WWE NXT Review: A Standout Fatal-4-Way Match


November 28, 2023 | Capitol Wrestling Center, Orlando, Florida

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The Family (Tony D’Angelo & Stacks) [c] vs. Angel Garza & Humberto Carrillo
Both teams began brawling before the match got underway. D’Angelo launched Stacks onto Carrillo and Garza on the floor. This led to an NXT chant. The match got underway as Stacks connected with a neck breaker to Carrillo for a two count. Tony planted Carrillo with a pair of belly-to-belly suplex. Garza distracted the referee which led to Carrillo rocking Tony with a Disaster Kick. Tony and Stacks battled back delivering a German Suplex/Running Uppercut combo to Carrillo. Garza stopped Stacks from climbing the ropes. Carrillo caught Tony with a Sunset Bomb. Carrillo and Garza planted Stacks with an Avalanche Scoop Slam. Stacks used Garza momentum launching him into the ring post as they returned from break. Tony ran wild planting Carrillo with an Exploder Suplex. Stacks rocked Garza with a running uppercut. Carrillo tagged into the match. Carrillo and Garza delivered a Doomsday Powerbomb/Missile Dropkick combo to Stacks for a two count. Stacks responded catching Garza with a Headlock DDT for a two count. The crowd chanted “This Is Awesome.” Carrillo distracted the referee. Garza delivered a low blow to Stacks. Garza delivered a Jay Driller but Stacks kicked out at two. Stacks caught Garza with a low blow. Tony and Stacks delivered Bada Bing Bada Boom to Garza for the win. 

WINNERS: Tony D’Angelo & Stacks retained the NXT Tag Team Titles
Amin’s Thoughts: A fun tag team action packed match to start the show. A strong showing from Tony and Stacks as they looked great in the win. They gave Carrillo and Garza a lot as they had a strong showing in the match. I was kinda surprised they didn’t save the title match for Deadline. Reasoning could be they wanted to quickly wrap up in NXT before they maybe join Santos Escobar on SmackDown. 

Axiom and Nathan Frazer were inside the locker room speaking about the different lifestyles between NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov and Baron Corbin. Frazer noted he would’ve preferred Corbin’s lifestyle. Dragunov appeared and asked Frazer if what he’s doing is not worth it? Frazer spoke about having respect for Dragunov. Dragunov noted Frazer respects him but when he leaves the room it changes. Frazer told Dragunov he would much rather prefer Corbin’s lifestyle. Dragunov noted they’re far beyond apologies. Frazer noted Dragunov was being uptight heading into his match at Deadline. Dragunov told Frazer he knows how to solve this. 

Jerry “The King” Lawler announced Bron Breakker vs. Eddy Thorpe and Kelanie Jordan vs. Kiana James for the Men’s and Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying matches. 

They showed highlights of Johnny Gargano run as NXT North American Champion. 

Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley congratulate Josh Briggs for qualifying for the Iron Survivor Challenge. Lexis King appeared and congratulated Briggs on his win after getting some help from him. King hits on Henley before noting nobody picked Jensen for the match. Jensen mentions how King is trying to stir the pot. King says he’s calling like he sees it. Briggs steps up calling King a parasite. Briggs mentions Jensen will face King on the show. 

They showed Nikkita Lyons working out in her Instagram video. Lyons was shown in the crowd. 

Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match: Kiana James vs. Kelani Jordan
James took control early rocking Jordan with corner strikes. Jordan responded catching James with a dropkick. James and Jordan battled over position on a side headlock. Jordan came back catching James with a swinging arm drag. Jordan followed hitting a Hurricanrana to the floor. James responded launching Jordan onto the announcers table. Jordan rocked James with a Cartwheel elbow as they returned from break. James connected with a somersault senton for two. James responded planting Jordan with a Spinebuster for a two count. James and Jordan exchanged strikes. Jordan caught James with the Playmaker for a two count. Jordan went for a Superplex but James blocked. James delivered the 401K to Jordan. Roxanne Perez was shown ringing the bell at ringside. This led to Jordan taking advantage rocking James with a kick. Jordan delivered a Split-Legged Moonsault for the win. 

WINNER: Kelani Jordan 
Amin’s Thoughts: Jordan still needs some polishing inside the ring but you can how quickly she’s improving with every match. James costed Roxanne Perez her qualifying match against Lash Legend. It was no surprise seeing Roxy cost James the match.

They aired a highlight package of Cameron Grimes run as NXT North American Champion. 

