Although Fans Are Excited, Drew McIntyre Would Of Liked To Have More Of A Build For His Upcoming SummerSlam Match With Gunther

Nov 21, 2021; Brooklyn, NY, USA; Drew McIntyre during the men’s five on five elimination match during WWE Survivor Series at Barclays Center. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

On July 1st, Drew McIntyre returned after a 3 month absence.

The last time McIntyre had been seen on WWE tv was at WrestleMania 39 where he lost to Gunther in a triple threat match that also featured Sheamus. At WWE Money In The Bank Drew quickly confronted the man who he had last lost to. This set up the upcoming match at SummerSlam for the Intercontinental Championship.

Recently Drew was asked while on Stay Busy how he was feeling heading into the match.

“I feel good. I wish we had more time to build it a little bit. The good thing is, I know people are just excited of the idea of Gunther vs. Drew McIntyre. That’s helpful that people want to see the match to begin with. You don’t have to build to make them want to see it. He needs an opponent that is a genuine threat. I need an opponent that is interesting and different and people want to see. I feel like there was a minute where McIntyre was kind of floating, which I never want to be doing, I always want to be moving up. There was a period where I felt like I flatlined and that was frustrating, but it led into the Sheamus thing and the Sheamus, Gunther, McIntyre thing. I wish we had a little more time to tell the story, but thankfully we’ve maximized the little time we’ve had with each other. He is such a force right now, it doesn’t need much storytelling to tell King vs. Godzilla. I’ve been able to come back, have the moment where I put him through the table after he was so dominant and stand before him and let him know, ‘You may have been dominant with everyone else, but you’ve gotten a little bit big for your britches. I’m Drew McIntyre, the same guy that has beaten Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Goldberg and a list of opponents a mile long. You’re about to get a wake up call and you might not get to break Honky Tonk Man’s record because Drew McIntyre is looking for his moment with a title in front of fans,'” 

Drew McIntyre on his upcoming match

McIntyre commended Gunther for the work he has done to elevate the WWE Intercontinental Championship while speaking with the media to promote WWE SummerSlam recently.

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