Ari Emanuel Has Specific Vision On How To Use Vince McMahon That Doesn’t Involve Him Micromanaging WWE Creative

Ari Emanuel has a plan for Vince McMahon.

One of the most important players in Endeavor, Emanuel has a lot of say in both WWE and UFC affairs and now, he wants to see Vince McMahon used in a way that will use his “worldwide notoriety”.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Ari sees McMahon being used in a way where he will not be micromanaging WWE creative.

One person close to the situation said that Ari Emanuel has a vision for how he can use the worldwide notoriety of Vince McMahon, & that vision doesn’t include him micro-managing the weekly WWE television shows. 


Since McMahon’s retirement in last year, there has been a power struggle for WWE creative control that has been between McMahon and Triple H. Recently, TKO have restored Triple H as head of WWE creative and have been “marginalizing” McMahon’s power in WWE.

We will have to wait and see if Triple H will remain the lead of creative once again and provide some much needed stability to WWE’s creative vision as we near closer and closer to the Road To WrestleMania.

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