Alpha Academy were backstage. Chad Gable spoke about being close to winning the NXT Heritage Cup. Akira Tozawa mentions how Noam Dar tapped out. Maxxine Dupri wanted to get her hands on Lash Legend. Otis also wanted to get his hands on Legend in a different way. Gable called Meta-Four savage idiots. Gable challenged Meta-Four to a six-person mixed tag team match. Gable wanted the answer on the show.

They showed NXT Anonymous surveillance video of Trick Williams before he was attacked. They showed Lexis King following Trick. The video didn’t show the actual attack. 

Amin’s Thoughts: This was a pretty clever swerve. They want you to believe King was the one behind Trick’s attack. It was a swerve and someone else is behind the attack.

Andre Chase Breaks His Silence

Andre Chase held a press conference to speak about the ongoing Chase U investigation. Chase said he would like the investigators for their cooperation and professionalism throughout the process. He spoke about the student body for carrying on the Chase U duties. Chase mentioned he wasn’t sure if would be here without the help of everyone involved with Chase U. Chase said he wanted to as honest as possible but noted it was still an ongoing investigation. Chase spoke about Chase U being involved in suspicion and illegal activity such as gambling. Duke Hudson had a look of no clue what happened. Chase said it was all true that the University was in severe debt. Thea Hail had a shocked look. Chase said he will do what it takes to rebuild Chase U to what it is. Chase spoke about Chase U shaping young minds and building future sport entertainers. Chase took questions. Someone asked how much money he owes? Chase said the money isn’t important but is significant. Chase spoke about paying it back as fast as possible. Someone asked Chase what he would like to stay to he student body? Chase said everything is in jeopardy if he doesn’t fix it right away. Chase said he will address the student body in the next assembly. 

Amin’s Thoughts: They went with the completely serious tone which made this work. Hudson and Hail’s reacting to Chase added more drama. Very interesting to see where this leads since Chase U has been one of the most popular acts of NXT TV. 

Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match: Bron Breakker vs. Eddy Thorpe
Bron Breakker came out to huge boos from the crowd. Eddy Thorpe’s ribs were heavily tapped after last week’s attack from Drew Gulak and his crew. Thorpe went for leg kicks but Breakker brushed it off. Thorpe caught Breakker with a dropkick. Thorpe went for a running crossbody but Breakker caught him with a powerslam. Breakker took control launching Thorpe into the barricade. Breaker went for a Super Frankenstiner but Thorpe showed him off the ropes. Thorpe caught Breakker with a flying crossbody. Thorpe goes for a suplex but his ribs gave out. Breakker quickly stopped Thorpe’s momentum hitting a gut buster for a two count. Thorpe caught Breakker with a sunset flip for a near fall as they returned from break. Thorpe connected with combination kicks. Breakker responded sending Thorpe flying with a German Suplex. Thorpe battled back rocking Breakker with strikes. Thorpe planted Breakker with a German Suplex. Thorpe connected with a Saito Suplex. Thorpe followed with another German Suplex. Breakker no-sold it as he rocked Thorpe with a spear for the win. 

WINNER: Bron Breakker 
Amin’s Thoughts: This was a good match. They laid the match out well with Breakker working over Thorpe’s injured ribs. Was glad to see Thorpe got shine having a pretty competitive match with Breakker. They also did good giving Thorpe an out with his ribs tapped. Breakker advancing adds more star power to the Iron Survivor Challenge. 

Trick Williams was irate inside the locker room. Carmelo Hayes appeared asking Williams if he was the NXT Anonymous video. Williams said it was Lexis King. Hayes was irate King was trying to create a wedge between them. Williams spoke about King jumping him. Hayes mentioned King cost him the qualifying match. Hayes told Williams they are going to make King pay after his match. Williams took off his shades saying he would like to get his hands on King. Williams said he want to focus on Iron Survivor Challenge. Hayes said King took his eyes away from the prize. Williams told Hayes they are past jumping people from behind. Hayes said “We Are?” Williams said “We Are!” They both agreed to get their hands on King. 

Roxanne Perez was inside the NXT Women’s locker room. Roxy mentioned if she’s not going to qualify for the Iron Survivor Challenge. Roxy mentioned Kiana James won’t either. Ava mentioned Shawn Michael announced there will be a Last Chance qualifying match for both men and women’s. Roxy noted she had another chance to qualify. Tiffany Stratton said Kiana James will also have another chance to qualify. Tiffany told Roxy she has no chance to qualify. Roxy and Tiffany began brawling. James appeared attacking Roxy from behind. James and Roxy began brawling. 

