WWE Superstars Reflect On Their Time Traveling With The Money In The Bank Briefcase

Could you imagine having to bring a carry-on to a plane and it’s the Money In The Bank briefcase? Here are some stories from WWE superstars who had to deal with that.

In a new video, WWE reunited a couple of past Money in the Bank winners with their specific briefcases and allowed them to recount the night that they won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, with many recalling having to travel all over the world with the briefcase.

Sheamus is one such Superstar, saying in the video, “[The briefcase] is heavier than I remember. I remember being a pain in the ass trying to get it out of my bag, I had to buy a special suitcase so it would fit, and I put my gear inside it.”

“Traveling with the Money in the Bank briefcase is something I will never forget because it does count as a carry-on… I put all my sweaty gear in here and did what I needed to do to get along on those trips,” said the current WWE United States Champion Austin Theory.

Seth Rollins said, “I put everything in there. Headphones, I put my wallet, my keys, my iPad… It was my baby, yeah. Wherever I went, it went. I never lost it, thankfully, and no one ever tried to take it.”

“I never used utilized it for anything like it was just the contract was in, and I just walk around with it. You’re in an airport, and you’d have to explain a million times with the Money in the Bank contract is, which I didn’t mind because it’s truly an honor to hold this briefcase and this contract. This changed my life and changed my career. I don’t know if I didn’t win this contract if I would have become the Superstar that I am today,” said The Miz.

Seven men and six women will fight for their opportunity on July 1 to become the next Mr. & Ms. Money in the Bank in London, England.

h/t from Fightful.

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