HBO Max Reportedly Set To Be The Home Of AEW With 12 PPV’s A Year

It looks like AEW are nearing finding a streaming home on HBO Max while also extending their PPV schedule.

The company has been operating under a deal with FITE to air their programming and PPV’s on the service, with the TV programming only being available for those outside North America.

When it comes to PPVs, AEW have been slowly increasing their shows, with many super shows of weekly programming filling the holes in their PPV schedule, similar to AEW Grand Slam which goes down on Wednesday night.

Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Podcast has now reported that he feels “very confident” that AEW will find a home on HBO Max and their PPV schedule will be extended to 12 a year.

“I feel confident to say MAX is gonna be the home for AEW, I can also feel confident to say they’re gonna run 12 PPV’s a year. Not a prediction my friend, I feel very confident to say it”

Andrew Zarian

We will have to wait and see how much AEW content is brought to HBO Max and how the company will handle a 12 PPV a year schedule, but for now AEW will be focused on AEW Grand Slam coming up next week, as noted.

H/T to WrestlePurists for transcription

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