Adam Cole And MJF Win ROH Tag Team Championships From Aussie Open On All In’s Zero Hour

The Power of friendship and kangaroo kicks led the team of MJF and Adam Cole to gold.

What everyone expected to be a short-lived friendship has turned into one of the best things we have seen and it has resulted in not only a main event between the two friends, but Adam Cole and MJF challenging the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions Aussie Open.

Everyone inside the jam-packed stadium was ready for the double clotheslines, the kangaroo kicks, and most importantly a great back between both teams in the featured Zero Hour match for the tag team gold before MJF and Cole go toe-to-toe with each other in the main event of All In. 

In the end, the power of friendship from MJF and Cole was enough to stop the reign of the Aussie Open as they picked up the pinfall victory to become the new Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championships!

MJF and Cole are still set to face each other in the main event of All In for the AEW World Championship.

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