IMPACT Wrestling Results & Review — November 16, 2023

IMPACT Tag Team Titles
-ABC (Ace Austin &’Chris Bey) (c) vs Kenny King & Sheldon Jean

ABC defeated Kenny King & Sheldon Jean when Ace and Bey hit the Art of Finesse and The Fold on Sheldon Jean for the pinfall victory.

My thoughts: Very good match. Sheldon Jean has done a great job learning under Kenny King, and King teaching Jean. He was a mentor of sorts. The news dropped right after showtime that Kenny King has finished up with the company, which is unfortunate. ABC proved why they’re the Tag Team champions with a victory.

We get a video with the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Champions, MK Ultra, talking about how they control the Knockouts division and are reshaping reality.

-Moose (w/Brian Myers) vs Heath

Moose defeated Heath after Brian Myers distracted the referee so that Moose could escape a Wake Up Call and nail Heath with a SPEAR.

Moose and Myers beat up Heath after the match, but Rhino comes out and takes out both men.

My thoughts: Good match, personally I didn’t really care for it. Moose picked up a victory with Myers help after not helping Myers last week. This was Heath’s last match with the company as his contract expired recently. Rhino made the save after the match, so it seems like we’re getting Moose wrestling Rhino at Final Resolution after Moose vowed to end his career and laid down the challenge.

Post-match, Moose is backstage calling out Rhino for getting in his business. Moose says he’s going to end Rhino’s career at Final Resolution.

Black Taurus/Laredo Kid/Juventud Guerrera vs The Rascalz (Trey Miguel/Zachary Wentz/Myron Reed)

Konnan is on commentary for this match.

The Luchas start out HOT.

Black Taurus, Laredo Kid, & Juventud Guerrera win when Taurus nails newcomer Myron Reed with Destination Hell Hole to pick up the victory for his team.

My thoughts: Great match with some amazing talent involved. Juventud Guerrera is a fantastic talent for his age, and the rest of the competitors in this match tore the house down as well. Great showing by everybody involved, with the Lucha talent taking a rare victory in IMPACT.

-Bully Ray & Jordynne Grace vs Maclin & KiLynn King

Bully Ray & Jordynne Grace defeated Steve Maclin & KiLynn King when Maclin held up Grace and then King attempted a big boot to Grace but she moved and King hit Maclin instead. Bully ran in and clotheslined Maclin out of the ring and Grace hit King with a back elbow and a Juggernaut Driver to pick up the win.

Post-match, Bully took the Call Your Shot Gauntlet trophy, but Grace snatched it back and Bully shook her hand and raised it in a sign of respect for the former Knockouts World Champion.

My thoughts: Turn Jordynne Grace heel. Yesterday. She could be SO good with Bully Ray on her side. This match was really good and I’m glad the company seems to be really getting behind KiLynn King giving her the platform to really show what she can do.

Non-Title Match
-Trinity vs Sonny Kiss

Trinity defeated Sonny Kiss with a tailbone slam and then rolls her over and holds the legs down for the pin.

My thoughts: Good match between two talent who wanted it. Sonny looked pretty good and this is one of Trinity’s best showings in IMPACT.

-Will Ospreay vs Josh Alexander

Will Ospreay defeated Josh Alexander with a STORMBREAKER.

Post match- Will Ospreay is in the ring with a microphone. He talks up Josh Alexander, the roster/talent in the back, and says he wants to come and wrestle for TNA before February, which his New Japan contracts expires.

My thoughts: Go. Out. Of. Your. Way. To. See. This. Just like last weeks Main Event between Alex Shelley and Jonathan Gresham, this finished very strong and tore the house down. Match of the Year candidate, easily. Two of the very best that pro wrestling has to offer in this match. Josh held his own and shined against possibly the best wrestler in the world.

Overall thoughts: Very good show overall. Not sure what direction they’re going with some of the feuds and upcoming matches as they wind down November with two weeks of blowoff shows – a Thanksgiving special next week and then pre-taped IPWF episode on 11/30. The company heads to Mexico on 11/26 for a co-branded show with AAA. Some good character development and other things just left in limbo.

IMPACT is rebranding to TNA at Hard to Kill on January 13th from The Pearl at The Palms in Las Vegas, Nevada. Get your tickets for Hard To Kill here.

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