Update On Shinsuke Nakamura Plans Ahead Of Survivor Series

Shinsuke hasn’t been announced for anything at the Survivor Series Premium Live Event, and during an FAQ about CM Punk, Fightful Select quickly clarified Nakamura’s status:

Q: Is CM Punk’s Shinsuke Nakamura’s open challenge opponent for Survivor Series?

“As we write this, Nakamura is not booked or advertised for WWE Survivor Series. Last year’s show was at 5 matches, and this year’s has that right now, too. When we asked Wednesday, we were told that Nakamura wasn’t listed to travel to the show Saturday.”

-Sean Ross Sapp, Fightful

Nakamura hit a GTS on tv about a number of weeks ago, which led fans to think he was hinting at CM Punk coming in.

Then, this past week, Nakamura cut a promo backstage about how he’s close and asking “where are you?”

Regarding a possible opponent in the future, Fightful Select also goes on to say that:

Q: Well who is Nakamura talking about?

“I don’t have a clue. Talent I’ve spoken to doesn’t know, and people in creative don’t know. If you want something to perhaps hold on to hope for, I do find it strange that it being kept so quiet. One talent we spoke to theorized it could be someone from Japan, and one source in creative assumes it’s someone new, but nobody we’ve heard from knows.”

– Sean Ross Sapp, Fightful

Nakamura defeated one half of the Alpha Academy tag team – Otis – last week on the 11/13 episode of Monday Night RAW, and then defeated the other half of the team – Chad Gable – this past week on RAW.

What’s next for Shinsuke? Nobody knows, but we’ll have to continue tuning in.

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