Kenoh To Hold New Talent Tryouts For Pro Wrestling NOAH

Pro Wrestling NOAH superstar Kenoh is looking for new talent to join the promotion. Kenoh announced on September 22nd that he will be conducting auditions as he is searching for new wrestlers for Pro Wrestling NOAH. Kenoh has confirmed that he will be the examiner for this tryout. They will also be broadcasting the experience the new trainees will have from their introductory test through their hopeful pro wrestling debuts. It was stated that all applicants must be “men who are 16 years of age or older, and in good physical and mental health”. Those pass the document screening will move on to take the physical fitness test and interview.

From Kenoh on his YouTube Channel:

Since I was in elementary school, I had always had a dream of becoming a professional wrestler, and it was great when my dream came true, and I made my debut at the age of twenty-three. Maybe the person who passes this, will fight me in a title match later when I get the belt. Now that’s dream! If you have a dream of becoming a professional wrestler, please come and join us. Come and fight with me in the Noah ring!


The Pro Wrestling NOAH tryout/audition which Kenoh will run is set for November 3rd.

(H/T goes to NOAH’S ARKIVE for the transcription and translation)

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