Exclusive: An Interview With Pro Wrestling NOAH Superstar Manabu Soya

On January 2nd 2024, Pro Wrestling NOAH will present it’s biggest show of the year NOAH “THE NEW YEAR” 2024 at the Ariake Arena in Tokyo, Japan.

The main event for NOAH “THE NEW YEAR” 2024 will be the GHC Heavyweight Champion Kenoh defending his title against Manabu Soya.

Manabu Soya has been part of the Pro Wrestling NOAH roster for three years and this will be his first opportunity at the GHC Heavyweight Championship. Kenoh and Soya have a lot of history together as they were both integral members of the now defunct Kongo faction and they held the AJPW World Tag Team Titles from March to June 2023.

Manabu Soya took time out of his busy schedule and granted an exclusive interview to’s Lewis Carlan as they discussed his upcoming GHC Heavyweight Title match and many other topics.

Here is the exclusive interview with Pro Wrestling NOAH superstar Manabu Soya:

Q: On January 2nd you have an opportunity against the GHC Heavyweight Champion KENOH at NOAH “THE NEW YEAR” 2024. What is your game plan for this huge match?

Manabu Soya: I think I have to fight not only in the ring but also outside the ring. That includes YouTube & comments. So I will always be in fighting mode and go to January 2nd.

Q: What kind of fight can we expect from you on January 2nd ?

Manabu Soya: I want it to be that kind of match where I will show the world a spectacular view.

Q: Do you feel this is the biggest match of your career and what does the GHC Heavyweight Championship mean to you?

Manabu Soya: This is my first challenge for the GHC belt. Since this GHC belt is the highest belt in the wrestling world, it will be the biggest challenge in my wrestling career.

Q:On December 2nd, you team with the legendary Tatsumi Fujinami against KENOH and Jinsei Shinzaki. In your words, what does Fujinami-san mean to pro wrestling and how proud are you to be able to team
with him?

Manabu Soya: To be honest, I have mixed feelings. I debuted in a promotion called Muga, where Fujinami was a member, but I left after six months. I didn’t expect to be invited to this match.

Q: On November 13th, you teamed with Daisuke Nakamura vs. KENOH & the debuting Ulka Sasaki at
Monday Magic. What were you first thoughts on Ulka Sasaki as a professional wrestler?

Manabu Soya: I felt through the match that his attitude toward pro wrestling was great.

Q: How much do you feel Pro Wrestling NOAH will grow in 2024 and could you see an overseas tour by Pro Wrestling NOAH in 2024?

Manabu Soya: I think we’ve achieved a little bit of the results we’ve accumulated, and we’d like to go overseas.

Q: Are there any overseas wrestlers you would like to face in AEW, WWE or IMPACT?

Manabu Soya: I’m not looking for a specific person, but I’d like to have a match overseas.

Q: What closing message do you have for KENOH and the January 2nd match for GHC Heavyweight Title?

Manabu Soya: January 2nd at Ariake Arena is the first match in the year 2024. I want to make 2024 my year. And above all, I will show you a spectacular view of NOAH.

Fans can watch Manabu Soya challenge Kenoh for the GHC Heavyweight Championship live on Wrestle Universe streaming service on January 2nd 2024.

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