Exclusive: An Interview With TJPW Superstar Miyu Yamashita

The year 2023 has been a very successful one for Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling superstar Miyu Yamashita.

In 2023, Yamashita won the Tokyo Princess Cup 2023 which led to her winning the Princess of Princess Championship for the fourth time when she defeated Mizuki back on October 9th. At one point during the year Yamashita held three different championships in three different countries. In addition, she made her IMPACT Wrestling debut on March 25th with a victory over Killer Kelly.

As the year is coming to a close, Yamashita is set to make her MLW debut as she will defend the TJPW Princess of Princess Title against Delmi Exo at MLW One Shot in New York City on December 7th.

Yamashita is scheduled to kick off 2024 with a huge Princess of Princess Championship defense against IMPACT Wrestling star Masha Slamovich on January 4th at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo.

Miyu Yamashita graciously granted an interview to’s Lewis Carlan as they discussed her upcoming title defenses against Masha Slamovich and Delmi Exo, Challenging Naomichi Marufuji to a match, The possibility of Mizuki getting a return match and much more.

Here is the full exclusive interview with Miyu Yamashita:

Q: On January 4th, you defend the TJPW Princess of Princess Championship against IMPACT Wrestling’s Masha Slamovich. This is going to be a very tough match, how will you be preparing for this tough challenge from Masha Slamovich.

Miyu Yamashita: I’ve had two singles matches with her so far and I’ve felt Masha’s amazing power, so I’m working hard to strengthen my physicality thoroughly for it.

Q: In your last title defense against Regina, she disrespectfully spit on your hand when you offered a handshake, do you hold any anger towards Regina and will you be competing against her again in the future?

Miyu Yamashita: I have no anger. No amount of provocation will change the result that I won.

Q: You’ll be defending the TJPW Princess of Princess Title on December 7th for your debut match for MLW in the USA against Delmi Exo. Do you feel any pressure being the champion in terms of having wrestlers from around the world asking for a shot at your title?

Miyu Yamashita: Yes, there is pressure. But it will give me power.

Q: You defeated Mizuki back on October 9 in a fantastic match to win the Princess of Princess Title for the fourth time. Will you give Mizuki an opportunity to regain the TJPW Princess of Princess title?

Miyu Yamashita: I would love to have a match with her anytime. If it came to that, I’d like to do it next time under special rules.

Q: On November 12th, you requested a match with Naomichi Marufuji. Why did you request that match and do you think that match will happen in the near future?

Miyu Yamashita: I like Marufuji’s fighting style. Every time I watch his fights, my imagination is always broadened. I don’t know about the future. Maybe it will or maybe it won’t if the various timings are right.

Q: On December 14th, the stars of TJPW head to the USA for a joint show with Prestige Wrestling. You and Maki Itoh face the current IMPACT Wrestling Women’s Tag Team Champions Masha Slamovich and Killer Kelly. While this match is not for the titles, if you and Maki Itoh win will you ask for an opportunity at the IMPACT Wrestling Women’s Tag Team Titles?

Miyu Yamashita: If we do, we might. And if we won those belts, it would be interesting.

Q: Shoko Nakajima stated that she was scared of Max The Impaler during their recent match. Do you have any fear of Max The Impaler?

Miyu Yamashita: If I met her in my daily life, I would probably be shaking and unable to move. But if I meet her in the ring, I’ll have to put my fear aside and fight.

Q: When you compete overseas, is the main goal and focus to always promote and grow TJPW?

Miyu Yamashita: Of course, I am conscious of promoting TJPW overseas, but that’s not everything for me! I just want to have lots of matches with different people.

Q: Who would you say could become the next big star of TJPW?

Miyu Yamashita: I don’t know, but I think it could be Tokyo Women’s Pro Wrestling itself. Everyone has the light that could do it. It would be more interesting if no one can is able to guess who will be the next big star.

Miyu Yamashita will be part of a big 10 woman tag team match on December 1st at the We Are TJPW event which is set to take place at Korakuen Hall. This event can be seen LIVE on Wrestle Universe streaming service on December 1st.

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