WWE Toronto Live Holiday Tour (12/29/23) Review: An Enjoyable Show

WWE Holiday Tour rolled into the Coca-Cola Coliseum for the final WWE live event in Toronto for 2023. Here are the results and some live notes from the show.

The opening match was between Becky Lynch and Zoey Stark. Becky received a tremendous reaction from the fans. Becky and Stark had a solid opening match. Becky avoided the Z360 delivering the Manhandle Slam for the win to a big reaction.

The second match on the show saw Kofi Kingston vs. Ludwig Kaiser. Kingston received a good reaction from the fans. Kingston won in a fine match.

The third match saw Katana Chance & Kayden Carter defeat Chelsea Green & Piper Niven to retain the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Chance and Carter won after delivering the After Party to Niven for the win in another fine match.

MVP came out with Omos. There were big chants of MVP from the fans. MVP played heel making fun of the fans and the Toronto’s sports teams. Omos told the fans Toronto sucks. This got loud boos. MVP and Omos offered a $10,000 challenge match. R-Truth came out as he got a great reaction from the fans. R-Truth noted he’s part of Judgment Day. R-Truth noted he wanted to get a Christmas gift for his childhood hero John Cena. The fans cheered as R-Truth accepted the $10,000 challenge. R-Truth also told MVP to put his watch at stake. MVP claimed he would kiss Omos a** if R-Truth won. MVP caused a distraction. This led to Omos delivering a chokeslam to R-Truth for the win.

The fifth match saw Rhea Ripley defend her WWE Women’s World Title against Ivy Nile and Shayna Baszler in a Triple Threat Match. The fans were waiting to Ripley to make her entrance. The crowd booed as Ripley came out with Dominik Mysterio. Thehe re were still huge chants of Ripley to start the match. This was another good match on the show. The crowd chanted “This Is Awesome” after a Tower of Doom spot. The fans cheered as Baszler placed Dominik in a Kirifuda Clutch. Ripley appeared from behind rolling up Baszler to retain her title.

The next match was a Steel Cage match between Cody Rhodes and Damian Priest. Cody received a huge reaction from the fans. It was really fun screaming along to WOAHHHHH with the fans. This was a very good match. Priest gave Cody his version of the Cross Rhodes for a two count. Cody and Priest exchanged strikes on top of the cage. Cody delivered a Cody Cutter but Priest kicked out at two. Priest delivered his South of Heaven chokeslam for a two count. Cody made a comeback delivering a Cross Rhodes to Priest. Cody climb the cage. Priest tried the escape the cage door. Cody’s feet touched the floor first and won the match.

Cody delivered a promo after the match. Cody noted it was an honor for him to perform live in Toronto. Cody hyped up the main event with Seth Rollins defending the World Heavyweight Title in a Triple Threat Match. Cody stayed during the whole intermission to sign autographs for fans.

The next match saw Ricochet defeat Bronson Reed in a solid match. There was a funny spot as Ricochet delivered a jumping enzugiri to Reed to was standing on the turnbuckles. Reed tethered but then feel off the ropes in a comedy spot. Ricochet delivered a great looking Shooting Star Press for the win.

The semi main event saw Sami Zayn defeat Finn Balor in a great Last Man Standing Match. Zayn received an awesome reaction from the fans. The fans chanted for tables. The fans booed as Balor didn’t pull out a table. The fans cheered as Sami placed a table on the floor There was another great spot. Zayn whacked Balor with a kendo stick. Zayn then stomped the mat as the kendo stick flew into the crowd. The fans booed loudly as the security guard took the kendo stick away from the crowd. Zayn left the ring and gave the fan the kendo stick back. This got a great reaction from the fans. The fans loudly booed as Dominik Mysterio came out. Balor delivered a Slingblade, Woo Dropkick and Coup De Grace but Zayn still made it to his feet. Zayn moved as Balor bumped into Dominik who went crashing through a table on the floor. Zayn delivered a Helluva Kick to Balor. Zayn launched Balor through a table for the win.

The main event saw Seth Rollins defeat Drew McIntyre and Shinsuke Nakamura in a Triple Threat Match to retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The fans sang to Nakamura’s song. McIntyre got a great heel reaction from the fans. McIntyre’s entrance was awesome live. Rollins received a great reaction from the fans. The crowd also loudly sang along to Rollins theme song. There were big chants of CM Punk in the match. This was a very good match as everyone worked hard. McIntyre rocked Nakamura with a Claymore Kick. Rollins appeared delivering a Curb Stomp to McIntyre to make the save. Rollins leaped off McIntyre’s back delivering a Curb Stomp to Nakamura to retain the World Heavyweight Title.

Rollins delivered a promo at the end of the show. Rollins told the CM Punk fans in the crowd to chant his name. Rollins noted CM Punk isn’t at the show because he doesn’t care about the fans. Rollins spoke about Toronto being one of the favourite places he wrestled in. He spoke about wrestling in the city of Mississauga when he was on the Indi scene. Rollins put over the WWE roster who performed on the show. Rollins spoke about having a Steel Cage match against Finn Balor last time in Toronto. Rollins noted there were more fans at tonight’s Toronto house show. Rollins said they broke the house show gate for WWE Toronto show in the Coca-Cola Coliseum. Rollins spoke about having a great year. Rollins was happy as he saw fans in the crowd doing the Bray Wyatt fireflies with their phones. Rollins thanked the fans (except CM Punk fans.) Rollins told the fans to sing his song so loud that CM Punk and his fans can here his song. The fans sang along to Rollins theme song. Rollins signed autographs for fans at ringside. That was the end of the show.

Overall Thoughts

WWE House Shows are really fun to attend live. This was another fun show to watch. You can check out my Twitter: @MrAminAjani to see pictures and videos from the event.

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