Exclusive: An Interview With Pro Wrestling NOAH GHC Heavyweight Champion Jake Lee

After leaving All Japan Pro-Wrestling at the end of 2022 there was much speculation as to where former two time Triple Crown Champion Jake Lee would end up. Lee didn’t make people wait very long as a week after his last match with AJPW, Jake Lee made his first appearance in Pro Wrestling NOAH. His debut in Pro Wrestling NOAH occurred on January 1st at the NOAH The New Year event. Lee aligned with Jack Morris and the two formed the GLG (Good Looking Guys) faction which now has six members.

It took a little over two months after his debut for Jake Lee to ascend to the top of Pro Wrestling NOAH when he defeated Kaito Kiyomiya for NOAH’s top prize, the GHC Heavyweight Championship on March 19th, 2023. Jake Lee proved that he is in fact worthy of holding the GHC Heavyweight Title as he has made four successful title defenses against four men whose who are synonymous with NOAH – Katsuhiko Nakajima, Takashi Suguira, Naomichi Marufuji & Go Shiozaki.

Jake Lee remained undefeated in Pro Wrestling NOAH since debuting until he ran into Kenoh at the N-1 Victory 2023 Tournament. NOAH megastar Kenoh succeeded in putting the only blemish on Jake Lee’s Pro Wrestling NOAH won/loss record. Following his victory over Go Shiozaki on September 24th, Lee nominated Kenoh as his next challenger which Kenoh was all too happy to accept. Lee will be defending the GHC Heavyweight Championship against Kenoh on October 28th at NOAH’s DEMOLITION STAGE 2023 in FUKUOKA.

Jake Lee took time out of his busy schedule to be interviewed by’s Lewis Carlan. The two discussed the upcoming title defense against Kenoh, GLG, Katsuhiko Nakajima, His desires to wrestle overseas, Being named the Kitami Tourism Ambassador, If the IWGP World Heavyweight Title is a goal and more.

Here is the Interview with GHC Heavyweight Champion Jake Lee:

Q: You have a huge match coming up with KENOH on October 28th at DEMOLITION STAGE 2023 in FUKUOKA. Do you feel you are at a disadvantage since you lost to KENOH at N-1?

Jake Lee: KENOH is the first NOAH fighter to put a singles black mark on my record. I don’t consider it a disadvantage or an advantage, but rather I believe that I have to overcome this match with a victory to move on to the next one.

Q: What is your response to KENOH when he states he will be the next GHC Heavyweight Champion?

Jake Lee: He can say whatever he wants, as long as he has lost in singles, he has no right to stop saying that.

Q: What kind of a challenge do you expect from KENOH? Will this be considered your toughest challenge for the title to date? How important is it for you to beat KENOH?

Jake Lee: The purpose of this title match is to pay back my debt from N-1, and I believe that by doing so, I’ll be able to take another step forward in my career. It’s a very important match, and I feel a lot of pressure not to lose a second time. It will be a tough match, not just physically but also mentally.

Q: Many fans thought you were going to lose to Go Shiozaki, do you enjoy proving people wrong?

Jake Lee: To those fans, I regret that I could not live up to your expectations.

Q: LJ Cleary recently became the newest member of GLG, what does Cleary bring to the faction?

Jake Lee: He has youth. This is an asset that will never return, only now. It will provide a lot of inspiration, for the team and, of course, for the fans.

Q: Are there any other wrestlers out there that you may be recruiting for GLG?

Jake Lee: There are, but I don’t think now is the time to take action.

Q: GLG have the GHC Heavyweight Title and GHC Tag Team Titles in their possession, do you feel GLG is the top faction right now in Pro Wrestling NOAH?

Jake Lee: I’m surprised that we have done so much in less than a year, which is more than I expected. But we’re not satisfied with this. We are aiming for a higher stage.

Q: What are your feelings about Katsuhiko Nakajima leaving NOAH?

Jake Lee: We are products, athletes but first, we are human beings. That makes us want to do more and more things. It’s natural that we want to test our own potential.

Q: You’ve held the AJPW Triple Crown Title and the GHC Heavyweight Title. Is the IWGP World Heavyweight Title a championship you hope to hold one day and add to your legacy?

Jake Lee: That’s true, and there’s something else I’m more interested in. I can’t discuss about that here just yet, though.

Q: Kaito Kiyomiya was in the G1 Climax this year; would you like to participate in the G1 next year?

Jake Lee: Sure.

Q: Congratulations on being named the Kitami Tourism Ambassador. How do you plan on promoting the city?

Jake Lee: Thank you very much. First of all, I will always sprinkle some Hakka oil spray before entering the ring to make people think of Kitami as Jake Lee and Hakka, and I will promote that. (Kitami has a peppermint scent)

Q: Will we see you in North America in the future possibly defending the GHC Heavyweight Title?

Jake Lee: At the end of the year, I will get a pass/fail on my naturalization application. If I can clear that, I can see enough possibilities next year.

Q: Are there any overseas opponents that you would like to face in the future?

Jake Lee: Of course there are many, but I’ve never been to the U.S., Mexico, or European countries, even in my private life. So, first of all, I want to breathe the local air and see how people there live. I would like to have a feel for those things before I compete.

Q: Do you have a final message for your challenger KENOH?

Jake Lee: Jake Lee, who has a small face and a big smile, who is at the helm of NOAH’s ark, has his sights set on KENOH’s big face.

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