New Texas Pro Wrestling: Lonestar 4 Preview

New Texas Pro Wrestling: Lonestar 4 Preview

New Texas Pro Wrestling closes out 2023 with a card stacked with regular talents and some of the most talked about independent wrestlers in the United States. Lonestar 4 on December 30th ends a special year for New Texas Pro, and independent wrestling in Texas in its entirety. This show is packed full of anticipated rematches that’ll be the end of feuds as we go into 2024.

“I’m just excited to put on our biggest show this year and I want everyone to walk away from this show and know that we are only going to grow even bigger in 2024” – Kiefer Bartek; Owner

Rudy Garza © vs Lil Evil – Texas Bullrope match for the Lone Star Championship.

Rudy Garza won the title at the Pro Five Year Anniversary Show with the help of Beau Amir while the ref was knocked out. This is a feud that has gone back and forth with the Lone Star Championship changing hands between both of them. This match should be the end of the feud as it’s heated up enough to require them to solve it in a Texas Bullrope match. 

I’ll be honest in saying that going into this, I wasn’t too familiar with either of these talents, before doing my research for this event.  After watching their chemistry together and the quality of their matches, this match has quickly become one of my most anticipated matches on the card.  A fitting ending to a heated feud that I can’t call either way.

Six Shooter Challenge

This match features 4 New Texas regulars in Raychell Rose, Beau Amiar, Dustin Anguyen and Father Oday, as well as two unannounced names. For this matchup I was able to speak briefly to Father Oday about his thoughts going into this match.

What does winning the Six Shooter Challenge mean to you? 

To step in that ring on December 30th and to walk out with the 2024 six shooter contract isn’t just any normal desire. It is an absolute must… It has to be me. It has to be Father Oday who stands tall at the end. With his guiding hands raised up high in the air, so that the people can be blessed by his shining light. This match… this challenge is about fulfilling a higher prophecy and cementing my legacy. Very few get the opportunity to challenge for the New Texas Pro Championship; and even less have been able to engrave their names onto the belt. It is the most prestigious championship in all of Texas, with a lineage of only world-renowned stars. Can I truly be a messenger of The 8th Day and a leader to my people, if I don’t walk out with that contract? So what does the Six Shooter Challenge mean to me? It means that when the 8th hour strikes on December 30th…

I am destiny fulfilled. Praise Be. 

These matches are uncommon, how do you prepare to step in the ring with 5 other opponents? Especially when a couple are unannounced?

This is the most unconventional match type to be in and the epitome of chaos. To be a master of it you must be unorthodox. Intelligence is key and knowing when exactly to strike can be the difference between a win or a loss. Unlike every other competitor in this challenge, I walk by faith. I have not slept these past few days, as I have been busy preparing myself. I truly believe that you can rise to your purest form when you challenge yourself to the highest degree. Taking the time to pray and stay awake 24/7 has opened my eyes beyond anything you can imagine. Now more than ever, I can feel the energy and the light of The 8th Day coursing through my veins. To win this match and overcome the 5 other competitors, means to go to the extreme by any means possible. At Lonestar 4, I will not hesitate to do what is needed. Whether you are announced or not, Father Oday will be the walking blessing you can’t stop. May the light set you free.

Thanks to Father Oday for taking the time to talk to me. Like he said, this match is very unconventional. The x factor in this match for me is the 7 foot tall Beau Amir. I think we’ll see the rest of the competitors work toward taking him out to even out the playing field. Good luck to all the competitors in this match!

JJ Blake vs Terrale Tempo

After losing their tag team titles to Brother Tracey & Father Oday, the same team they originally beat to win them, Terrale Tempo shocked the crowd by turning on his partner JJ Blake. This has led us to the grudge match we have before us. These two wrestlers know each other pretty well and head into this with different goals. JJ Blake looks for revenge and Terrale Tempo looks to re-establish himself as a singles wrestler in NTPW.

HYAN vs Steph De Lander

This is Steph De Lander’s first appearance for New Texas and she faces off against someone who is a constant stay in the company. It will be tough for Steph to beat HYAN in her home state but we will see if she can pull it off. This match is as straightforward as it gets. Two of the most talked about wrestlers on the independents facing off. HYAN and Steph have been seen in almost every independent wrestling company in the world, drawing praise from every corner of the industry, and it’s time they finally face off.

Max Heights vs Chris Bey

This match might be the biggest test for Max we’ve seen so far. Chris Bey is a wrestler who carries respect and praise wherever he goes. A current bullet club member, his influence on the independent scene can’t be understated. After failing to win the Six Shooter contract, this is a good opportunity for Max to show up and make a statement against a big name. 