They showed highlights of Bronson Reed’s run at NXT North American Champion. 

NXT Champion Ilja Dragunov vs. Nathan Frazer – Non-Title Match 
Ilja Dragunov received a great reaction from the crowd. Nathan Frazer received a solid reaction. Dragunov took control right away rocking Frazer with ground and pound. Dragunov rocked Frazer with huge chops. Dragunov planted Frazer with a Triple German Suplex. Dragunov went for a Powerbomb but Frazer countered into a Hurricanrana. Frazer caught Dragunov with a mid kick for a near fall. Frazer rocked Dragunov with huge chops. Frazer followed with a Springboard Dropkick. Dragunov went fora German Suplex but Frazer landed on his feet. Dragunov went for a Rebound Clothesline but Frazer moved. Frazer caught Dragunov with a Springboard Reverse DDT for two. Frazer went for a Phoenix Splash but Dragunov moved. Dragunov planted Frazer with a Powerbomb. Dragunov rocked Frazer with a pair of H-Bombs. Dragunov had the match won but stopped the count. Dragunov delivered a Jumping H-Bomb for the win. 

WINNER: Ilja Dragunov 
Amin’s Thoughts: This match absolutely ruled. Frazer got some shine so it wasn’t a complete squash match. A fantastic showing from Dragunov showing a mean streak as he just ran through Frazer. 

Baron Corbin appeared on the screen. Corbin mocked Dragunov for beating up Frazer after he said Corbin’s life was better. Corbin noted Dragunov only has his NXT Title. Corbin noted the NXT Title is the only thing he’s missing. Corbin said he’s taking the title at Deadline. Corbin said he would have everything. Corbin said he would give Dragunov a first class ticket to Germany after he loses. Corbin told Dragunov they will be face-to-face next week on NXT. 

Amin’s Thoughts: A solid promo from Corbin doing a great job playing such an unlikable onscreen heel. 

McKenzie Mitchell congratulated Lyra Valkyria for retaining her NXT Women’s Title last week and asked what’s next for her? Valkyria spoke about the challengers in the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge as Fallon Henley appeared. Henley said she’s going to make the most of her chance in the Iron Survivor Challenge qualifying match. Henley vowed to win and face Valkyria for the NXT Women’s Title. Valkyria welcomed Henley’s challenge if she won the Iron Survivor Challenge. Tatum Paxley was watching in the background. Henley and Valkyria had no idea what was going on. They left. 

They aired a Karmen Petrovic vignette where she spoke about Arianna Grace making everything about her. Petrovic spoke about kicking Grace’s mouth shut. 

Meta-Four accepted Alpha Academy’s challenge for the six-person mixed tag team match next week on NXT. 

Joe Gacy wondered if anyone cared about him? Gacy was shown underneath the ring. Gacy said being beneath you is where he’s wanted. He spoke about dealing with this new perspective. He said maybe he knows but maybe he doesn’t who he’s looking for. 

Arianna Grace vs. Karmen Petrovic
Grace took control slamming Petrovic to the mat. Grace wanted Petrovic to kiss her hand. The crowd was split chanting for both Grace and Petrovic. Grace stomped away at Petrovic against the ropes. Gacy appeared from underneath the ring and took the ring bell and ran away. Grace slammed Petrovic to the mat as they returned from break. Petrovic battled back rocking Grace with a running boot. Petrovic connected with a Corkscrew Kick. Petrovic connected with a reverse kick for a two count. Petrovic went for a Sleeper but Grace yanked her off. Petrovic pulled on Grace’s hair against the ropes. The referee stood between them. Grace poked Petrovic in the eyes. Grace delivered a Fireman’s Carry Slam for the win. 

WINNER: Arianna Grace 
Amin’s Thoughts: This was a perfectly fine match. Petrovic strikes really stand out as she will get better with more matches. You can also see Grace will continue to get better with more matches. Grace winning was fine as they see her as a big player on NXT. The stuff with Gacy was really strange. Have no idea where it’s going. 

Alicia Taylor announced Grace as the winner. Joe Gacy was shown in the crowd ringing the bell. 

McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Wes Lee backstage. Lee spoke about being attached to the NXT North American Title. He spoke about needing to beat Dominik Mysterio. He spoke about all his challengers in the Fatal-4-Way match. Lee spoke needing to win. Lee said High Risk. High Reward. McKenzie wished Lee luck. Lee said it’s about desire.

