Eric Young Chose To Return To IMPACT Wrestling, Currently Has Agreement With President Scott D’Amore

Eric Young made his return to IMPACT Wrestling when he shocked the world and revealed himself as Scott D’Amore’s tag team partner at Slammiversary against Bully Ray and Deaner.

Eric Young recently appeared on the Battleground podcast recently to discuss his return to IMPACT Wrestling.

“Yeah, I can say as a person that’s done this for a long time. I’ve got tons of credibility with the wrestling world and wrestling fans, and I can choose where I work. That’s the truth,” Eric Young said. “I’ve been fired before. That’s the only time I’ve been fired in my life. That was not the case this time. I chose to leave. And I believe if I want to, I could work at the other place too. 

“I choose IMPACT. And part of that is that’s where a lot of my close friends work. That’s part of it. But the bigger part is the collaboration aspect of it and the locker room and how tight-knit it is. And I was just talking to Mike Johnson, and I’ll say it here too, after the pay-per-view on Saturday, 95% of the roster was in the same bar after. That doesn’t happen anywhere else; I guarantee it. 

“I’m not saying that as a fluff. I’m saying it as I know, and that doesn’t go on anywhere else. And you got your groups and your people that you hang out with more this than the other. But it’s a really interesting locker room, and Scott D’Amore and Anthem and Ed [Nordholm], and Len [Asper], and the people that run the place, Lou [D’Angelo], and all those people have created a very, very special place to work. 

“And I think anybody like you just said, you just had [Lio Rush] on. This guy has worked for every company. He’s worked all over the world. I mean, who would have a clearer vision than somebody like that? Right? It’s just the truth. And it will always sound like fluff when it’s coming from somebody that works there currently, but ask people that have worked there before or if people that are new to the roster, they’re gonna say the exact same thing.”

H/T Matt Black for WrestleZone. Full article here.

Full interview:

Young was the guest on The Wrestling Perspective Podcast with Dennis Farrell and Lars Frederiksen’s August 7th, 2023 episode.

Young would say, “I think it’s something that we could cross that bridge as far as contracts go. I’m under an agreement with Scott right now, and we’re working on it. There’s actually some really cool stuff that will probably come out in October/November. An opportunity I have with Anthem and with AXS. So the deal is really complicated, and that’s why it’s kind of taking so long, but I will definitely be there up until the Emergence Pay-Per-View in Toronto and hope to be past that as well. I would be very surprised if we didn’t work something out.”

H/T Rob Wilkins from Fightful. Full article here.

Since his return, Eric battled with Nick Aldis and sent him packing out of IMPACT; it was seemingly the same result as their previous World Title match, with Young winning and ending Aldis’s 112 day World Title run.

Eric has been teasing since shortly after the return how they’re going to explain away his absence.

To close out the IMPACT episode last week, IMPACT released the never-before-seen footage of what happened after Eric was stabbed.

What’s next for Eric Young? We’ll have to continue tuning in to find out.

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