Bron Breakker Is Not Impressed By What Baron Corbin Does In The Ring

Bron Breakker is not impressed by Baron Corbin.

Bron is currently scheduled to lock up with Corbin during tonight’s No Mercy event in a singles match after the pair have struck up a rivalry in recent weeks. Corbin is a free agent, and has found a home on NXT in recent months.

Speaking with James Stewart on the Stick to Wrestling Podcast, Breakker previewed the match and stated that nothing Corbin does in the ring impresses him.

“I respect him in the sense of he’s a former NFL player, just like me. We have a lot of similarities being athletes and such. But outside of that, what he does in the ring does not impress me one bit. The same thing that happened to Von Wagner is gonna happen to him. He’s really backed himself into a corner here. There’s really nothing else he can do. At No Mercy, time is up for him. He’s gonna be beaten and battered. It’s gonna be ugly,” 

“I’m focused on me, what I’m doing right now in NXT. That’s Baron Corbin at No Mercy. That’s it. I’m focused on the beating that I’m gonna give him. We’re gonna have to call an ambulance to come into the place before the match so they’re already there. Then he’ll be carted out when I’m done beating his ass at No Mercy. Then him and Von Wagner can be hospital buddies or something,” 

Bron Breakker

We will have to wait and see if Corbin can offer anything to impress Breaker at No Mercy tonight.

H/T to Fightful for transcription

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