Kane Praised As Locker Room Leader By Maven

Maven a former WWE Superstar and winner of the very season of Tough Enough, recently discussed his thoughts on Kane.

After winning Tough Enough, Maven got to ride the rest of the WWE Attitude Era wave. He was an active member of the roster and got to spend time in the ring with The Rock, Kurt Angle, The Undertaker , and Triple H.

Kane was a mainstay of WWE for decades. He even had a few encounters with the former Tough Enough contestant.

During a recent video on his YouTube channel , Maven praised Kane as being “nicest guy on earth”. He also stated that Kane would look out for younger talent like himself and Randy Orton.

“Kane. Nicest guy on Earth. Absolute nicest guy on Earth,” 

Maven on Kane

We all know about ‘The Big Red Machine’ in the ring. Amazing, and amazing worker. The first things I remember about Kane, during my time, we would all have to be at the arena at one o’clock. Live airings went on at nine. We went live at nine o’clock, so to be there at one, you got a lot of time to kill. I remember one of the first things I saw backstage was Kane playing video games. Now, you see this guy, and you’re like, the last thing on Earth you think is that he’s into video games. Most people don’t know this about Kane, but Kane is a comic book lover. He’s not what you think. Obviously, now he’s the mayor of a town in Tennessee. Amazing, everything he did in the ring. But backstage, truly one of the nicest guys. A genuine nice guy, genuinely cared about [you].”

Maven on Kane

Maven went on to give an example of Kane being a locker room leader. He recalled after the 2003 death of Crash Holly, Kane pulling him and Randy Orton aside to make sure they were on the right path and not getting into the wrong habits.

“I was in WWE for, I would say, probably a little over a year. We had a death, Crash Holly passed away, and Kane made it a point to pull myself and Randy Orton aside, just to make sure we were on the right path, make sure that the next wrestler that was read about and passed away way too early wasn’t one of us. I guarantee, I could see Kane today, haven’t seen him in probably 15 years, and I’d hug him like no time at all passed. He’d get my vote too,” 

Maven on Kane

Recently on The Kurt Angle Show, Kurt Angle commented on “The Big Red Machine” as well. Angle stated that possibly he was too nice and that WWE had possibly taken advantage of this.

Maven would have his most memorable moment in WWE during the 2002 Royal Rumble where he would eliminate Kane’s “brother” The Undertaker.

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