Seiki Yoshioka Comments On His Departure From Pro Wrestling NOAH

Pro Wrestling NOAH announced today that Seiki Yoshioka has decided to terminate his contract at the end of 2023 and will leave the promotion to pursue new challenges.

Seiki Yoshioka took to X today and commented on his departure from NOAH.

As per Seiki Yoshioka:

About leaving Pro Wrestling Noah I was worried about the number of new challenges I wanted to take on in and out of the ring, including the other day Physique, but I decided to do it this time because I only have one life.

I decided that it would be difficult to work full-time at NOAH, so I told the company of my intention to leave the group, and they were happy to send me out. I have nothing but gratitude for the company that listened to my selfishness. I have been participating in NOAH for about three and a half years, and I have been blessed with very good encounters. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the players, staff, officials and fans.

I’m sorry that the greeting is in this form. But in the wrestling industry, anything can happen. I hope to see you again sometime somewhere! Thank you for your continued support for Pro Wrestling Noah and for Seiki Yoshioka.

Seiki Yoshioka

Seiki Yoshioka had originally decided to take a break from Pro Wrestling NOAH for the rest of 2023 but ultimately decided to terminate his contract in his pursuit of new challenges.

(H/T goes to proresu-today for transcription)

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