The Triumphant Rise Of Main Event Jey Uso

There are different types and ways uncertainty can present itself. Take the main character of our story Jey Uso as an example, he was born as a twin 9 minutes after his older brother, Jimmy Uso, and later became a middle child when their parents had another son, Solo Sikoa. As the trio of brothers grew up watching their father, the legendary Rikishi sway his hips, superkick his opponents, and collect championships from all over the world, Jey would deal with the syndrome of being the middle child in silence who was always told to listen to his older brother and most of the time, Jey would have to watch his older brother become the man everyone touted as most likely to succeed despite both twins making it to the University of West Alabama on partial scholarships. For Jey, no matter how much he obliged and followed the orders of the powers around him, no one expected someone as doubted as him to rise through the ranks and prove an entire arena, plus the world wrong many years later.

The dream of making it to the NFL for the twins didn’t go as planned. They weren’t thinking about professional wrestling then and six years later they weren’t thinking about it at that moment in the chapter of their lives they had entered as family men. The twins worked their 9 p.m. to 5 p.m. while wondering what would come next since they did not want to be moving furniture all their lives. They received a call from their uncle, the late-great Umaga who moved them out to Houston to prepare the brothers for their new journey and that was life as a tag team in pro wrestling.

In 2014, the Usos achieved their long-awaited victory by winning the WWE Tag Team Championships on an episode of Monday Night Raw. They defeated the experienced New Age Outlaws, who had previously shared the ring with their father. Despite their success, the twins struggled to secure a spot on the main card for WrestleMania each year. It wasn’t until WrestleMania 38 in 2018 that they finally had the chance to compete on the grandest stage of all, but unfortunately, they lost their WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship reigns to the Bludgeon Brothers.

Jey has always been by his brother’s side throughout his career. However, when Jimmy was sidelined due to a knee injury, Jey found himself in a surprising position. He became the center of attention and slowly began to showcase his talents. His storyline with cousin Roman Reigns took off when Reigns became known as the Tribal Chief and enforced his rule during the pandemic. Unfortunately, Jey was the first to fall victim to Reigns’ destructive actions. He suffered back-to-back losses, and his older brother had to step in to prevent further harm.

Jey had followed the orders of his older brother Jimmy but then shifted to his older cousin Roman who was manipulative. Jey earned himself the victory at WrestleMania 37 in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal as his position as the right-hand man to the Tribal Chief escalated. However, Jey still felt unfulfilled and knew that losing to Reigns wouldn’t help him in the long run. Despite his desire for change, three years passed before he made a move. During that time, Jimmy recovered from his injury and the twins once again won gold. They were determined to prove themselves as the best tag team in WWE history and possibly the world.

The twins were not content with just holding the SmackDown Tag Team Championships. They went on to dominate both Raw and SmackDown, holding the titles for over 900 days. At WrestleMania 39, they made history by being the first tag team match to headline the event since the inaugural WrestleMania. They also defended their title in the main event, a feat never before achieved by a tag team. This was a fulfilling moment for the hardworking twins who had previously been overlooked for the main card. It was a triumphant and unforgettable night that they were able to share together.

The night of their careers as a tag team brought about a decision that they both had to make regarding their stance and aspirations for their future in wrestling. When Jimmy was sidelined with a knee injury, Reigns had coerced Jey into becoming his right-hand man. During their feud, Jey went by the moniker of Main Event, and like any wrestler, he yearned for the chance to demonstrate the years of hard work and dedication to the craft, to prove that he had the necessary qualities to be entrusted with the main event spot on the roster.

The Tribal Chief was victorious at WrestleMania 39, not only did he walk out with his head held high, he made sure to remind the Usos that they have failed him multiple times and that he would be the one to bring back the undisputed Tag Team championships to the Bloodline. That plan, however, was not successful at all when Night of Champions arrived, the Usos attempted to help their cousin but instead were belittled until Jimmy couldn’t take it anymore and delivered an earth-shattering superkick to show Reigns that he was no longer going to stand by someone who was going to manipulate and abuse them whenever he wanted. The superkick heard around the world would echo once again a few weeks later when Jey made the decision that would change his career both personally and professionally.

Jey faced a tough decision between loyalty to the Bloodline or standing alongside his brother. He learned that he was next in line to become the Tribal Chief, but only if Reigns allowed it or if someone could take away Reigns’ power. Jey also discovered that his older brother, who was once seen as the likely successor, wasn’t supportive of his rise to the Main Event. This caused Jey to express his struggles growing up and the doubters who said he couldn’t succeed without his brother. But Jey proved them wrong and became a Main Event player. Nothing would stop him from proving his doubters wrong, not even Reigns’ manipulation, which Jey countered with a superkick. Jey united with his older brother against the Bloodline’s Tribal Chief, his little brother Solo Sikoa, and their advisor Paul Heyman.

The Universal champion, Reigns, has defeated many talented wrestlers throughout his reign, including Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Jey Uso, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, Daniel Bryan, Edge, Cesaro, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Finn Balor, Brock Lesnar, Big E, Goldberg, Riddle, Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn, and Cody Rhodes. Despite having had one, two, or even three opportunities to dethrone Reigns, all 18 of them have failed in their attempts to make history. One of the surprising contenders was Jey, who nobody expected would be able to defeat the Tribal Chief. However, everything changed one night in London when Jey emerged victorious and altered the course of the bloodline forever.

The Bloodline Civil War sparked countless ideas and possibilities for its conclusion. Yet, no one could have confidently predicted that Main Event Jey delivering the splash and pinning Reigns would bring about the collapse of the Kingdom and Bloodline for the Tribal Chief. After over 1250 days, the answer to the WWE’s dilemma was found in Reigns’ own blood, the only choice that genuinely fit among the millions of timelines in which the head of the table finally received his due.

Jey Uso has made history by being the first man to defeat Reigns on the main roster in 2013 and then again a decade later, in a much bigger and more important match that was crucial in saving his family and carrying on his bloodline. Jey’s journey was no easy feat, as the middle child had to endure doubters and prove himself through his skills in the ring. However, this journey was never about greed or taking advantage of power – the hard lessons Jey learned shaped him into the man he is today and created something unique and organic. It’s a reminder that perseverance pays off and that the light at the end of the tunnel means something different for everyone. Jey’s triumphs show that, despite the doubters, you can succeed in life every single day.

When reflecting on their three-year stint in the Bloodline, Jey, and Jimmy can look back with pride, knowing that each decision they made had a distinct purpose. Jimmy, acting as a mentor figure to his younger brother Jey, provided invaluable guidance and support. Without Jimmy’s unwavering encouragement, Jey’s ascent to become a Main Event star might not have been possible. While Jey may not have fit the mold of a typical “franchise guy,” he answered the fervent prayers of WWE fans by bravely confronting the Tribal Chief and his destructive tendencies.

The Bloodline claimed their dominance, but it was ultimately the middle child who ended all the chaos wrought by the leader, the Tribal Chief who will never forget the three count or the moment he looked up at the Tron to see the realization that his world has fallen apart. Our end of the journey allows everyone to honor and celebrate the new, true Tribal Chief of the WWE, Main Event Jey Uso.