IMPACT Wrestling Results & Review — September 28, 2023

X Division Title
-Chris Sabin (c) vs Alan Angels

Sabin wins with the Cradle Shock.

My thoughts: great showing for Alan Angels, who is and should be the future of the X division. His work here with Sabin was very complimentary, and a great way to open the show tonight.

Post-match, we get a video hyping NJPW star Kenta, who is revealed to be part of Bound For Glory.

Gia Miller is backstage with Alex Shelley, who says he approves the standard that Josh set as the longest-reigning IMPACT World Champion, but that he’s going to defeat Josh and prove why he deserves the title.

-Rhino vs Jack Price
Rhino wins with a GORE to Jack Price, who didn’t really stand a chance.

My thoughts: Squash match, who cares?

Maclin appears and beats down Rhino from behind. Once Rhino is up, he gets the better of Maclin until Maclin slides out of the ring before he can be Gored.

Backstage, Tasha Steelz is talking about her return for IMPACT1000, and Deonna Purrazzo walks up mid-promo. Both women walk away having each others backs.

Elsewhere backstage, Eddie and Alisha Edwards are talking about the loss they took at IMPACT1000. Eddie says Traci beat Alisha, but Frankie didn’t beat Eddie. Frankie walks up and says he’s right – it’s bit over. Frankie says he wants to end it in the IMPACT ring, and he’s going to talk to management about ending it in a definitive manner.

Yuya Uemura goodbye ceremony.
Joe Hendry hyped up Yuya, and gets the crowd chanting “thank you Yuya”, and just as he’s begins to speak, Yuya gets interrupted by the Rascalz. They come out and say it’s a good thing that Yuya is getting fired, because if he would’ve won the Tag Team Title briefcase, they would’ve wasted their opportunity by losing the match.

Joe Hendry calls Trey and Zachary the “2nd and 3rd best Rascal.”

JOYA and the Rascalz go at it for a minute or two before Director of Authotriy Santino Marella makes his way out and had both teams wrestle. He says that if Joya wins, Yuya gets to keep his job.

-JOYA vs The Rascalz
The Rascalz win when Wentz distracts the referee on the outside and Trey Miguel spray paints Yuya’s face and then rolls him up for the pinfall.

My thoughts: Yuya is likely headed back to New Japan Pro Wrestling after his excursion with IMPACT, which is a head scratcher as to why they would put him in a tag team or storyline if they knew he was leaving. The match itself was a good showcase for Yuya against one of the top tag teams in the business. The Rascalz won in cheap fashion with Trey using the spread paint in Yuya’s face.

Gia Miller stops Gisele Shaw backstage and asks about her match tonight. Gisele says she’ll beat Trinity tonight, and then challenge her for the IMPACT Knockouts World Title at Bound For Glory.

We go to Deaner with Kon standing behind him. Deaner says he will return to his throne with Kon by side. Deaner says it starts with Josh Alexander, who Kon fought in his IMPACT debut.

Memphis Street Fight
-Tommy Dreamer & Heath vs Kenny King & Sheldon Jean

Dreamer & Heath won.

After Tommy Dreamer and Heath won their match, Crazzy Steve attacked Dreamer from behind with his Feast or Fired briefcase with the Digital Media Title shot inside of it. Steve stood tall over Dreamer.

We get the announcement that IMPACT Wrestling President Scott D’Amore will be inducting both Mike Tenay and Don West into the IMPACT Wrestling Hall of Fame, while Traci Brooks will be inducted by IMPACT Executive and Hall of Famer, Gail Kim.

Backstage, ABC are talking about going after the Rascalz with the Tag Team Title briefcase that Chris Bey won two weeks ago in the Feast or Fired match, but Ace says they need to take care of the more immediate problem, The Good Hands. Chris Bey suggests a match with the Good Hands in the ring, and that’s when John Skyler walks up and says Hotch isn’t there to it can’t happen. Ace tells Skyler to pick a talent from the locker room to be his partner.

-Mike Bailey vs Jonathan Gresham

Gresham wins by holding the tights of Bailey during a roll up pin after Bailey kicking out of two previous roll up attempts.

My thoughts: This was a really good match, and I love how it ended. It looks like this is the start of a Jonathan Gresham heel turn, which is much needed.

We go backstage to Moose and Brian Myers, with Moose talking about how he’s got the World Title briefcase. He says he wants to get back into singles action next week against anybody who wants to step up.

Elsewhere backstage, Maclin approaches Bully Ray and says he wants his help taking out Rhino, just like he helped Bully take out PCO. Bully says he’ll talk to Rhino.

———Main Event ———

-Trinity vs Gisele Shaw

Trinity wins by submitting Gisele Shaw with the STARSTRUCK maneuver.

My thoughts: this match was really good. I love seeing Gisele in the Main Event scene again, but I hate seeing her yet again take the loss/submit. She’s been in a lot of big matches lately, but seems to be the one always taking the pin/submission. She’s a big part of this Knockouts division and will be for a long time to come, so her taking big losses doesn’t make a ton of sense to me.

Immediately following the victory, Jai Vidal and Savannah attacked Trinity and started to beat her down. Mickie James was out to make the save. Mickie went after Vidal and Evans, and Trinity joined in.

Mickie then told Trinity that she never lost the IMPACT Knockouts World Title, and she couldn’t think of a better place to get it back then Bound For Glory.

The show ended, but the match was made official shortly after.

Overall thoughts: really good show were almost everything built toward their upcoming Bound For Glory PPV. We saw both Kenta vs Chris Sabin for the X Division Title, and Trinity vs Mickie James for the Knockouts World Title added to the PPV.

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