Exclusive: Bron Breakker – Von Wagner Steel Steps Spot Did Not Go As Planned, Lead To Panicking Backstage At The NXT Taping

Many backstage at NXT this week were concerned for the health of Von Wagner.

At the end of NXT, Bron Breakker positioned Von Wagner on the steel steps, taking the other half and bringing to crashing down on Wagner’s skull.

This segment stunned many viewers, and Wagner was stretchered out of the ringside area and was handled tenderly. Many fans immediately believed this to be a work but that may not be the case.

Several spoke to who were in attendance for the taping and are regular attendees of NXT noted to us that there was a panic caused by the spot, as the EMT’s and other agents seemed “exceptionally worried” after the spot. The same people also noted that when the steps came down, they directly made contact with the back of Von Wagner’s head and neck. For reference, the part of the steps used in the segment weighs around 150 pounds.

Another source that works backstage in NXT weekly noted to us that there was a general panic after Bron “hit him in the head accidentally.” It was stressed to us that the “black screen” was planned, but it appeared to be a blessing in disguise for Von Wagner, as the blow was not shown on television. We were then told “aspects went wrong” and Wagner ended up being split open by the shot, which was obviously not a part of he plan.

Despite this panic, the backstage team were able to get the stretcher to ringside to attend to the stricken Von Wagner.

While all this was going on a “visibly shaken” Shawn Michaels came out, continuing the angle with Breakker, taking attention away from the obviously hurt Von Wagner.

WWE announced shortly after the incident that Von Wagner was being transported to the hospital for treatment, but we were unable to confirm the extent of the NXT superstar’s injuries bar the cut on his head from the blow.

All at wish Von Wagner the best in his recovery from this scary incident.

Please credit and Corey Brennan if you aggregate this article.

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