A Female House Of Black stable?

Julia Hart began her time in All Elite Wrestling as part of the Varsity Blonds alongside Brian Pillman Jr and Griff Garrison. In December 2021, Julia Hart Malakai Black spat black mist into Julia Hart’s eyes, resulting in her wearing an eye patch for quite a while and her dark side began to emerge from there until she was revealed to be a part of the House of Black. 

On the September 23, 2023 episode of AEW Collision, Julia faced Kiera Hogan coming out victorious against her. After the victory, Julia kept her submission on Kiera causing Skye Blue to come out to her rescue, coming face to face with Juia and Brody King. Skye was distracted with Brody when Julia took the opportunity to mist Skye just as Malakai had done to her previously.

Although it wasn’t shown on screen, Willow was taken to a hospital due to Julia misting her as well which resulted in Kiera facing Julia instead. Willow would face Julia on the September 27th episode of Dynamite. Therefore, Julia misted both Skye and Willow on the same episode of Collision.

While Willow wore a bandage over her eye as she faced Julia after the attack had happened. 

In recent weeks, AEW has been highlighting Skye’s transformation during her entrance as she used to smile quite often, winking at the crowd, shown full of energy. Now, she has darker makeup every week, having fans wonder about the effects Julia’s mist has on Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale. 

AEW has been making sure to show us Skye’s entrance changing little by little and even mentioning the change in her look already. Tony Khan even pointing out Skye’s “darker side” as he promotes her match against Kris Statlander.

Is it possible they create a female stable within House of Black?

It would be pretty interesting to see this happening as AEW is a company with several stables, they could use a women’s one now that the Outcasts aren’t working together anymore. We also had Britt Baker alongside Jamie Hayter and Rebel as a stable, Jade and her baddies: Leila Grey and Red Velvet, both groups are no longer on screen and it’s time for new faces. It would be incredible to see them taking over the women’s division, also as they have, showing us the change in their characters. 

Willow has been a character that has been loved by the audience since she debuted in AEW, by joining the stable, her look, theme song, attire and overall “happy” character would need a change which would be something new for Willow herself.  However, we haven’t seen Willow’s transformation compared to how Skye Blue’s has been portrayed on screen.

Both ladies could show us their change while Julia takes time off, giving us their official debut as a stable once Julia returns. Could it also mean they would take care of Kris Statlander in order for Julia to win the title? It does make me excited for the future of House of Black as it would make them an even stronger group and it is giving more women opportunities to shine on AEW TV. 

I have been loving the little changes Skye Blue has been making, most fans have notice or highlight them on social media from her usual energetic entrance to now a more aggressive moveset too. I do wonder if Skye will turn on Willow to cause a huge reaction not only due to Skye’s change but also due to Willow being a beloved babyface. I’m looking forward to seeing how Skye gets involved with House of Black and Julia Hart once she returns.

What do you think it’s happening with Skye Blue and Willow Nightingale?