AAA Looking To Make Big Move In 2024, Possibly With TV Deal According to Konnan

Big things are on the horizon for AAA says head booker Konnan.

FITE TV is currently where AAA airs its events for US based fans. The lucha libre promotion has also had some events on Estrella TV in the past. One thing is obvious, AAA is wanting to expand their fanbase and footprint with in the US.

Recently on Under The Ring, Konnan laid out how AAA’s style is different than what most US based fans are used to seeing. He also mentioned that the promotion is looking to move into the US in a “major way” with a possible TV deal in 2024.

“Hopefully, next year, I can’t get into details, but we’re negotiating to come into the United States in a major way, hopefully with a TV deal, and show people what Mexican Lucha libre is all about. You won’t see what you see in the United States, which is basically Mexican wrestlers within the confines of an American style. You’re gonna see straight Lucha libre like you saw, maybe if you ever saw Lucha Underground,”

Konnan via Under The Ring

Dorian Roldán, Global Director of Lucha Libre AAA spoke about AAA’s streaming goals in May of 2023. He stated that the promotion hopes to have made a decision late 2023 or early 2024.

We will continue to update fans as information becomes available.

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