Lexis King vs. Brooks Jensen (w/Josh Briggs & Fallon Henley) 
Jensen shined early rocking King with a rolling kick. Jensen connected with a flying crossbody to King on the floor. King mounted Jensen with ground and pound as they returned from break. Hayes and Williams were watching backstage. Hayes left. King went for a Sleeper but Jensen broke free. Jensen battled back catching King with a spinning backdrop slam. Jensen made a comeback rocking King with a Superkick. Jensen followed with a missile dropkick for a two count. Hayes made his way ringside. Briggs and WWE officials held Hayes back. This led to King catching Jensen with the Coronation DDT for the win. 

WINNER: Lexis King
Amin’s Thoughts: This was a good match. Jensen isn’t really a big player on NXT but was nice to see him get some shine. King has great charisma and does have the presence of a star. His matches on NXT haven’t really stood out. The big test will come once King has his first PLE match. A good win for King who’s playing a key part in the Hayes/Williams story. 

They aired a highlight package explaining the rules for the Iron Survivor Challenge. They hyped the last chance qualifying match for next week on NXT.

Number One Contender’s Match: Wes Lee vs. Bronson Reed vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Cameron Grimes
Johnny Gargano received an awesome reaction from the crowd. Dominik Mysterio joined the commentary team. Reed rocking Gargano and Grimes with a double clothesline. Reed catapulted Lee onto Gargano and Grimes. They went to a quick commercial break. Reed planted Gargano with a stalling suplex as they returned from break. Everyone worked together rocking Reed with corner strikes. This led to huge chants of NXT. The crowd popped as Gargano and Lee faced off. Reed returned as he planted Lee with a Uranage Slam onto Gargano. Grimes went for a sunset flip but Reed stopped him. Lee went for a crossbody but Reed caught him. Gargano catapulted Grimes below the belt line of Reed. The crowd chanted “Holy S*it.” Lee delivered a Hurricanrana to Reed. Grimes rocked Gargano with a sliding boot. Grimes caught Gargano and Lee with a Double Hurricanrana. Lee ran through the ropes delivering a dive to Lee on the floor. Gargano delivered a triple tope to Grimes, Lee and Reed. Huge chants of “Johnny Wrestling.” Gargano connected with a Slingshot Spear to Grimes but Lee made the save. Lee leaped off Gargano delivering a Jumping Meteora to Grimes for a two count. Huge chants of NXT. Lee went for Flying Meteora but Reed caught him with a Death Valley Driver. Grimes made the save. Grimes connected with a flying crossbody to Reed for a two count. Reed delivered a Triple Samoan Drop to Gargano, Grimes and Lee. Fight Forever chants. Gargano, Grimes and Lee delivered Triple Powerbomb to Reed. This led to another Holy S*it chant. Lee feel onto Grimes for a two count. Grimes caught Lee with an Over-The World Slam to Lee for a two count. Grimes delivered the Cave In to Grimes. Gargano no-sold it catching Grimes in the Gargano Escape. Lee made the save. Reed delivered the Buckle Bomb to Lee. Reed delivered a pair of back senton to Gargano and Grimes. Reed delivered a Super Press Slam launching Lee onto Gargano and Grimes. Reed went for the Tsunami. Ivar appeared and brawled with Reed around ringside. Lee caught Grimes with a Crucifix for two. Gargano rocked Lee with a rolling kick. Gargano nailed Grimes with a Superkick. Grimes bounced off the ropes hitting the Cave In. Lee caught Grimes with the Cardiac Kick for the win. 

WINNER: Wes Lee 
Amin’s Thoughts: This was awesome. A really fun non-stop action packed match from start to finish. The wrestling was tremendous as everyone got a chance to shine. My goodness they made Bronson Reed look like an absolute star. I didn’t mind Ivar appearing because of their ongoing program on Raw. Gargano appearing on NXT just feels special as he looked awesome in the match. Grimes had a great showing and is someone who I would like to see get a better run on the main roster. Lee was going the win this match. The way Lee won in an awesome match was a great way to give him momentum heading into the NXT North American Title match at Deadline. 

The show ended with Roxy and James brawling in the parking lot. 

Overall Thoughts

NXT got things back on track after the last two weeks of standard by the number shows. There was some great wrestling matches on the show. The main event absolutely ruled and is a match worth checking out. There was a strong push towards towards building the Deadline card. Overall, a pretty solid episode of NXT. Deadline card is looking pretty solid with one week to go.