Handbook. Since then, there has been other stories involving Chris Jericho going around, but one of those was brought up last week by Brian Last on an episode of the “Cornette’s Drive Thru” podcast.

Man, there is a story I would love to tell, but i didn’t get permission, but him getting knocked out on his own cruise ship by someone he mouthed off to. It’s the most incredible f*cking story, but I can’t talk about that today.

You can listen to Last’s comment at the 2:40 mark in the video below.

I asked around about the incident on the Jericho Cruise, and sources were able to confirm the story to me, as well as the identity of the person involved. The incident took place during Chris Jericho’s Rock N’ Wrestling Rager At Sea – Part Deux: Second Wave, back in January 2020. During the cruise there was an altercation between Jericho and former WWE US and Tag Champion MVP, where heated words were exchanged that resulted in MVP knocking out Chris Jericho.

This wasn’t the only time the two crossed paths, as sources also confirmed another incident that took place a year or two after the cruise, this time in a hotel lobby. The story that was told to me was that the two once again engaged in a heated exchange, which lead to Jericho “hurrying to the elevator, and as the door closed saying “I don’t fight jobbers.””

We will keep you updated if we hear anything more about the altercations between Chris Jericho and MVP.

(Please credit Cassidy Haynes and when using this news.)

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