“The Exotic” Adrian Street Dies At 82 Years Old

The family of Adrian Street confirmed to BBC that the former pro wrestler has passed away at 82 years old. He recently had gone under brain surgery as well.

The UK born wrestler would begin his training in the 1950s. He would spend a majority of his career in Europe working under such names as Kid Tarzan Jonathan and Hell’s Angel #1. He would meet his future valet and wife Miss Linda in 1969.

Street debuted in the states in 1981. He would go on to find great success in territories like Memphis, Florida, Houston and South Eastern. His greatest and probably most notable success came in the Continental Championship Wrestling ( Armstrong & Fuller territory) where he was a 4 time NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Champion.

“The Exotic One” as he was called is most remembered for his outlandish attire which would include pig tails, glitter make up and pastels. His in the ring tactics were also on the edge for his time in the ring, as he would kiss his opponents to avoid a pin and would put make up on them after his victory.

Many believe that Adrian was the inspiration for Adorable Adrian Adonis in the boom period of the WWF.

Street is credited with creating the attire Mick Foley wore as Dude Love during his battles with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

WWE release a documentary in 2020 called Adrian Street: Imagine What I Could Do to You.

We here at Bodyslam would like to offer our condolences to the friends, family and fans of Exotic Adrian Street.

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