Danni Bee vs Vertvixen – New Texas Pro Women’s Title Match

Another rematch on the card for us. Danni Bee won the women’s championship off Vert Vixen on October 5th’s Contenders Series #25. She has had two strong title defenses since then against Raychell Rose (10.08.23) and Ray Lyn(11.16.23). Vert Vixen makes her return to try and claim the title back. Danni Bee looks to prove that her win wasn’t a fluke. This is another match between two of the most talked about wrestlers. The two wrestlers involved here have a lot of history together and will look to utilize everything in their arsenal to try and get the win. I expect both wrestlers to pull out some new moves and things that can’t be scouted by each other. Expect the unexpected.

Stephen Wolf vs Bryan Keith – New Texas Pro Championship Match

On October 10th, 2023 Bryan Keith had a brutal match against Timothy Thatcher in the main event of the Five Year Anniversary Show. Bryan came out the victor for it but unfortunately for him, his night was not over. Stephen Wolf won the Six Shooter Contract in a brutal ladder match earlier that night, and decided he didn’t want to wait around to cash it in. Stephen rushed out after the main event and cashed in his contract, quickly hitting Bryan Keith with the belt before the match started, and putting him away with a frog splash for the victory. This ended Bryan Keith’s historic 834 Day run and made Stephen Wolf the 4th champion in the company’s history. 

Bryan Keith has put a bounty on Stephen Wolf’s head. Will be able to cash in and get his prize of revenge and a second reign with the championship? 

I spoke with Stephen Wolf about this match. Here’s what he had to say: 

You’re facing Bryan Keith. A name that has been red hot lately; and was name dropped by Bryan Danielson. I know a lot of people personally who check out every match he has. What does it mean to face someone as on fire as he is?  

Facing someone as well known as BK is truly a great opportunity. Like you said, he was name dropped by the American Dragon. The best part about that opportunity however, is that he is the one that’s challenging me. The New Texas Pro Championship is the biggest championship in Texas, and one of the biggest in the United States. With all eyes on Bryan Keith vs Stephen Wolf on December 30th, it’s my opportunity to not just show that I can hang with BK, but I’m great enough to hang with anyone inside the ring.

Besides a victory, what are you hoping to get out of this match? 

Recognition. I’ve been close to the mountain top multiple times in my career yet I’ve never gotten a chance to break through whether that be from injury, the pandemic, or factors out of my control. When I take the Bounty Hunter to his limit and beyond, everyone will finally know the name of The Leader of the Pack Stephen Wolf.

How are you preparing for this match? Anything out of the ordinary?

Being the kind of person I am, I’m taking nothing to chance. I can say without a doubt I am the most athletically gifted person in the entire New Texas locker room, and I know my training is better than anyone else’s. However, because of the magnitude of this match, I’m going to force myself to go even further beyond. Cardio, weight training, in-ring work. There’s not going to be a single chink in my armor come December 30th.

You’ve been one of the main faces of New Texas; how does it feel to have that kind of weight on your shoulders? Do you think of yourself as the ace of the promotion? Whatever your answer is, why?

I don’t call myself The Leader of the Pack just because of my team. I call myself that because I know without a doubt I am the best in New Texas, hell, that’s why I’m the champion right? When people think of New Texas right now, they think of BK being the guy, and let me tell you, the weight of being the best is NOTHING compared to the chip on my shoulder from not getting the recognition I know I deserve. But, that’s all going to change at Lone Star 4.

If/when you retain your title, who’s next? Would you like to defend your title in other promotions/travel around the world with it? 

When I retain, I’m up for any and all challengers, once they’ve earned it. I’ve taken on and beaten the best so it’s going to take a lot for someone to prove that they should get an opportunity against The Leader of the Pack. In the past, we’ve always seen how the title makes the champion. My goal is to elevate this title by taking it any and everywhere to show why New Texas Pro is one of the absolute best promotions whether that be in the US or in the whole world. It was just announced on November 30th that I’ll be representing New Texas Pro during WXW’s Wildcard event during 16 Carat weekend. Who knows, I may even defend it in Germany and officially make it the New Texas Pro World Heavyweight Championship. Because of me, everyone will see that New Texas Pro isn’t just the best, but it’s main evented by greatness. Then everyone in the world will have no choice but to Follow the Leader.


Stephen Wolf

Thanks so much to Stephen Wolf, and everyone else from New Texas Pro Wrestling who took the time to talk with me. You can tune into Lonestar 4 on December 30th exclusively on IWTV.