Nick Khan Updates WWE TV Rights Talks

Both WWE Raw and Smackdown rights deals with Fox and USA Network are set to expire in 2024.

Nick Khan is feeling optimistic about both shows moving forward. WWE is currently able to speak with any network or platform about the shows as the exclusive window for both USA and FOX has closed.

During the last WWE earnings call Khan was asked about the rights deals and the amount of time it has taken this time versus the last round.

“Last time, having been across that negotiation, the starting prices of where we were for Raw and SmackDown were far far less than the starting prices now, which means deeper and longer conversations. All of those conversations have been productive. We remain quite optimistic on it in terms of time. I’ve often said in negotiations, you can control a lot of the process, you can never control the timing of the negotiation. We feel we’re there in full force with a robust product that seems to have quite high ratings and relevancy at this moment. We think the results will be what we expect and hope they will be,” 

Nick Khan on WWE rights deals

Currently WWE is still in a 5 year deal with both USA Network and Fox. Each deal was signed in 2019 and totals a worth of $2.35 billion dollars.

Khan was then asked about OTT partners and had the following to say.

 “The OTT buyers seem quite interested in not only Raw, not only SmackDown, but NXT, as do the more traditional buyers. We think it’s a very strong landscape for products that register.”

Nick Khan on OTT partners

Peacock is currently the home of WWE’s monthly premium live events and archived footage library. Khan was asked if WWE would take a shorter deal on their media rights in order to line up with the end of their current Peacock deal.

“I don’t see a one year extension being the outcome for us. I don’t think that’s what the marketplace is suggesting. Also, keep in mind what you already know, our content drives subscription behavior, not just viewership. It’s a 12 month return. Of course the digital players are going to be there, they see the results from Peacock with 20 live events or so per year with WWE and NXT premium live events. No, I don’t see an extension like that in our future. Yes, we’re talking to all the digital content partners who I think see the power in what we can do.”

Nick Khan on Peacock deal

We will update fans on WWE media rights deals once the information is made available.

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