Former UFC Fighter Alistair Overeem Says He Will Cure His Trans Child, Possibly With A New Diet

Alistair Overeem says he will cure his LGBTQ+ child.

In the latest combat sports athlete to come out and condemn the LGBTQ community, Alistair Overeem has stated that he will cure his child, Storm Overeem.

Storm is now 16 years old, so is establishing their identity and realizing things about their sexuality, just like every other 16 year old in the world.

This for some reason has not sat well with the former UFC Heavyweight fighter, probably best known for his fight with Brock Lesnar and his abuse of PED’s, as his child says they feel like a boy now.

In a recent interview with The Trueman Show, Overeem made sure to note that he believes he will cure his son, despite no curing being necessary. Overeem believes a new diet and nutrition may be the answer. You can read the transcribed translation below.

“….And my eldest daughter, by the way, falls under that, so that’s an interesting challenge. She feels like a a little boy, so that’s true, but for me it’s Dutch because, yes, as I like it, but why should it have to go to “Wow so what is it like for you?” I have my daughter, son and daughter. Fortunately, I have my favorite. for For me it is very important to investigate whether it comes from within yourself or whether external factors are involved and I think I’ve identified the external one, so I approached this again as a competition, huh. And look at functional search. I literally contacted my people from all over the world profession and I have a plan.”

“I think that it’s a bit premature because now we’re going to tell everyone, because that’s been a plan for a long time, but I have this housing plan if you are sure and I can also tell you. I will probably have an outcome with you at the beginning of August about whether the plan will work. It also sounds cryptic, but I’m going to see if I recognize something with it, no problem. Music is a thing of today and a lot of young people are leaders, so we can just give everyone operations, but we can’t solve that, because that is seen more often. Yes, you change a kind of no hormones. You have to stay because you can say that, but you can’t, so I started looking at other causes. Maybe it’s because of something. Maybe it’s because of this, maybe it’s because of nutrition. Maybe yes. But I think it is. I have something anyway. I’m going to try to change a number of things that I’m going to try to change and then you could say without an operation, so to speak, but okay, so just don’t go too fast. Just take it easy, because I don’t want any false hope.”

Alistair Overeem

Overeem has previously been under fire from LGBTQ reps after he used homophobic insults to describe professional wrestling back in 2021, calling it stupid and gay during a rant on Brock Lesnar.

Other MMA fighters such as Sean Strickland, Jake Shields and more have shown homophobic beliefs, which have been rightfully called out by many fans.

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