Vince McMahon Requiring A Cane To Move Around At Work After Recent Back Surgery

Vince McMahon has been using a cane to move around at WWE events.

The 78 year old is someone who is not your normal human being. After undergoing serious spinal surgery just a few months ago, Vince has been in the gym and animated during public appearances.

During WrestleMania 39 weekend, the sale of WWE was officially announced as Vince had accepted an offer from Endeavor to buy the WWE, with Endeavor planning to merge the WWE and UFC into one 21 billion dollar company. Now, the merger with the UFC to form a new company, TKO Group has finalized as the company will now start trading on the stock market.

PWInsider reports that at a recent meeting following the TKO Group formation, McMahon was spotted using a cane to walk up stairs and to the podium upon which he spoke at.

Several WWE employees who were in attendance at yesterday’s meeting sent word that Vince McMahon was actually using a cane to walk up the stairs to the stage and then to walk to the podium where he spoke.

We will have to wait and see how the wrestling business will continue to change and evolve with the takeover being completed and TKO Group having control of two juggernauts in the UFC and WWE.

Time will tell if McMahon will be able to make it to his goal of 120 years old in the next 40 years.

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