The State Of Kentucky Has Some Rich Wrestling History And Continues To Take Strides Even Today

The State Of Kentucky Has Some Rich Wrestling History And Continues To Take Strides Even Today

Kentucky has always been known for its love of wrestling. Wrestling-World’s analysis of Google Trends has shown that Kentucky has the second-largest number of wrestling enthusiasts in the United States, right behind West Virginia. 

Through the study, the researchers compiled the number of wrestling-related searches for each state, and Kentucky emerged as the second most passionate about wrestling. The most popular searched wrestling terms in the state are “pro wrestling” and “Impact Wrestling,” with John Cena being the most searched wrestler in the state followed by Paul Levesque (Triple H).

The Bluegrass State is also home to a number of young talents on the non-entertainment side of wrestling. Earlier this year, the Kentucky High School Athletic Association kicked off its Wrestling State Championships. The first round of the tournament began on February 18 in two locations, Louisville’s Atherton and Union’s Ryle.

With sports betting in Kentucky soon to be a widespread practice given changes in legislation, WWE wrestling should attract lots of action as odds could be had on major events, although the outcomes are scripted. The state often hosts WWE shows and KY fans will be looking forward to the next event as Monday Night Raw is already scheduled to air from Lexington on February 12, 2024.

Kentucky has contributed significantly to the world of wrestling, with many of its wrestlers making a name for themselves at the aforementioned promotion. One such wrestler is Ricochet, whose real name is Trevor Mann. He’s risen to great heights as a popular high-flyer on WWE’s Raw brand. 

Mann joined the promotion in 2018 and won the United States Championship at Stomping Grounds. He later became the first wrestler to hold all three of WWE’s major secondary titles, a feat that has cemented his place in the annals of wrestling history.

Another wrestler from Kentucky who has made it big in WWE is Hillbilly Jim. Jim was born in Scottsville and was a follower of Hulk Hogan before coming to his own in the industry. Jim’s presentation was unique, with a shaggy beard, bib overalls, and a horseshoe-chain necklace. 

He was a force to be reckoned with in the ring, either as a singles competitor or fighting alongside his family members, Uncle Elmer, Cousin Luke, and Cousin Junior. Jim’s signature move was a Hulk-inspired running leg drop, which he used to great effect against his opponents.

Doug Basham is another WWE wrestler from Louisville, Kentucky. He debuted on SmackDown in May of 2003 as one-half of the tag team, The Basham Brothers, alongside his tag partner Danny Basham. They later won their first WWE Tag Team Championship against Los Guerreros during an episode of SmackDown in October. 

Unfortunately, they relinquished the belts in February 2004 to Rikishi and Scotty 2 Hotty. Basham was among several wrestlers released in 2007 and would later take his act to TNA before moving to Europe for a spell.

Jillian Faye Fletcher, known by the ring name Jillian Hall, was another popular wrestler from Kentucky. She began her career on the independent circuit under the name Macaela Mercedes before working for Ohio Valley Wrestling in 2003. 

Fletcher made her first appearance on SmackDown managing the Blond Bombers, John and Chad Toland. She would later become JBL’s “image consultant” and manage him to a United States Championship win at WrestleMania 22. 

She also took on the gig of a horrendously bad singer in 2007, and the idea was for her to suck at in-ring singing performances while thinking she was great. She was soon drafted to the Raw brand, where she would team up with Melina and win a number of tag matches. Jillian even released an album called A Jingle with Jillian, which reached No. 20 on the UK Holidays Top 100, showing her versatility both inside and outside the ring.

Apart from these names, Kentucky has produced a multitude of wrestling talents who have found fame in various promotions across the world. With the state’s rich wrestling history and the current crop of talented wrestlers, it’s safe to say that Kentucky’s love for wrestling will continue to thrive for years to come.