Will Ospreay: My Body Is Starting To Break Down; I Probably Will Wrap Up Doing The Independents This Year

The Aerial Assassin doesn’t see himself doing the Independents after this year.

Ospreay has dealt with many significant injuries over the last couple of years. In 2023, he was sidelined with a shoulder injury that forced him to miss one of the year’s biggest weekends. Ospreay later stated he didn’t know how long he would have left in the wrestling world.

Speaking at the post-show media scrum, Ospreay stated he doesn’t like to allocate himself to one place, he believes it’s necessary to test himself all over the place to be the best in the world. However, Ospreay went on to describe how he feels his time doing all the independents has been coming up, as his body is breaking down, Ospreay also said that he needs to be more sensible, and it’s unclear whether it meant the Brit independent scene or independent wrestling.

“My whole thing with performing, not just in Japan, in England, United States, France, Canada, Italy, Spain, Germany, and anywhere. The term ‘best in the world’ is thrown around almost religiously in any type of promotion. I don’t allocate myself to one place. I think to truly be the best in the world, you test yourself in every company’s position, you go anywhere and everywhere. That’s how you find and discover new talent. I always have a saying of ‘pay it forward.’ I’m very passionate about the British wrestling scene. They got hit real hard from the pandemic and I took it upon myself to try to get it back how it was. I still don’t think the job is done in England yet, but I do feel like my time is coming up, especially doing all the independents. My body is starting to break down and I think it is time for me to be a little more sensible, and I probably will wrap up doing the independents this year,” Ospreay said.

h/t from Fightful.

At AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door 2023, Ospreay defeated Kenny Omega to regain the IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship. It’s unclear whether the two will rematch in All-In or on a New Japan card.

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