Jon Moxley Called Audible For Finish The Moment He Realized He Was “Messed Up” vs Rey Fenix At Grand Slam

Ricky Havlik Jon Moxley vs Action Andretti Cleveland, OH AEW Collision 9/9/23

Jon Moxley’s concussion during Wednesday’s AEW Dynamite was not noticed by Rick Knox and Rey Fenix. during the bout.

At AEW Grand Slam, Jon Moxley defended the AEW International Championship against Rey Fenix in singles competition. The match would start off outside the ring, with Fenix landing a huge senton onto Moxley on the outside, catching Moxley on the crown of his head.

Moxley would seem out of it for the remainder of the match, leading to a botch at the end by the referee as Moxley’s shoulders were pinned to the mat as the crowd rained down boos. They would then try the finish again, with the match ending following the three count.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that Jon Moxley must pass a concussion protocol before he is allowed to make a return to AEW. 

“As with all concussions, his return is based on passing protocol tests. It could be a week and it could be much longer. He noted that because he wasn’t knocked out and could still wrestle, Fenix and Knox didn’t realize he was hurt, nor did the doctor. In hindsight, because of the risk of a second concussion so shortly after the first, the best thing should have been to stop the match, but since he was working seemingly fine, nobody knew that. Actually when Moxley realized he was messed up, he called right then for the finish.”


Moxley was able to leave the ring under his own power after the scary situation, but it is incredible to note Moxley had the wherewithal to call the audible once he realized he was hurt.

Any further updates on Moxley’s injury status will be posted to when the news breaks.

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