Why You SHOULD Be Excited For Becky Lynch vs Tiffany Stratton At NXT No Mercy

The women’s division across the two biggest wrestling promotions on the hellmouth that is Earth in AEW and WWE (the main roster, at least) have gotten the Titanfall 2 treatment in that they’re relegated to the sidelines when they shouldn’t be because they deserve better treatment from the higher ups. 

However, the NXT women’s division have proved to be quite the exception. It’s probably the reason why Becky Lynch moved to NXT aka The Trick Williams show. 

She’s also the same person that voiced her frustration on how the women’s division hasn’t been given much love on the red and blue brand in a recent interview with America’s version of the Daily Mail, The New York Post

While I would love to write a PHD level thesis on why the women deserve better on WWE’s two flagship shows, this ain’t about that (no sh*t, Omar) but rather a certain match that instantly became one of my favourite TV matches of the year and a reason why you should look forward to the rematch at No Mercy. 

That bout is, of course, Becky Lynch vs Tiffany Stratton on the September 12th edition of NXT aka the “Stratton has the best moonsault ever” show. 

Now, you may ask, “what makes this one so good and why should I look forward to the rematch at No Mercy?” 

From the perfect senton by the former NXT women’s champion to a middle rope Russian leg sweep as well as a moonsault counter into a manhandle slam minutes later by the current women’s champion, this match had one thing and one thing going, EXCITEMENT! 

And it’s honestly thanks to Tiffany Stratton who in just under 60 matches, has already proven to be one of the best talents on that roster. 

It also proves that she can go move for move, punch for punch, kick for kick with THE elite main eventers in Becky Lynch. If that shouldn’t convince you that Stratton is legit superb in the ring, I don’t know what will.

Becky Lynch should also get some love for this encounter too as this is the second time this year that she surprised ya boy with a fantastic match. “What was the first time”, you may ask? 

Well, it was when she faced Trish Stratus in a steel cage that kicked off this year’s Payback show which, by the way, had no business being THAT good considering that the feud was as cold as a Gudda Gudda verse.

The encounter got some ratings boost with the 8 minute overrun averaging a million viewers (via Wrestlenomics) so to the showerless, odourful and only black graphic tees mofos that believe women can’t draw, well  people lie but numbers don’t. 

And I’m pretty sure the rematch is gonna rule harder than the Abbasid Caliphate. Imagine the match we got a few weeks ago but with kendo sticks, tables, ladders, chairs and most importantly, STAIRS? Sheeeeeeesh!