DDT Pro-Wrestling Announces Six Man Explosion Deathmatch for 9/9/2023 Event

Atsushi Onita has finally gotten the match with Jun Akiyama that he wanted. Onita had been pursuing Akiyama in an effort to get him to agree to face him in an explosion deathmatch. Akiyama had been refusing to participate in the match until Onita showed up at the DDT Pro dojo while Akiyama was training a few students on July 27th.

Jun Akiyama finally agree to the match and DDT Pro made the Explosion Deathmatch official.

It will be Atsushi Onita teaming with AJPW’s Yoshi Tatsu and Toi Kojima as they face Jun Akiyama, Sanshiro Takagi and Yusuke Okada.

The president of Cyberfight and DDT Pro star Sanshiro Takagi commented on the upcoming Explosion Deathmatch:

Although Atsushi Onita’s violent behavior was the trigger, I have nothing but words of gratitude to Jun Akiyama and Yusuke Okada for taking part in the Electric Explosion Match. I will never forgive Atsushi Onita. And I will not forgive Toi Kojima, who guided me to the dojo, and I will not forgive Yoshitatsu

The 6 man Explosion Deathmatch is scheduled for September 9th at DDT Pro’s BIG BANG 2023 event at the Ota City General Gymnasium in Tokyo.

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