Pro Wrestling NOAH Monday Magic Ep 4 Results (11/27/2023)

The fourth episode of Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Monday Magic web series was full of surprises that included talent from various promotions making appearances.

NJPW legend Satoshi Kojima, AJPW star Rising HAYATO & USA indy stars Vinnie Massaro & Alpha Zo all appeared on the November 27th episode of NOAH’s Monday Magic.

The main event saw Satoshi Kojima team with Kenoh as they defeated Manabu Soya and Go Shiozaki.

A New GHC Hardcore Champion was crowned as Ninja Mack defeated defending champion Masato Tanaka and Super Crazy in a 3 way match to win the title.

In addition we saw the birth of The Great Sakuya as she is the daughter of The Great Muta.

Here is the full segment with The Great Muta and The Great Sakuya:

The Great Sakuya appeared live on Monday Magic and formed an alliance with Nagisa Nozaki following Nozaki’s win over Miyuki Takase.

Here are the full results courtesy of for Pro Wrestling NOAH Monday Magic Ep 4:

  • 3 Way Match: YO-HEY defeated Dragon Bane & Alejandro (7:18). Bane defeated Alejandro with a Shooting Star Press (5:05). YO-HEY defeated Bane with a dropkick (7:18).
  • Hijo de Dr. Wagner Jr., Titus Alexander & Hajime Ohara defeated Jack Morris, Anthony Greene & LJ Cleary (6:28) after Alexander’s Big Ugly against Cleary.
    Kaito Kiyomiya, Ryohei Oiwa Masa Kitamiya & Daiki Inaba defeated Saxon Huxley, Timothy Thatcher, Vinnie Massaro & Alpha Zo (13:50) after a Modified Shining Wizard by Kiyomiya against Massaro.
  • Nagisa Nozaki Return Match: Nagisa Nozaki defeated Miyuki Takase (8:42) by pinfall.
    HAYATA & Rising HAYATO defeated Shuji Kondo & Junta Miyawaki (11:42) after HAYATO’s Sid Vicious against Miyawaki.
  • GHC Hardcore Title, 3 Way Match: Ninja Mack defeated Masato Tanaka (c) & Super Crazy (11:13) with an Avalanche-style powerbomb from a ladder against Tanaka to become the new champion
  • Kenoh & Satoshi Kojima defeated Manabu Soya & Go Shiozaki (10:48) after a Strong Arm Lariat by Kojima against Shiozaki.

Pro Wrestling NOAH’s Monday Magic can be seen on Wrestle Universe streaming service.

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