IMPACT Wrestling Results & Review – August 3rd, 2023

-Trinity kicks off the show when she makes her way down to the ring. She talks about her journey and how she considered walking away from wrestling altogether before she showed up in IMPACT. Trinity says its great to be back in front of the Chicago crowd, where she debuted back in April.

Trinity gets interrupted by Deonna Purrazzo, and says that she came out to interrupt her, just like she did when she debuted with the company. There’s a “you tapped out” chant going around the crowd. Deonna says she knows how it feels to win the Knockouts Title on her first opportunity because she did it too. Says the difference between her and Trinity is that she’s not a quitter. Trinity cuts her off: “Except when you tapped out!” Deonna says that when she gets her rematch at Emergence, she’s going to take her Knockouts Title back because NOBODY has beaten her twice. Trinity says she can do it.

The Coven make their way out and interrupt both women. KiLynn King comes out and says that she was the one in the ring with Trinity for her debut match, but she got lucky that night. King says that if she could’ve been the champ if things had gone differently. Taylor Wilde says she hates that The Coven was beaten by Trinity. Trinity tells them to do something about it. King says they’ll do a card reading, and then both women attack Trinity until Deonna evens the numbers and attacks The Coven.

Security is out to separate the women. Director of Authority Santino Marella makes his way out and says they might as well turn it into a match later tonight. Deonna says she came out for a fight, so they might as well do it right now. Santino calls for an official and makes the match.

-Trinity/Deonna Purrazzo vs The Coven

KiLynn King & Taylor Wilde win the match after King nailed Deonna with a KING’S CURSE and scored the pinfall.

My thoughts: this was a really good segment that ended in a great match that in which Trinity accidentally kicking Deonna in the head when she aimed for Wilde but Wilde ducked. Wilde was able to throw Trinity out of the ring and then KiLynn got the better of Deonna. I would love to see more of KiLynn King/Deonna wrestling because they’re both great and can put on fantastic matches, plus it’s just a matchup we haven’t seen much of.

We go backstage to The Rascalz talking about how they’re finally stepping back into the ring as a team for the first time in 3 years. Scott comes up and says that he’s fining them each 2 weeks pay for returning to the building a few weeks ago when he kicked them out of the building. Scott says he’s not punishing the fans because the Rascalz are one of the best tag teams out there, but if they interfere in any of the other tournament matches that they’ll be indefinitely suspended without pay.

Elsewhere backstage, Alisha Edwards is talking about how she ran Traci Brooks out of IMPACT Wrestling. Jody Threat walks up and says that Alisha isn’t worth Traci’s time. Alisha says that she doesn’t like how shes being talked to. Alisha said she’ll run Jody out of the Knockout locker room as well, and Jody says she wants to see her try. Jody says that she’ll see her next week for a match.

-Jake Something vs. Davey Vega

Jake makes quick work of Vega after hitting INTO THE VOID and covering him for the pinfall.

My thoughts: This seems to be a legit Jake Something push, which he lacked during his last IMPACT run. He’s a beast and should continue being booked as one. This was great.

-Heath vs Alan Angels

Heath wins with a WAKE UP CALL

My thoughts: This match was better than I expected it to be, but I also think it went too long.

We get a recap of Eric Young beating Nick Aldis last week and then getting attacked by Deaner and Kon.

Gia catches up with Eric backstage, and he says he has footage of what REALLY happened between himself and Deaner that night that Young was stabbed.

We see a recap of Moose, Brian Myers, & Bully Ray pressuring Lio Rush for his answer on the alliance. Lio Rush is backstage and approached by those same guys who say they want to make sure they can trust Lio Rush, and they want them there with them next week in a 6 man tag team match.


-Kenny King © vs Joe Hendry vs Yuya Uemura

Kenny King retains after he hits Yuya Uemura with the ROYAL FLUSH and secures the victory.

My thoughts: they did a really good job here with finding a way that made sense to add Yuya into this match, having scored a pinfall over Kenny King last week during the tag team match on BTI. This was a great match by all involved; Yuya is definitely improving in the ring and that can be seen the more ring and television time he gets with IMPACT. Really enjoying them actually getting him involved in a storyline and not just pointless matches.

Gia Miller is backstage with Mike Bailey & Jonathan Gresham ahead of their tag team tournament match tonight against the Rascalz. Gresham says he is confident in himself and his partner, Mike Bailey. Bailey says he had to convince Gresham to be part of the tournament because he isn’t happy with how the rules are in IMPACT. Gresham points out last week that Bailey lost because Wentz cheated, and IMPACT doesn’t follow rules. Bailey says they should be able to overcome that anyway. Gresham says they’ll watch each other’s back.

We get a rundown of matches for next week, a new match for Multiverse United 2, and some reveals for the IMPACT1000 Tv tapings.

The Death Dolls are backstage talking about how there’s a match taking place for the IMPACT Knockouts Tag Team Titles that does not involve them. Both women say they need to go find Santino and demand to be added to the match. They turn around and run into Crazzy Steve, who seems freaked out by Courtney Rush and says he wants to talk to Rosemary. Rush tells Steve they’ll talk about it later and the Death Dollz walk away.

-The Rascalz vs. Mike Bailey/Jonathan Gresham

The Rascalz win after Bailey hits Wentz with a moonsault on the outside of the ring, and Trey Miguel sprays Gresham in the face with the spray paint and then rolls him up and holds the tights for the victory.

My thoughts: I would love to see this run back any time they want to. The Rascalz are phenomenal and the combination of Bailey and Gresham work so well together, you’d almost think they were actually a team. Give me Gresham and Bailey as legit contenders in the tag team division for as long as the team works together. Amazing match by some amazing athletes.

We get the footage of the Eric Young and Deaner incident. Eric Young talks about having many different lives and forms of oneself, but that he will never stop recreating and reforming himself.

My thoughts: this is one of the best videos that I’ve ever seen put together. Eric Young is fantastic in this, and the IMPACT production and video crew was amazing. Very happy to see Eric Young back in IMPACT Wrestling, where it seems like his creativity will never be stifled.

Overall thoughts: Great show again this week. Awesome showcase of the knockouts in the beginning and really the first probably 1/3 of the whole show, as well as some backstage stuff as well. The tag team match was great, stories continuing, alot less of the “spooky, witchy” shit. Very enjoyable.

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