PCO Wins Handicapped Match, Gets Lit On Fire By Bully Ray & Maclin Post-Match

PCO took on The Good Hands in a handicap match. Scott D’Amore accompanied PCO to the ring and was on commentary for the match.

PCO wins the match with a moonsault off the top rope.

After the match was over, Scott D’Amore got in the ring to celebrate with PCO. Hotch got into the ring and started getting in Scott’s face and then shoved him. Scott laid out Jason Hotch with a Sky High.

Bully Ray then showed up and Steve Maclin attacked PCO with a low blow and D’Amore from Behind with a chair.

They handcuffed D’Amore to the top rope while they beat down PCO with the chair. Bully & Maclin got a table and double chokeslammed PCO through it. Bully grabbed PCO and threw him to the outside, Maclin and Bully tossed PCO down a stairwell to the lower level of Center Stage. Maclin poured battery acid down PCO’s throat, and then Bully doused him in gasoline before lighting him on fire.

Scott D’Amore was backstage frantically looking for PCO.

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