Exclusive Interview: Destiny Wrestling Owner Emilio Albi Talks Bringing Simon Gotch & Matthew Rehwoldt Back Together As The Vaudevillians

Destiny Wrestling Owner and President Emilio Albi joined’s Lewis Carlan for an exclusive interview.

They discussed numerous topics including the upcoming Destiny Wrestling Haywire event, his likes and dislikes about be a promoter, the Haywire main event which is set to be Trent Seven defending the Destiny Wrestling World Title against IMPACT Wrestling superstar Steve Maclin and much more.

Another topic that had been brought up was Simon Gotch and Matthew Rehwoldt reuniting after 6 years as former WWE team The Vaudevillians on the Haywire event in which they will have an opportunity to win the vacant Destiny Wrestling Tag Team Title.

Emilio Albi was asked how he brought Simon Gotch and Matthew Rehwoldt together for the reunion:

I would like to tell you it was very strategic on my end but it really wasn’t. I’ve been talking to Matt quite a bit at different Impact events and we’ve been going back and forth just waiting to see if our schedules will mesh and lo and behold we found the day that worked. Simon was also available, they wanted to do some stuff together as the former Vaudevillians and we put it together quite quickly. It was just a matter of timing. They made the announcement that they were about to do everything and do a couple of independent shows together and again, timing, constant conversation back and forth between me and Matt and lo and behold The Vaudevillians are showing up in Oshawa fighting for the Destiny Tag Team Titles.

Emilio Albi

The last Destiny Wrestling event featured a fatal four way match in which MLW World Champion Alex Kane faced AEW’s Lance Archer and former WWE Stars Trent Seven and Big Damo for the vacant Destiny Wrestling World Title.

Emilio Albi was also asked about Destiny Wrestling’s huge main events and the thought process that into booking matches fans won’t normally see:

That is one of the things that I try to put out there. I want something that people are going to go “oh wow” and “that is pretty impressive”. Don’t get me wrong it isn’t cheap to put a card together, it’s not cheap to put one of these main events together but I’m also a fan and I know there’s certain dynamics that I like to see in a match. I just think what would the fans really enjoy seeing? What will make the fans want to come out to a Destiny show to see on top of seeing all the great local Indie performers that we have on our show like Gabriel Fuerza, Tarik, Alexia Nicole, Vaughn Vertigo. What’s just gonna make you go “oh my goodness” and how is this gonna happen and who’s gonna win? That’s always been my biggest thing, if we think back to the 80s we always had the term “jobber”. When we watched WWE or WWF when at that time, we kind of already knew what the outcome was going to be and I don’t ever want that to happen at any of my shows. I want people to be so invested into the match that just don’t know what’s going to happen and that fatal four-way, that’s one of those matches that you just don’t know what’s going to happen.

Emilio Albi

Fans can view the entire interview with Emilio Albi here:

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